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Geet update Monday 13th July 2020 on Starlife: The episode starts with Geet asks Maan his opinion, but he’s thinking of how she got the file, and diverts her attention by asking Adi what he thinks. Adi is postive about it, and Maan says alright (so Geet’s project is on. Nice)
Everyone walks out except Sasha and Geet. Sasha sarcastically compliments Geet on her bravery – after the party, Sasha didn’t think Geet would be able to make it today. Geet lets Sasha know that she knows who humiliated her, and why. A few more words are exchanged, and Geet walks out with her head held high.

Geet 13 July 2020: Maan is looking for that file, and remarks that he had left it on his desk, so how did Geet find it? Just then Geet walks in.. ManEet moment. (only about the 1000th eyelock in the past week and a half. Move on from eyelocks… you’ve got 90% of the posters feeling ManEet mania as it is. Thankfully it was a quick one.)
Geet thanks Maan for hiding the fourth file; Maan is confused; Geet tells him that because of his hiding of the file, she was forced to come to the office instead of hiding out at home… it gave her some time to calm herself.
Geet thanks Maan for all he’s done the past two days to help her, then tells him that she really didn’t stuff up the party – someone put her up to it; and then tells him that she wasn’t going to quit – she really was sick. Geet smiles and leaves, and Maan smiles watching her.

Sasha walks in, and Geet looks straight ahead and walks out. Pinky marvels to Geet that she’s so surprised that DD came to their house. Geet tells Pinky (or rather tries to convince herself) that Maan only came past to give her encouragement as a boss.
Sasha asks Maan why he’s giving Geet so much importance. She rectifies her mistake, and mentions that Maan doesn’t really associate with junior staff. Sasha tells Maan that Geet’s his secretary – he should maintain a distance.
Pinky tells Geet to do something to show she’s grateful for Maan’s help. So the next day, Geet brings a bunch of white roses to the office.

Age is Just a Number update Monday 13th July 2020 on zee world

starlife update Geet Monday 13 July 2020 Everyone around her thinks Geet’s gone today – and Sasha is quite pleased. She stops Pinky from advising Geet to throw them away.
In Maan’s office, Geet is arranging the flowers in a vase, and thinks Maan will love them. She walks out, and Maan walks in.
Maan calls Geet to his office straightaway. He’s not happy, and tells her off. (Ahh, now there’s the Maan I know.) He actually uses the line “I’m the boss”.
Geet turns the table back on him, and tells him that he’s too small to realise the meaning of thanking someone.

Maan tells Geet to chuck the flowers in the bin right now, and pleads for her to let him have one day of peace. ManEet moment (1001…) and then Maan starts telling her off while shes picking up the flowers, and she pricks her finger. Maan is worried. ManEet moment. (1002…) Geet leaves.
Geet and Pinky are in the cafeteria, and Geet is pissed off. She tells Pinky of her nickname for Maan – Dusht Danav. Geet is insulting him as Maan is staring at the rose that got left behind.
He thinks back to Geet thanking him, and then insulting him. He picks up the flower, and puts it in a drawer.

Geet update Monday 13th July 2020 on Starlife: In the cafeteria, Geet vows not to say a word to Maan, after he told her not to say anything.
Maan is looking for a file, realises Geet has it, looks at her through the window. Geet is checking her emails, and notices that someone ordered the samosas and kachori from her account.
The phone rings, and Geet remembers her vow. She refuses to answer the phone, and covers her ears. Maan sees this, and walks into her office, demanding the file.
Geet walks into his office and puts the file down. Maan tells her he wanted the other one, and Geet thinks to herself that he thinks he’s God. She walks out, and Maan wonders why she’s so quiet.
Geet walks back in with the file, and puts it down. Maan tries to make her talk but she won’t, and writes her answer down – she won’t talk because he told her not to. Maan, in anger, says that he’ll ask Adi and Sasha. Geet wants to say something, but takes her notebook and walks away.

Geet update Monday 13th July 2020 on Starlife: Maan is angry, but then he wonders how long Geet will stay quiet.

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