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Geet 4 april 2020; Geet 4 april update, Geet gets up from the tub angrily saying.. ‘U ruined all my plans’..n MSK follows n asks..’What was ur plan..?!!’ Geet says…..’Since it flopped u need not know…after all it is u who ruined it all…!’ MSK asks..’How did i flop ur plans??’ Geet says..’No no u din..i flopped my plan..!! U din do wat that girls b.f did in the show!!’…MSK says…’Which show??’  Geet says..’That show..i saw on TV…in that show…the girls b.f  came to take the towel from her and ended up holding her hand..!!’ Geet says..’ I had planned so much ….so that ur promise gets broken….I thot u will come to take the towel and end up holding my hand..but no..u only do what u wish to..!! U ruined all my efforts..!!’  MSK says..’Do u know what happens after that show??’  Geet says..’That ..which u din do..!!’ MSK says..’Seems that u din see that show fully….lemme show u what happens next..!!’ MSK starts closing in on Geet….n takes off his tie..then his vest coat n next starts unbuttoning his shirt…n by then Geet ends up on the bed..!! Geet gets up and runs…!! MSK shouts back..’Wait for the full show….wait..’ n smiles…!! 

Geet update saturday 4 april 2020 Arjun introes Brij to Dadi as Ranbir Singh….n says..’Whoever comes to this house before the wedding….Ranbir will cook for them..!!’ Dadi says….’There are gona b 5000 guests. in our house…….have u handled such large order??’ Brij says..’Yes…ofcourse…we dun take small orders….we handle all major weddings at big business families..!! After all  this is our patent business..!!’ Dadi says..’Thats good that u have experience of such big weddings..!! Also …since several guests are gonna start pouring in before the wedding..we dunno when..who will need what…so we want that Ranbir should stay here..!!’ Arjun agrees..!! Dadi calls Nacool n says..’This is Ranbir…..the new cook…especially appointed for the wedding….. arrange for his stay at the servant quarters..!!’ 
Geet 4 april 2020 update Brij goes along with naCOOL… Arjun says..’Dadi ma…i m leaving’… n Anne offers to see him off. n says..’She needs to discuss some arrangements..hence.!!’ Brij is passing thru the alley of the mansion n spots Geet n is in flashback mode of HP.. ‘How he tried to hurt Geet..but Geet got him arrested n then how Maan too confronted him..’ n is getting angrier by the second….!! Nacool comes and breaks his trance n says..’Come.!!’   MSK is coming towards where Dadi n Geet are and spots..Arjun and Anne and looks disturbed..!! MSK comes to Dadi and Dadi says..’U better start concentrating….on ur wedding preparations as wedding date is nearing……!!’ (MSK glances at Geet who turns away) Dadi says…’After sangeet all the rituals shall start…! And also…to attend to all the guests till the wedding..i have appointed a cook as suggested by Arjun’  MSK says..’Dun u think.. Anne is spending a little too much time with Arjun??’  Dadi says..’Maan… Anne day n night is busy planning for ur wedding…and instead of complimenting her..u..’  MSK says..’Dadi i m not doubting Anne..rather Arjuns intentions…After all we shouldnt forget he is NT’s brother …’  Dadi says…’Maan u urself promised to Geet that u have forgotten all those things..U urself agreed to give a chance to Arjun..!U shouldnt doubt on such small things…!’ Geet tells MSK ‘Dun worry..i shall go and keep a watch on their work..and that way..i will be with them..!!’  Geet leaves..MSK looks worried..!! 
Geet saturday 4 april 2020 Arjun n Anne are outside the mansion n Arjun says..’So what arrangement u wanna talk to me of ???’ Anne fumbles n  says..’Wedding… err ..Sangeet decorations?’ Arjun says…’From what i remember.. we have already decided on that..!!’ Anne says..’I want to..’ and Arjun cuts in n says..’Why making excuses?? Just admit that u wanna be with me!!’ Anne says..’Dun boast so much about urself..!!’  Arjun says..’Ok…so if u think so..then do…Well i m going out tonite wit my friend to the disc .. if u want to join…then come..!!’ Anne asks excitedly ..’What time u going??’ Arjun says..’Thats not decided yet..!!’  Anne says..’But i need to return by 12am..!!’  Arjun holds Annes hand and kisses it.. Anne smiles and eyelock..!! Arjun tells Anne ‘ Sorry sweetheart….Arjun Singh Rathod doesnt act as per anyones deadlines..he does what he wishes to…If u want to come back by 12..better stay at ur home…Bye..!!’ and leaves..!! Anne startled….. 
