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Geet update Friday 24 July 2020: The actual episode starts with Geet and Adi discussing about the girls’Adi tells he has shortlisted some of the girls and has called them from interview. Geet scans through the files and tells that none of them suit Maan Sir (Aha! Jal rahi hai!!) Adi asks her then what kind of girl does Maan like! Geet thinks and stammers and cleverly changes the topic that they have to call Dadi ma. She calls the hospital and finds out that Dadi ma is already discharged! She wonders who would have gone to pick her up’..and BANG! Maan comes in front of her. She is totally lost seeing Maan and steps backwards.

She is about to fall from stairs when Maan holds her (Aakhir Maan hai kis liye Day Dreaming Geet is mesmerized and she is almost hugging Blushing She realizes and then is about to go but her Duppatta gets stuck (Whoever plays the cupid or not but for sure the duppatta is playing the cupid!! They share a very cute moment.) Geet then shoots, she asks him where he was and she called him so many times and he went away to London. Maan makes her keep quiet and tells she was the one running away from him and now why is she asking so many questions. [MUST WATCH SCENE] Saasha is telling all the staff that MK’s in London and she is in charge of the office till then’Saasha sees Naintara ad smiles…Naintara comes and tells that it has been a long time sice employees worked in the office and asks them if they know the difference between employee and boss (Sasha gets a big blow) Naintara asks Sasha to follow her. She asks Sasha about the details of all employees especially about Geet Handa. Saasha wonders why all the khurana’s are interested in Geet but she doesn’t care as she neither likes Geet nor her and won’t do any of her work (Wah Sasha ek baar akal ki baat sochi hai tumne!) Naintara asks Sasha if Geet was working or not- Sasha replies yes and tells she was working but not now! Naintara is fuming that Geet was really working and that too with Maan (Why is she jealous of Geet working Maan? Something fishy!) and moreover without her knowledge. Dadi and Geet are talking to each other’.

Dadi tells Geet how MK’s flight was cancelled and he was very angry due to that and she did not tell him anything about the bride hunt. Dadi asks Geet also not to tell MK about it. Geet says she has already called the girls for interview. Dadi asks why did she do it so soon and what will happen now! MK comes on time and somehow manages to cover it up telling they were talking about Geet. Geet says “haan Sir mei lakhon me ek hoon na, toh aap office mat aayiye” Maan is confused. Geet says as she is the smartest, she can handle the office very well and he must take rest as he would be tired. MK says he is perfectly alright, Geet says If he is alright then very good, he must take care of Dadi as she is the one who needs attention (ROFL Dadi toh kamal ki nikli, wonderful expressions LOL) Geet goes away thinking if he comes to know that she is searching bride for him then he would for sure marry her off to someone and send her away forever LOL she thinks of cancelling the meeting. She comes inside the office to see everyone is already there. Adi says that everyone’s already there. Geet tells him that we would be able to take interview only if they are alive. Adi asks her if she likes him smile or not then why is she telling that?! Geet says MAAN SINGH KHURANA is back! Adi literally gets a shock and falls! Geet asks him not to get scared and asks him to send them away’Adi is like how to shoo them away, they are not goats to shoo them! Geet is like this is the only way to get saved. Both of them pray ROFL (Love this sceneBig smile) Dev sees Naintara in office and asks why she is here…Naintara says just like that but Dev asks her to stop and tells he is not kid anymore and can understand.

Naintara says a man has guilty feeling only if he is hiding something. Dev agrees that he did see Geet there but was shocked to see her there. Naintara goes on about he is meeting Geet as he wants her happy. She says she is not scared of Geet but of his behavior. Dev asks her to believe him but Naintara refuses as he hid the truth to her! FIRST BREAK (Coming Up: Dadi tells Maan whether he wants to hear about his wedding or not but she has spoken about it to Geet, Maan is shocked and he thinks about the moments he shared with her) Maan screams to dadi ma that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Dadi ma says because of his attitude she went to hospital. Maan thinks that Dadi is concerned only about his wedding which he doesn’t want to do now. Dadi ma says that she has spoken to Geet about this. Maan is shocked and repeats “Geet” Dadi ma says Yes she has asked Geet to find him a bride. Maan asks if Geet agreed Dadi ma gives a look and says obviously. Maan tells he has taken decisions of his life by himself and will do the same in future as well. Maan tells he has already found himself a girl’Dadi wonders what’s happening to Maan and wonders if her plan backfired. She then finds that Maan is lying and asks the same to him! Maan gives a million dollar expression (LOL Maan, Jooth bole kauva kaante) SECOND BREAK (Coming up: Maan confronts Geet and asks her if she is finding him a bride’Geet looks at him helplessly. Maan tells before finding she should at least have asked him before how he prefers his bride to be. He tells Mujhe jo ladki chahiye woh “Tum” ) Maan says he is not lying’He is really seeing someone and thinks about Geet. She promises Dadi that he would show his bride to be on Friday. (That’s tomorrow!)

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