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Geet 11 July 2020: Geet Saturday 11th July 2020 star life, The episode begins at the office. Geet is standing at reception with Pinky, when Adi comes along and starts laughing. He tells a startled Geet that everyone is talking about her. Sasha and Tasha are tearing their hair out, and Geet has done really well with the project. Geet tells Adi that she doesn’t want to do the project, she’s happy being a secretary. Pinky stands up and exclaims (with a cake in her hand, and icing on her lip) that one doesn’t refuse a burger if there’s no chips (ah, food. Pinky, you’re making me hungry. Shhh). Adi agrees, and states he knows why Geet doesn’t want to work on the project – it’s Sasha. Geet nods, but Adi reminds her of MK’s temper (damn, I’d deal with the temper just to see his face. Hehe), and says she needs to tread carefully so the project and the party is a success.

Geet update Saturday 11th July 2020 Geet is worried about the party – as she has no idea how it works in Delhi. In Hoshiapur they only celebrated weddings and religious festivals. Adi tells her to hold the party according to MK’s likes.  Geet says that whatever she’s done, he hasn’t liked. She doesn’t even know his likes anyway.
Pinky has another bright idea – why don’t they ask DD? (I love this girl – Adi, fall in love with her yaar) Geet wonders who’s going to ask them – Pinky says Adi sir. Adi is startled and tells Geet to ask. Geet refuses – whenever sir sees her he gets angry or upset. She tells Pinky to ask, and she refuses as well. That’s when Pinky notices Maan walking past. The three of them tell each other to ask, and then Pinky and Adi disappear (Tellywood style – pop, and they’re gone!).
Geet looks worried, and Maan stops and tells Geet to come into his cabin. Geet asks now, and Maan (again) says no tomorrow. Geet asks alright, what time tomorrow? (Hahahaha, Maan still hasn’t learnt not to use sarcasm with our seedhi saadhi abla nari) Maan looks at her, and Geet realises he means now. She blabbers on, and Maan walks away. She scolds herself saying that lately she’s been talking too much and almost starts running towards his office.

Geet Saturday 11 July 2020 Geet rushes into the cabin, and Maan starts saying how important this party is to him. Geet is fumbling to write while Maan is still explaining. He tells her not to make any mistakes this time, and Geet looks up. He continues his “don’t make any mistake” tirade, and Geet begins tearing up… which Maan notices when he tells her to go. Geet turns, and Maan gets up and walks towards her. (I swear, Maan can be such a robot at times, I had to watch the scene twice to understand him once. LOL)
He makes her turn and face him, and realises she’s crying. He hasn’t gotten angry or raised his voice, so why is she crying? Maahi begins when he almost touches her face. (Almost.) He lets out a sigh, and hands her a handkerchief, and tells her to wipe her face. (Wow, Maan ke paas dil hai… pehle baar Geet ke samne emotion dikhaya. Yay.) She wipes it, and hands the handkerchief back to him.

Maan asks her to explain the tears – and Geet tells him that she has no idea how to organise a party; she wanted to talk to him about it, but he didn’t give her a chance to talk, and then he started saying that there shouldn’t be any mistakes, and then she freaked out because he thought she could do it. She tries to tell him she can’t do it, and he says “Quiet”. He will tell her what to do (Yay. This rona dhona actually works… if your name is Geet, and your boss is referred to as DD. Keep that in mind). Without thinking, Geet says “Thanks Maan” and touches his arm. Maan looks at her, and covers it up by saying she needs to get a notepad.
He mentions that there’s one sitting there, sits back down, and starts issuing orders: “The dinner dance decor should be metallic silver, flowers and lights should be everywhere-” Geet cuts him off and asks him to say it slowly. Geet 11 July 2020 Maan looks at her, and starts talking slower. Geet smiles, and cuts him off again, saying he can talk a little quicker. Maan looks at her again (gosh, his expressions made me literally LOL, and I’m not meant to be doing that – everyone’s sleeping), and starts talking faster. Geet (back to being normal) cuts him off again, and asks him to repeat the food line. (Even without romance, ManEet’s banter makes me giggle)
Maan then mentions two bars, and Geet (not thinking) blurts out “chi, chi, chi” and does the ‘Forgive Me’ religious thingie… Maan stares at her, and Geet again covers her mistake by saying that it’s Delhi... she goes back to writing. He finishes stating his orders, and Geet is still writing. He stares at her, when Geet looks up and he looks back down and asks if she understands now. She happily nods, and he sends her out… stops her and says that there shouldn’t be any mistakes, which is when Geet accidently knocks over the pen holder.

