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Geet 3 July 2020; Geet 3rd July 2020 on starlife, The episode starts with Geet, Rajji and Gurwinder hiding from Brij who is furiously looking for Gurwinder. Maan comes out of the house when he notices Geet. He goes up to her and remarks that her whole family are a bunch of liars. He says that Darji just said she wasn’t back from Amritsar ‘ but here his granddaughter is, cooking up some sort of issue. Geet looks extremely worried as Maan notices Gurwinder and Rajji. Maan assumes that Gurwinder is the person Geet went to meet in Amritsar, and though Geet tries to tell him, Maan doesn’t care. He tells Geet that he came to tell her he won’t be in her life anymore (I know, how sad ‘ but we all know he ain’t going anywhere).

Geet starlife update Friday 3rd July 2020 Maan starts walking away when Geet tells him that he can think whatever he likes about her, but she needs his help. She needs him to take Gurwinder away from there. Maan gets furious ‘ he tells her he’s not her servant. Geet replies she’s begging him to help her, begging him to take Gurwinder away, “please.. please”. Something in Geet makes Maan agree to help her, and he waves at them to do what they need to. Rajji and Geet hide Gurwinder in Maan’s jeep, as Maan walks towards Brij.

Geet update Friday 3 July 2020 Brij asks Maan what he’s doing outside of his home. Maan replies that he was on his way home, and saw the house. Brij gets furious (technically he’s always furious), and Maan brushes him off saying that talking to Brij is equal to wasting time because Brij doesn’t know how to talk without insulting. Maan tells him that Geet forgot her copy of the registry ‘ which is why he’s there. He walks away leaving Brij smoldering.

Brij walks towards the house when he sees Geet and Rajji standing outside. He wonders why they’re outside, and asks if they’ve seen anyone passing through. Geet stutters that they haven’t, when Brij wonders why she looks so scared, as if they’re lying. Geet finds her strength and tells him that when they haven’t done anything wrong, why be scared? Brij calmly tells them to go inside, and when they do, he realises it’s late, and will call Dai Ma in the morning.

Cut to Maan, and he stops the Jeep in the middle of the road. He tells Gurwinder that they’re far away from Brij, and for him to get off. Gurwinder jumps off the jeep, and says he doesn’t know how to thank Maan, and that Geet… when Maan cuts him off and says that anything to do with Geet he doesn’t want to hear. He mutters that he knows what the girl is like, and drives off.

Geet Friday update 3 July 2020 The next morning at Geet’s house, everyone is standing (minus Geet) when Mahinder asks Darji if they could have another discussion. Darji tells Mahinder that they’ve already decided what’s going to happen, and Mahinder asks to tell Geet that Dai Ma is coming. Nurpinder agrees that they should tell Geet when Brij pipes up that when Dai Ma does her work, Geet will find out on her own.

Geet walks in with a tray of tea and asks what they’re not telling her. Vrinder tells her that they weren’t discussing anything important, that Dai is coming to see her. Mahinder and Rano look anxious, as Geet assumes that Dai Ma is seeing her for a check up.

Darji notices Dai Ma, and tells her that they knew she was lying last time she looked at Geet, and that she shouldn’t make the same mistake. He knows that she lied about Geet being pregnant, which is why they’ve all come to the decision that Geet will abort the baby.

Geet drops the tray, and everyone looks shocked. Geet goes to Darji and tells him that she won’t let anyone kill her child. Brij asks what happened ‘ she agreed to it the day before. Geet looks up, and goes to her mother. She asks Rano what Brij is talking about. Geet update Friday 3rd July 2020 Darji gets up, tells Rajji to take Dai Ma away, and then asks Geet why she’s driving everyone crazy. (In the meantime, Nurpinder has left the room… I wonder why) He tells her that yesterday she said yes to her mother.

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Geet repeatedly asks Rano how she could say this. Darji screams “Rano”, and Mahinder finally tells them that Rano got scared and lied about Geet wanting the abortion. Geet tries to run away, and Brij grabs hold of her. He yells that she has to have the abortion. Geet screams for him to leave her. Mahinder begs for Darji to tell Brij to let go, and tells Brij not to forcefully do this. Vrinder grabs hold of Mahinder, and tells him to think of the family. Brij tells Mahinder to grab sleeping tablets so Dai Ma can do her work.

Nurpinder comes back into the room with a glass of water (and what I assume are sleeping tablets) Rano asks what she’s doing, and runs to Darji and begs him not to allow this to happen, especially in these circumstances. Nurpinder grabs her, and tells her that they have to do this, didn’t she hear what Brij said. They go up to Brij and Geet, and Brij forces her to open her mouth. They force the drink down her mouth.

Geet update Friday 3rd July 2020 Geet splutters, and the sleeping tablets have an immediate effect on her. She tells them to do what they want. She almost falls on the steps, and Nurpinder and Rano try to steady her, but she screams for them to leave her. She begs them not to kill her child. She notices Dai Ma peeping through the door, and asks her how she can rip another mother from her child. The tablets end up causing Geet to collapse, and she cries asking them to let her go, and then she goes unconscious.

The scene cuts to Maan walking out of a building (and guess what, he’s not wearing black) with a suitcase. He puts the suitcase in the jeep, and stops. He thinks back to Geet telling him he can think what he likes about her, but she’s begging for him to help her. He gets in the jeep.

Geet update Friday 3 July 2020 It cuts to the elders in Geet’s family in the formal area. Darji admonishes Dai Ma for saying no to him. What he has told her, she must do. Dai Ma apologises to Darji for hurting him with her words ‘ but she can’t abort Geet’s child. She can’t do it, because she’s seen truth in Geet’s eyes, compared to other girls that she’s done abortions for. Darji says that he didn’t ask for her opinion, he told her to do the work. Dai Ma says that what the pind has said is true, Geet has had something happen to her (rape?), which means that she can give birth to the child. Darji has finally had enough, and Brij menacingly tells Dai Ma that if he hears even a whiff what happened today, he will kill her and her whole family.

Geet 3 July 2020 Munshiji sees Maan in his jeep, and wonders why he’s driving to Delhi. It would be better for him to take a flight, especially considering he’s got a meeting with someone. Maan asks if he’s ever forgotten a meeting, and (under his breath) Munshiji says if he did, he’d become a target. Maan asks him to repeat what he said, and Munshiji tells him that he forgot his gun. He walks away, and Maan puts the gun in the dash, when he sees the taveez.

He has flashbacks of when Geet bumped into him at the mela, and the taveez got stuck on his shirt; Geet update Friday 3 July 2020 the fortune-teller saying that today you will meet your life partner; Maan going to throw the taveez, and Munshiji telling him that the taveez is pulling him in a good direction.

The episode ends with Maan saying that anything related to that girl, he doesn’t want in his life.

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