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Geet update Friday 3rd January 2020 Starlife

Geet update Friday 3rd January 2020 Starlife; episode starts of with the whole family, including Devs family together. Dev’s says how he was ready to take Geet as his bride since ever, but he has just recieved a call from Canada concerning his business and he has to go back to Canada ASAP and he only has about 4 days left to stay in India.

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Brij tells Dev what’s the problem… he can go back to Canada and finish of his problem. but then Dev claims that the problem is so big that he cant return back to India with in a year.
Dev’s family really wants to make Geet their bride, and asked Geet’s family if they cant wait a year for Dev’s return.
The Dada ji calls Geet and takes of the Kangan which was given by Dev’s mother, and returns it back to them… Both Geet and Dev looked shattered
The next day people could tell Geet was upset. All the women claim that the dada ji made a mistake my rejected Dev’s proposal, but he claims he didnt accept their proposal because what if Dev never returns. Their family will be disrespected and Geet will remain single.
Just then the little sister comes and sneaks Geet out. Geet was scared and confused as to where was being taken, but then she see’s Dev
Then comes a really adorable Dev and geet scene. It was sooo cute
Dev gives Geet a bridal outfit…
Geet says i have to go, and Dev says i have to go also… but i want to tell you something before i leave… “when i first saw you my heart had a desire to make you wear this red dupatta and make you my bride”
“Tomorrow where ever i am i wanna feel that i am apart of you..”
he hands her da bridal thingy but she say’s how she can’t take it… and he understands..
he says before leaving he has a request… he wants her to look at him once, and she looks up.
he goes like how they met at this place, and this is the last time their meeting… just then Brij comes and punches Dev and tells Geet to get out of here.
Brij takes and axe looking thing and places it on Dev’s neck… while Geet is crying.

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