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Geet update saturday 20th June 2020; Geet update saturday 20 June 2020 on starlife, The episode starts with Rajjo (is it Rajjo or Rajji?) taking Geet upstairs to fix her dupatta.. Rajjo is called downstairs and leaves Geet alone to her thoughts. As she’s fixing her dupatta, she feels her dupatta (the one Dev gave her) and thinks of Darji’s words – “Now this house’s respect has become yours” (or something to that effect). She stands there thinking.. when her father comes upstairs.. He tells her that everyone is waiting for her, when he sees her face.

Geet update saturday 20 June 2020 on starlife He asks if she’s scared.. she nods yes.. He asks “Canada?”.. she nods yes.. He asks “in three days?”.. she nods and asks how he knows everything in her heart. He tells her that she’s been in his heart since she was born, and that whatever Darji (at least I think it’s Darji he said) does, he does it for her own good. But Geet tells her father that HE was the one who told her to study, to meet new people.. she doesn’t want to get married so quickly.
Her father tries to re-assure her – “put it this way, after marriage, you’ll meet so many new people.. you’ll see the colours of a new time. And his family isn’t so strict that they won’t let you study after marriage; you are a “baghawali” (explain the meaning please) that you’ve gotten Dev as a husband.” Geet is upset, she never thought that she’d be so far away from her family, that she’d live in a different country. Geet’s father pulls her in for a hug… (gorgeous scene b/w father & daughter)
Rajjo comes in with Titu and Dev, and Geet’s father exclaims.. “Dev ji..” Dev looks shy (so adorable!)

Geet saturday update 20 June 2020 starlife Scene cuts to Dolly, Nurpinder and Rano who are walking with a tray of tea, when Dolly pipes up and says that when she got married, she got 3-4kgs of gold, and heaps of stuff from them.. but all Dev’s family has given Geet is two gold bangles. It turns out that Naintara & Pammi have heard. Nurpinder tries to reassure them that they’re not fussed.. but Naintara & Pammi exchange sad looks. Naintara tells them they tried to exchange dollars, but no one could help them.. and it’s not like they came to Punjab prepared for a wedding. Naintara says that in their family, there’s a tradition that when the new daughter-in-law comes, the “guldeva” (explain that one as well) gives her lots of jewellery. They’ve organised a pooja to be done that night.. but what are they going to give Geet?
Rano quips for them not to worry. They have a lot of jewellery, and for them to take it to give to Geet that night. She reassures them, and tells them to sweeten their mouths. Nurpinder looks angrily at Dolly, and walks away towards Pammi, Rano & Naintara. Dolly says to herself “Look what happened because of my umbrella mouth! And look what I was meant to do!” She walks away (gosh, Dolly has some of the best lines.. umbrella mouth, hehe)

Scene cuts back to D&G, Geet’s dad, Titu and Rajjo. Geet’s dad mentions for Dev to come inside, and Rajjo teases Dev by saying that ever since Geet went upstairs, all he’s been doing is talking about her, so she thought she’d bring him upstairs as well. Dev goes all shy and says that Rajjo is just teasing.. he was only inquiring about Geet. Geet’s dad smiles and mentions for Titu to show Dev the property. He had put some away for Geet, but Dev hasn’t even asked for anything. Dev replies – “By saying that, you’re making me embarrassed. The most expensive thing there, you’ve already put her hand in mine..”(I know I didn’t do justice to what he said.. but ah well.) Geet smiles in the background, and Geet’s dad tells her to go out with the kids..

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Geet update saturday 20th June 2020 Scene cuts to Rano & Nurpinder, who drags her into the kitchen and asks if Rano’s gone crazy. Rano replies that she’s doing the right thing, and that Nurpinder should bring her jewellery as well so that Pammi can choose which ones she wants to give to Geet. Nurpinder angrily replies that her jewellery is HERS, and that she won’t give it to any relatives. Darji overhears, and berates Nurpinder – the jewellery isn’t hers, it’s the family’s.. and Rano is right in asking her for it. He walks away, and Nurpinder angrily agrees to give her jewellery, but not to ask for her necklace.. she’s kept that for Rajjo.

Geet 20 June 2020 on starlife Scene cuts to D&G, Titu & Rajjo. Dev is telling Geet that his family has said that since he’s met her, he’s changed. He agrees with that theory, and says he’s a bit lost.. he sits there smiling to himself all the time. He sees Geet smiling, and says “one minute. I want to keep this memory safe.. this is the first time you’ve ever smiled at anything I’ve said.” He looks at Rajjo & Titu, who are busily talking about something, and moves closer to Geet – “So should I assume that you’re happy with the marriage.. or not?” Geet looks up and says “No.. I mean yes..” (I’m just melting here.. move over KaJen, you have competition) Dev teases her, and then asks if he should take her silence as a yes.. Geet finally looks up at Dev.

Geet saturday update 20th June 2020 Brij is shown walking with one of his men, and Geet hears them, and turns, worriedly. Geet, Rajjo & Titu are worried, but Dev sees Brij and smiles. (I know, he smiled..) Brij walks up to Geet with an angry look.. and Geet notices a bag he’s holding – “That’s Channi’s bag, isn’t it?” A flashback is shown of Channi running through the fields, and her bag drops. Back to the present, and Geet says Channi used to bring that bag to school.. when Brij cuts her off and asks what she’s doing here alone? He raises his voice and tells them to go back to the house. Geet isn’t moving, so he grabs her hand to drag her away, when Dev grabs Brij’s arm. He asks for him to let go of her hand, but Geet silently tells him not to say anything. For her, he drops his hand.
He tells Brij (with folded hands) that Geet is his fiance, and he doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do. Brij looks at Geet, and lets go. Brij walks away…

Scene cuts to Rajinder & Vrinder, who’s asking about dibbas for the wedding (I think he was referring to music). Vrinder replies he hasn’t got any ideas, when his phone rings. Someone tells him that the family he’s getting his daughter married to has a hidden past. Vrinder asks who’s speaking, and she replies to meet to her the next day at 9am, near the gurdwara. She hangs up.

Geet 20th June 2020 update Scene cuts to the women putting out their jewellery for Dev’s family to choose for Geet at the pooja. Vrinder tries to tell Darji he wants to talk, but they’ve started looking. Naintara & Pammi look very distressed, and Nurpinder silently tells Rano to put away one set of jewellery.. (nicely done by Rano I must say) Naintara looks upset, and says that once they get back to Canada, they’ll repay them. Darji tells her they are his daughters, and to think of this as a gift. The family agrees.  Pammi has a request.. not to tell Dev about what is happening, as he’ll get upset. As the family is looking at Pammi, Kamya looks at that expensive jewellery Rano put away (obviously it accidentally got brought back out), and Vrinder looks worried. Kamya steals the necklace, and only Vrinder notices.

D&G, Rajjo & Titu return to the house. Naintara again mentions to Rano about not telling Dev.. Rano reassures Naintara nothing will be said. Dev’s family get ready to leave because the pandit should be at their place very soon. As Dev’s walking away, he looks at Geet and smiles. As they’re walking away, Geet thinks about what Dev said to Brij.. her moments with Dev. She says to herself – “Dad was right, Dev really is a good man.”
Vrinder is standing there thinking about the phone call, what Kamya did, and what Pammi said.. he looks extremely anxious.

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