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Geet 18 July 2020: Geet saturday 18th update July 2020, As everyone leaves, Maan tells Geet to shift her things from cabin outside as he is giving it to Sasha. Maan leaves a thinking Geet behind who decided to find the answer.

Geet 18 July 2020: Maan is in no mood to listen to Geet but destiny as we say the two get stuck in lift. Geet says it’s good as atleast now he has to talk to her. An angry Maan says he doesn’t need to and his life doesn’t revolve around her. He realizes his proximity with Geet and distance himself. He tells her she doesn’t need to get scared.

Geet saturday update 18 July 2020: Geet says knows that and trusts him that is the reason she felt so bad today after all this much. Geet pauses when Maan looks at her. Geet tells him why is he doing this she is doing things the way she wants for him. Why is he ignoring him and behaving like this. Geet is asking him to tell when Maan holds her arms with his hands asking her to keep quite otherwise. Maan and Geet are looking in each other eyes. Geet eyes are having many questions and Maan eyes are tellng her not to ask him questions as he can’t answer them. Maan realizes what he is doing. He again distance himself.

Geet update saturday 18 July 2020: Maan asks her to stop doing these emotional talks questioning him though his eyes as he hates it and asks her to stay away from him. A tearful Geet apologizes to him for the trouble she caused. Maan tells her this is office and whatever things happen here is professional not personal. The lift opens and Maan leaves. Geet comes out of lift remembers Maan words and decides now her work will show him how professional she is.

Geet update 18 July 2020: Maan wants to go away from Geet and is trying all possible ways. He might control his mind but his heart can’t stop thinking about Geet. It does effects him when he sees her in pain and gets worried if she is not around . No matter how much he tries to lock his heart and throws away the keys in deep ocean so that noone can open it destiny will play it’s game find the keys and make it reach Geet who will open those lock doors and enter Maan’s heart.

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