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Geet update Monday 22 June 2020 on starlife; Geet update Monday 22nd June 2020, The episode starts with Geet running away from the goons and going and dashing Maan. She tugs him hard and asks for help. Drasthi was beautiful in the crying part. Geet begs him but he isnt bothered. Seeing his ignorance , Geet runs away. All the goons also run behind her. Maan sees all this and hes not bothered..He starts drinking some canned juice. And they suddenly zoom on the ‘taveez’ that the astrologer gave Geet for her ‘humsafar.’ as flash-back.

Geet 22nd June 2020 Geet is running as she is very scared..and shes shown running through jungles ..and her dupatta gets stuck to one of the thorns..she tries to take it out but slips and falls in the water. Geet’s dupatta flies on Maan. god! Maan sees all this..he removes his shirt and jumps into the water. He swims where she is..and takes her out of the water like a typical bolloywood movie scene!! She is still screaming bachao bachao…and he tells her ‘Chup.’ She keeps quite. Cute! He carries her till the shore and drops her there. He throws her duppata on her.

Other side everyone is getting down from the car. Geet’s mum tells Raji to go and call Geet. Raji goes to Dev..but Dev is confused and shocked when he comes to know that Geet isnt here. They all realise that Geet is missing. Brij!
is like Geet shouldnt be with ‘paraya’ mard crapp!

Geet Monday update 22 June 2020 After saving Geet, Maan goes off. She rushes to him for help; but he ignores her. She pleads but he doesnt listen. In the whole barren land , there is only this one tent where Maan was. She says she wants to go to Sharjapur something and is alone and needs help. He doesnt even bother to listen to her. She is all upset and she starts walking and sees a tractor out. She says it might be just like a bike..except handle there will be a steering wheel. She prays to god and says that her daarji and bro will kill her. She sits and starts driving , but soon looses control. She goes and smashes into the tent breaking it. and suddenly from nowhere comes his HUGEEEE arms!! stopping the tractor. He stops it by putting a stone under it.

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Now he is super angry with her. He gets her down from the car and makes her sit on the other side. He puts on the seat belt and drives rashly towards her destination. Meanwhile Dev and all the men have started on the look out for Geet in the car. They stop a bus but shes not there. Brija again. Geet will not sit with ‘paraya mard’ in a bus or ill break both her legs. He is a fool or wat?

Geet update Monday 22nd June 2020 Then Geet and Maan are in the car going. Geet tells him thanks. My dad darji mom Dev all will be so worried. Maan stops the car in anger. He says that once more you tell me about your family history you will have to get down. She stops talking then. Meanwhile still all the men are hunting for Geet.

Geet and Maan are driving when Geet sees a scratch on his hands where blood is coming. She is all worried and tries to help by wiping with her dupata. This time he gets super angry. He stops the car and tells her to get down. She says sorry. But he shouts at her. She is all scared that where will she go in the middle of the road. He says something to her then which I loved. He was like if you be scared like this..its no help..stand on ur feet and face his typical angry looks!  He takes a U-turn and goes back. Geet is all worried when she sees a car coming where her family is there. All hugs and everything is fine. Brij shouts at her but Dev stops him. Daarji was like if Dev doesnt have a problem why should we.

Geet update Monday 22 June 2020 on starlife Maan is going back when he sees the ‘taveez’. He was like where did this come from? They show flash-back when Geet firsts sees him for help from the goons. The taveez gets stuck to his t-shirt zip. They show the humsafar scene also..and they show DG flashback where he asks her what she got for him. Then ending was Geet’s pic in the middle and side was Dev and Maan. It was amazing!!

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