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Geet update Friday 27th December 2019 on Starlife

Geet update Friday 27th December 2019 on Starlife; Geet tells Dev quietly that the next time Dolly bhabhi asks where is your name in my mehndi then show her this…she points at her mehndi while Dev looks at her lovingly otherwise she’ll tease you a lot. Dev’s mom is freaked out for some reason and asks Dev to come with her for a minute when Dev says mom…alright I am coming. Geet is blushing as he walks away  Dev’s mom drags him to Nainatra while Dev asks her what is wrong? She says that she is feeling really awkward…whatever is happening…it is not right! While Nainatra looks like she is about to cry…anyways she says that ever since they have fixed this alliance something bad keeps on happening…Geet’s mom overhears their conversation. Dev says mom you’re freaking out for no reason..these small things happen…DM says this is not a small matter! First that woman coming and doubting us…then the matter of jewelery and now visa! DM says please listen to me and think about this marriage once again…which worries Rano…as in she is shocked.

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Brij is shown lighting a lamp and asks Daarji what should we do about the visa matter…we can’t stop Geet’s wedding and send her for the interview now can we? Geet comes and exclaims by stopping the wedding? Everybody look at her shocked…she asks her dad what happens…and he just shakes his head…to console her  he consoles her and says that don’t worry nothing is wrong. Rano and Taayji come there all worried when Mahinder exclaims Rano what’s wrong with you. Taayji answers that Dev’s mom wants to end the alliance! Everybody is shocked out of their wits! Geet starts to cry… Rano tells them that they are asking Dev to rethink about his decision when Daarji gets up in anger! He shouts that they are thinking about all this a day before the marriage! Brij says once a girl has been stained…it will take a whole lifetime to erase it  Brij wants to go and talk to them when Daarji stops him! Dev and his family comes there  Nainatra says that they want to talk about something really important…while Geet starts to hyperventilate. We all know that until Geet gets her visa..she can’t come with us…Dev interupts and says that there is only one option…Nainatra is going to go the embassy and fulfil the formalities  he continues that Nainatra’s dad has a lot of connection at the assembly and she might get the visa without any interview…Geet is really relieved to hear that as everyone else! Rano happily exclaims now my daughter will get married! Dev says that he will take Geet with him for sure…Geet is quite happy!  Aww he with ishare baazi tells her to stop crying and the lights come on just then. Dev has the biggest smile on his face while everyone is rejoicing and Geet is blushing!

Dev’s family is leaving…when Nainatra stops and apologizes to Geet…she says that she really wanted to see her as Dev’s dulhaan  Geet apologizes in return and says that because of her…Nainatra has to leave the wedding. Nainatra says now I will see you at the airport when you are Mrs. Dev Khurana  Nainatra is about to leave when she turns around again and says that the embassy has asked for Geet’s authority letter…Kamya interupts that we just want a plain piece of paper with her signature  Nainatra handles the situation by saying that we don’t know what is going to be on the paper so just the signature will do  Daarji says oh ya these office matters do require authority letters and asks Geet to sign the paper. Geet asks whose name should I put on…as in who should it be addressed to? Nainatra asks her just to sign the paper…Brij and Mahinder are a little wary of the whole situation  She looks at Daarji who nods happily and Geet signs it  they all leave 

Next morning…Geet is walking in her farm and picks up some meeti to smell and she places it in a box. Dev creeps on her and says what are you taking from my farm  Geet turns around in a hurry and accidently spares her eyes with the left over mud…Dev rushes to her and apologizes. He gives her his handkerchief and points to his own eye to tell her to wipe her’s. Geet wipes her eyes as Dev looks lovingly at her and then returns the handkerchief…they both blush. He says that living with him in Canada won’t be enough for her…that’s why you want to take your country to a foreign country. Geet closes her box in a hurry and says that she just came to see the farm. Dev is highly amused and says that for a bride on her wedding day to come to the farm…I’ve never heard that before or was it just an excuse for you to see me  Geet denies and stammers to come up with an excuse. Dev interupts and says that I’ve been roaming around the farm since early morning…so I might get to see you and maybe you came here with the same hope that’s why while putting the mitti in the box you were looking at the route  He takes her face in his hand…while Geet closes her eyes and starts to hyperventilate again! Geet this is perhaps the last time we are meeting on the sly because after today you will wear my name’s sindoor…to see me will be your right Geet blushes and looks up to meet Dev’s eyes who nods a “yes”. She starts to run away when Dev calls out for her…she stops but runs away again!

 she asks her dad why are you sending me away so soon? Mahinder says that this is the way world works while Rano looks on with an emotional face. Daughters are meant to be sent away…Rano caresses Geet and says that it is her heartfelt khwaish that Dev fills your life with happiness…you’re going really far from us. Mother and dauther hug each other

On the other hand…Dev’s mom is hyperventilating and keeps on repeating Wahi Guru…while Kamya is trying to calm her down. Kamya exclaims please stop you’re scaring me now! DM yells that’s what I am saying…fear…fear the lord above us..what we are about to do…we’re going to be punished for it! She asks Wahe Guru what is all happening…this is all wrong…this shouldn’t be happening! Kamya tries to calm her but DM yells don’t touch me! I am not going to sit her and see that poor girl’s life ruin!!  she says that she is going to let this marriage happen…Kamya tries to stop her!


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