Age is Just a Number update saturday 11 July 2020 zee world

Geet 11th July 2020 She quickly picks it all up, turns and starts walking off, turns back and asks Maan whether metallic is the same as grey. Maan is exasperated by now, but says yes. Geet turns, and turns back, and asks what type of flowers Maan wants – “gulab ya surajmukhi ke?” Maan doesn’t know what she’s going on about, but says he wants orchids. Geet agrees, and turns… turns back, and says “Sir…” and Maan is simply staring at her. (Loved this part. Geet is turning into Muskaan… and it’s awesome) She says “Have a nice day” and he’s still staring.
It turns out Sasha/Tasha have been watching this, and watch Maan staring at Geet while she walks out.
Tasha wonders what’s going on, and then mentions how Geet is ‘using’ her innocence to come close to ‘their’ DD. Sasha says she’s watching it all, and plans to get rid of the ‘behnji bholapan’ and embarrass her so much at the party that Geet won’t be able to come into the office anymore. (Ooooh, these two are starting to wear me thin. The amount of galis I have for them is unbelievable, but focus.. DD.. *sigh*)

At the hotel, Geet and Adi are organising the decorations. Adi cannot believe Maan gave her notes on how to organise the party – but it’s very good (Adi is so lovable. I’d love to pinch his cheeks right now. Hehe). This is when Geet looks down at her notes and starts freaking.  Geet runs around while Adi nervously laughs away. (Cute scene b/w the two) She finally stops, and thanks Adi for his support while she organises this. Adi mentions what are friends for, and says that Pinky mentioned she’d bring Geet’s clothes to the party. Just then Adi gets a call – it’s Sasha.
Sasha threatens Adi into coming into the office, otherwise she’ll tell MK. Adi gets extremely worried, and starts stuttering that he’ll be there. He leaves Geet to her organising, and reminds her about the Thai and continental food.

Geet 11th July 2020 Back at the office, Tasha runs excitedly towards Sasha, and Sasha asks if the job’s done. Tasha excitedly says she changed Geet’s order of Thai and Italian food to Indian snacks, and made sure to use Geet’s name. (Evil, arghhhhhhhhhh. Bite your tongue Sabii.) Sasha is pleased, and says that after today, Maan will never trust Geet again, and will prove that Geet is good for nothing. (Bite your tongue Sabs, bite your tongue!)
Tasha freezes, and says ‘Dhak, dhak’ and Sasha realises Maan’s coming. She looks at Maan, and he tells her to notify Geet that the client will be there an hour early. Tasha goes to notify Geet (Hah. My foot) and Maan walks away. Sasha is extremely happy that she basically has this in the bag – Geet is on her way out. (Someone, stop me from strangling her. She almost cracked my laptop screen, and she’s harming our Geet. Churail kahin ki!)

In the hotel, Geet thinks she’ll get it all done when someone walks up to her and says “Roses for you”. Geet is thinking back to when Dev had said I love you to her, and tears up. The manager comes and apologises that these aren’t for her but someone else. The manager tells the guy to take it to the Royal Suite (so Dev is using roses for his wife huh. Arghh, evil women. They all do my head in). Geet is still teary.

star life Geet update Saturday 11 July 2020 The man takes up the roses to the Royal Suite, and Dev opens the door. He sends the man away, and thinks of Naintara. (As much as it pains me to do this, I’ll write what happens. Someone bring me a bucket) He has written notes in Naintara’s bedroom, along with a red rose for each note – because he knows how much she loves red roses. The first note Naintara reads, she throws the rose on the ground. But Dev seems to know she would have done this, so there’s another note and rose on her dresser… and another one on the floor when she opens the door. She finally smiles seeing the last rose. (I’m upset… Dev, out of all people. Naintara? I’ll never understand)
Dev is then shown walking out in the hallway thinking that he has one more thing to do, and then his preparations will be complete. Maan is then shown walking along the same hallway and notices Dev. (UBS alert – but the white jacket doesn’t suit Maan… take it off already :P) Maan asks him what he’s doing here, and Dev says he’s not doing anything bad. Maan smiles at the retort, and says that if he’s not doing anything, he should come to the business party at the Crystal Hall. Dev asks who organises his parties, and Maan says he has a secretary. Dev hits a nail on Maan’s head and mentions that his scretary was the one who he was thinking about that day. Maan looks at him angrily, and says Dev hasn’t changed – still says whatever comes to mind. He walks off telling Dev to attend to his wife, while Maan attends to his party.

written update Geet 11th July 2020 As Maan is walking down the hallway, Dev’s words come back to him – wondering if his brother is in love, wondering if his secretary is the one he was thinking about… Maan asks himself why Dev keeps bringing his secretary up, and why is Maan so worried about this? (uh, a 3yr old could tell you this one Maan – you’re in love.) Maahi plays as he wonders about this…

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