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Geet 30 march 2020; Geet monday 30 march 2020 update, Geet and Juana meet their new room partner sam, from Rajastan. She is married and is a funny types to go with. Rahul and Neha go to the disco, while Geet, Juana and Sam go to the same disco too. Rahul tries to confess Neha but however, the luck is not with him. Neha’s dad calls her up and asks her to come home, and they will have to leave. On the other hand, sam does not dance and sits on a table where 3 guys come and pull her dupatta off. Geet comes as a savior but when they mishandle with Geet, a new entry, probably the guy is playing the character of Anshuman from JWM, saves her and gives the 3 girls a ride to the hostel too. Geet is impressed with him! Daarji calls Geet and she says the sound is coming from a marriage baraat but Roop learns that she is in the disco and Geet comes out of the whole Daarji problem. Geet 30 march 2020 update The precap shows the new guy (Anshuman may be) coming to return her wallet (which she left in his car last night) and signaporia sees them and assumes the new guy to be Hrithik. Finally finally, though Reet go to the same disco, they did not meet each other

Geet update monday 30 march 2020 Geet and Juana think about their disco plans and they start talking about who will be occupying the third bed in their room. They hear a loud noise and go outside to find a Rajasthani family. Geet update 30 march The father and mother are really concerned about their daughter. They also see a fallen suitcase with all the stuff fallen outside. Father keeps saying – Ek suitcase nahi sambhal paayi, girhasti ko kaise sambhal payegi and all. Geet moves forward and helps the girl with all the mess. Juana joins too. They soon learn that, the Rajasthani girl is none other than Sam, their new room partner.
Sam is married and has come to Mumbai to do Home Science course. She is a bit confused kind of character – completely traditional, drinks only boiled water etc etc.. She listens to the disco plan and asks what she will do sitting alone in the room and they ask her to accompany them.. Geet update 30 march 2020 Juana says as per Sam’s dress, people will think she is going to Mata ki chowki and not disco, to which, Sam misunderstands and thinks that there will be Mata ki chowki in the disco and accompanies Geet and Juana.
The 3 girls finally reach the disco and Rahul – Neha arrive too. Rahul will be taking drinks for himself and Neha when Geet accidentally hits him and one of the drinks falls on him but Geet does not realize what has happened and they do not face each other. Geet 30 march 2020 update Rahul and Neha sit on a couch and all of a sudden, Neha sees one of her childhood friends and gets up, with Geet replacing her seat. Rahul, thinking that it is Neha will propose but Geet doesn’t listen to him too. By the time he sees who is sitting beside him, Geet leaves that seat and Neha comes back and Rahul drops the idea of proposing her again.
Here, sam is sitting alone, since she does not like the atmosphere, when a gang of 3 guys come and tease her by pulling her dupatta. Geet observes this and reaches to rescue but one of the guys holds Geet’s hands tightly and during this process, she trips and lands in a guy’s arms (This is a new entry today. They did not tell his name but he is playing the Anshuman character of JWM). Geet looks at him in a magical way. Geet monday 30 march 2020 update He fights with the bad guys and saves Geet. Geet is mesmerized by his charms and is lost of words.  She gets a call from Daarji and sam accidentally pics up the phone. Daarji listens to the noise and asks her where she is and she says she is in her hostel and there is a baraat passing her hostel and the noise is from that. Daarji passes the phone to Roop and Roop learns that Geet is at the disco and feels worried (So usual of roop Neha gets a call from her father and he asks her to come to home soon. She and Rahul leave the disco. Geet monday 30 march On their ride back to Neha’s home, Rahul and Neha have a heated conversation regarding Arundhati Kashyap (Rahul’s mom) and Neha leaves disheartened. When she enters, Neha’s dad talks to her about the Kashyap company’s all time falling shares and also asks her to leave Rahul and tells he is not even 10% of what his dad is and not correct for her but Neha says its her life and leaves.
Geet 30 march 2020 Geet, Juana and Sam keep thinking about how to go back to hostel since there won’t be any taxi available at the disc when the new entry guy (May be anshuman) offers them a ride. On the way back to her hostel, Geet talks non-stop about Bhatinda and what all happened in her life etc.. etc.. She says bye to the guy in the same dreamy manner (She is feeling that he is her dream man etc..)


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