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Geet 7 August 2020: Geet update Friday 7th August 2020, episode starts with Geet sleeping on bed…… she has a sweet smile on her face suddenly she has a flashback of last night ( she says “kya hum dost nahin ban sakte” …..mann saying “jab jab tum mere paas atti ho muje pata nahin kya ho jata hai”……then all the fighting with goons…..maan getting shot……

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Geet 7 August 2020: maan saying mere jeete jee tumhara athete tumhare pass bhi nahin aa sakta kyunki mere zindgi tumhare bina aduri hai geet addat ho gai hai mere zindgi ko tumhare geet…then she remember how she tie her duptta on maan hand and then she sleep in car and how maan pick her her and bring her to room….{thank god comming out of her flash backBig smileBig smile} she talks with herself ….see blood on floor call at maan house nakul anwers the call and tell her maan reach office andthen she speedilly reach maan office …….she speedily enter into the cabin …

Geet 7 August 2020: maan enqires is everything all right….then miss geet starts instead of seeing a doctor ur in office..if u take one day leave the office won’t closed…..i was sleeping na ….u should wake me up…..addi stars laughing as usual……maan ends the meeting…..geet says i had concern for you actually u got shot….maan says tumhe kuch bhi kehne ki koi zarrurat nahin hai……jis tarah tum hoshiarpur express ki tarah bhagti hui aye aur jo tumne bolna shuru kiya vo sab sune ke baad muje sab kuch pata chal gaya hai….geet enquires apki chot theek hai na….maan then removes his tie, waist coat, open buttons…n tells her to see geet turns her face n say i believe you …..maan hold herand tell her ur concerned so much for me that u even not reliazed to change ur clothes she then came out of her cabin and says to herself i hav concern for u bcoz u care for me…she walk aisle of office and eveyone ignores her…..she goes to pinki and addi they two start two ignore her she asks pinki whats the matter why everyone os ignoring her…..pinki says that she nw at top position of them hw can we all say anything to her afterall she is nw maan sir mangetar


geet goes to maan cabin…if u listen to me that day …..then nothing will happen today…..i”nsano ko kabhi kissi aur ki baat bhi sun leni chaiye…..har waqt aap sahi nahi hote hai”……she says today no one talks to me tasha who never leave any chance of disgracing me ..she not saying anything….i was having only two friends in office addi and pinki ythey are also not talking to me maan says mein hoon na…….mahiiiiiiiii plays at background geet says ya aap who in one hour says yes and in other hour u say hoon……its me who will be speaking all the time maan shouts geet… a person came with suit…….maan says to pick up bcoz i think nw u cant work in office like this and for changing u would not be going back so i order clothes from shop geet says “i will pay u”ShockedShocked……..maan paise kahan se aa gaye beeech mein hum dost hai na…geet says its not two days that we are friends aur aaap friendship ka fayda bhi uthane lag pade…..mann koi aesa kaam hai jo tum mujse bina ladaii kiye kar sakti hoon geet picks one dress maan stops her and picks green dress he sayswhen first time u meet me u r also wearing green dress she leaves with dress

part 3:

Geet 7 August 2020: addi cames to maan cabin and says that few days back NT came to office after office timmings and she took a file of geet inspite of saying me no she took it maan says thanks for telling me i will look into he caals NT ……i want to talk u abt geet came to my office tommrw…..maan says to himself that NT is feeling insecure bcoz she also heard of our engament…..nw she wants to throw geet out part 4: geet in changing room she was thinking hw maan cares for her…..he is biside ofher everytime what he thinks of her……..that maan ony knws whats in his heart ……hw she can says …..she says hw she able to knw about maan feelings …….she picks flower from vase

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