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Geet 3 August 2020: Geet update Monday 3rd August 2020, Episode starts with Geet coming to Hoshiyarpur, She thinks about all that happened to her in Hoshiyarpur. She also thinks that this life is given by Maan sir and it’s his duty to save him (Thinking about Rasika’s phone call) Geet gets down from the bus and thinks no one should recognize her…Maan pulls her and she is startled to see him and he asks her to get back with him ASAP. She stubborn and says she will do the work she came for. Maan says she is hoshiyarpur (ROFL) Se says she knows…Maan is looking at her..She says he is important to her..she covers it up telling all these happened because of her. Maan makes her understand telling that she is not responsible and asks her to come with him. She says she will stay in the lodge and do her work. Maan says that land was once hers and she should not stay in the place which hurt her immensely.

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Maan drags her away! She sits in the car and talks to herself scolding Maan..Geet says his thoughts are old-fashioned! She gets a thought and takes the key from the car..Maan fights but loses his balance and hit the tree. …He goes and checks the car and tells her that whenever she is near him, there is the trouble! (OMG! Get just gets her work done..hook or crook! ROFL) Maan is worried and asks if she is alright(She is his main distraction..he just cannot put the blame on her childishness because! LOL! Moreover he says he doesn’t like over talkative girls!ROFL….LOL) Meanwhile, when they are thinking what to do, a man and family come and ask what happened..and the man is none other than the person who met in Dhaba!(They eat a lot of badams! Memory is so strong! I think I must start eating them!Embarrassed) That lady recollects and says she is his secretary…But Maan corrects her and says she is his fiance now! Maan asks if they can find a mechanic, that man takes them with him to a wedding! Geet looks at the haldi rasam and thinks about her haldi and gets saddened! Geet thinks not to think about it and think about future. Maan asks if she is alright.

That man and his wife tease about being concerned! Geet says she doesn’t have a dress to wear..That women takes her with her. Maan keeps on staring at Geet even after she walks away gets teased again! Geet is wearing her dress unable to out the hook…Maan is staring at her Blushing the kids come and tease Maan for coming to girls roomROFL..Maan shoos them away!ROFLROFL (Maan is very embarrassedROFL) Geet gets embarrassed too and goes away! Maan tries to tell her something but she doesn’t listen! Maan follows her where ever she goes! Geet feels uncomfortable and thinks this is not his Delhi. Maan pulls her away and she starts telling that it’s a small village and he mustn’t do that! Maan closes her mouth and turns her back towards him and puts his hook (OMG! Yeh kya din dekhne ko mil gaye..Shaadi se pehle yeh romance toh Shaadi ke baad? OMG! OMG! OMG!…Woooooooooooooot THUD SwoonBlushing)

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Maan says he knows how to behave in small villages, though she is not his fianc in real but yet she is his fianc! Blushing ) Naintara is checking the files in the office to see if Geet was there. Naintara finds out that she is Maan’s secretary! She is shocked when she also sees Dev signatures! She suspects him again! Adi sees Naintara taking the file and says that no permission will be given to take the file out and they have to take Maan Sir’s permission! When he tries to take the file out of her hand…She says she understands what he trying to say but she will give the file to his Maan Sir! (Ah! I hate her smirk! why does she hate Maan?Confused) Maan tells Geet that he knows how to behave in small cities! : Maan says he knows how to behave in small villages, though she is not his fianc in real but yet she is his fianc. Its his duty to do so!

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Geet is lying down and thinking of the past…How Brij wanted to kill her! Her eyes are moistened!) The kids tease Maan and Geet of being caught alone! Geet thinks that its tough for her to hide her feelings whenever she is with him!

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