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Geet 10 August 2020: Geet update Monday 10th August 2020, Episode starts with Geet thinking of Maan. Maan practicing his martial arts, Maan at the same time thinking about why made Geet wear the ring; Maan thinks why he made her wear despite of him refusing to Dadi ma…Geet also thinking that he wants to say something and remembers the disco night where Maan wanted to say about the girl in his heart. Maan thinks he came into emotions and made her wear it, whenever he is infront of her he loses his mind (Maan we girls do it when you some shirtless like this Embarrassed Blushing ) Geet thinks she has a past whether she has to tell him that and Geet is looking at the ring and thinking she has to tell the truth but again in dilemma whether Maan really wanted to tell her something or its just her illusion.

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Geet 10 August 2020: Next Morning, Geet and Maan are walking in the opposite direction, Maan stops and looks at Geet and stops, looks at the ring, he asks if she is going to office then he would drop her, Geet says she will come later. Maan questions her “Why”. She says she doesn’t know if she is his fiance or secretary, if secretary, she will go by bus or auto. Maan asks what if he thinks her like fiance, Geet answers that he will force her …Geet says she knows that he is worried more about the ring and tells that she will not lose it. Maan thinks that why is he tongue-tied always in front of her. (Maan this is known as LOVE! Blushing In the office, Geet sees Pinky who doesn’t even look at her.

Geet thinks she has to do something to get back her friend…In the meanwhile Pinky sees the ring; it passes through the staff where Saasha and Taasha look at the Solitaire ring with their mouth open. Simultaneously, Maan comes and asks what’s happening..In the nervousness the staff who is holding the ring drops it down..Maan looks at the ring fallen down…Sasha comments from behind that MK did not put it whole heatedly. In the cabin, Maan scolds Geet for putting the ring down, asking her to respect Dadi’s feelings. Geet says he knew the real reason and she is not his finance, Dadi ma did not know hence she gave the ring and questions him for making her wear. Maan asks her not to question her for petty things and again questions him for making her wear. Maan says for everything there need not be a reason. Geet asks why does he always back of question which shows his heart… sometimes he should listen to his heart as well. Maan asks her to stop questioning. Why is he questioning her? Maan says only boss questions the secretary not vice verse. Geet gets angry and is about to go when Maan stops her and tells with great difficulty they became friends and why are they fighting now and why is she questioning him..He asks “Can’t we be happy with whatever they have” Geet stresses on the word “We” He says yes “We” and then makes her wear the ring Day Dreaming (Deadly! This is what I call the MSK attitude..Itna bhi dusht nahi hai ) A long eye lock follows…

Geet 10 August 2020: Someone enters but there are still in each others gaze and the lady says “So romantic” Sasha tries to stop but seeing Maaneet not moving, Sasha falters ROFL Only Adi’s laugh makes them realize that people are around ROFL. Sasha says she tried to stop but they had an appointment. Maan recollects them as George and Rose from Switzerland where they were Dadi maa’s friends as she sent them to him when they have a problem and they are still in touch with her. That person says he wants to build something to his Rose i.e. his wife. Sasha cuts in and tells the D’mellos that they don’t construct bungalows but accept only huge constructions, but Sasha tells they only huge buildings but Maan says when they know Dadi maa, he will do the project. Naintara leaves the house after Maan’s talks. Dev tries to stop but Naintara doesn’t listen and asks Dev to tell everything about Geet to Maan so that he can see the consequences. She scares him out of his wits that he is the main culprit..Dev says it was her idea but Naintara smirks and tells that he can never prove it. Dev thinks that it’s another plan of Naintara to show that Dev’s decision is wrong! Maan thinks that he will make Geet understand his love through constructing this symbol of love (bungalow) Geet thinks the same that where she would not reveal her feelings to him while this construction.

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP:Maan asks Geet what does love mean to her, Geet asks what if she repeats the same question to him..Maan is stumped!) Sasha comes in tells that if he is decided to build then she has designed the structure as it should be the roman culture so that a feel of historic creations. MK interrupts and asks Geet for her views. Sasha tries to say that Geet doesn’t know, Maan time and again asks for Geet’s views and tells that he cannot do without her help. Sasha gets irritated and goes out. MK tells its not made ofr hobby but for love and doesn’t know anything about love. He tells he would refuse it, Geet tells they are Dadi maa’s friends and she would feel bad, Maan says let her..Geet tries to justify that they want to make the symbol of love. Maan asks if love is not important to her and is it very difficult for her to love with love. She asks her for the whole world…Maan says he is talking about her and the world. He asks what does love mean to her and Geet stares and asks what if she asks the same question. Maan is bewildered when she repeats the question.

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Maan tells he cannot allow her to alone late at night…and if she wants she can come with him as his fiance, Geet smile and nods her head for a yes Wink) Geet asks him answer her question….Maan is stumped and is thinking!

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