Geet 4 april 2020 Geet comes..and says..’Wanna ask u about Arjun..’  Anne is worried and says..’What??’ Geet says..’Well the thing is .. MSK doesnt like him…from start… he din wanna hand over this wedding arrangements to him at all…!!’ Anne says..’Why?’  and Geet says…’Thats a long story….shall tell u sometime later..but tell me one thing…how do u find Arjun..i mean.. has he ever tried to misbehave with u??’  Anne says..’No ..not all ..he isnt that type of a guy…!! But why u thot so??’  Geet says..’I myself..dun find him such a type…but Maan understands a person…better than me…n so if he finds a guy bad..he cant be wrong.!! Tell me..if u find him such a type then we can tell MSK to remove him..!!’ Anne immediately protests and says..Geet update saturday 4 april 2020 ‘ is a very nice guy.. Plus we are concerned with the work only..n we all well he is handling the wedding preparations..!!’ Geet says..’Thats true…ok..then…come..!!’  
Geet update 4 april 2020 Geet in the swing area of Mansion n is walking around thinking about Arjun n  says..’Now even Anne thinks..that Arjun is he must be..!!’ Geet goes and sits on the swing…and Brij  who is passing by sees her… n again HP flashbacks..!!   Brij stares at Geet…who is rubbing her hands as she is feeling chilly..!!  Brij starts to move towards Geet…right then…Nacool calls Brij n says..’Sir where are u going…the servant quarters are on this side..come i will take u there..!!’.. Geet too hears n turns her face ..but cant catch his face. then…Brij has walked away…!! MSK comes n says….’What r u doing outside ??’ Geet says….’Trying to keep ur promise of not touching me intact…by staying away. from u till th wedding..!!’ MSK says..’Quit joking and..go inside…or else u will catch cold..!!’ Geet says…’I m not feeling cold …and even if i do feel chilly…who cares..!! I dont want u to waste ur precious time for me..go inside..!!’  MSK turns and leaves..!! 
Geet 4 april 2020 Geet rues to Babaji..’Did u see his actions…i only asked him to go inside…but he really left!! He din even see that i m freezing in this cold… he culd have atleast gotten a shawl for me..!! So then… i too will sit here only…!’  A while later Geet says..’Well i know him ..he will come back in a while..he isnt that heartless…!!When he will be back..first he will apologise n then request me to come in..!!’   MSK comes with some pieces of wood and starts arranging a bonfire..!! Geet starts to get up n then stops herself n self thot..’No need to go near him…till he breaks his promise..u too wont go near him..!!’  Geet says..’If ur doing all this for me…then Thank u very much..but no need….u keep ur wood and promises safe with urself..!! And as such also..i told u that i wont force u to do anything…so i m going inside and u sit here n feel the warmth of the bonfire on ur own..!!!’ 
Geet 4 april 2020 Next day morning….Geet at office is sneezing continuously..!! Staff ladies gathered by her side ask whats wrong n Tasha comes and suggests..’U better see a doc’  MSK comes and shooes all away…..on the name of work..!! MSK tells Geet..’U were saying…that u dun catch cold..then why is ur nose red?? I think u should have something hot like ice creams n shakes n Geet says..’U pulling my leg??’ MSK  says..’Where am i pulling ur leg… coz u have decided to do the opposite of what i suggest…so if i ask u to have ice-cream..maybe then u will have tea..!!’  Geet says..’Dun tease me….all this is coz of u..!!’  MSK says..’So i m to be blamed for the cold in Delhi??’  Geet says..’I m talking of the cold i have caught…..if u hadnt kept that bet..i wuldnt have sat out in the cold last nite..!!’  MSK says…’Come..’  Geet says..’I wont..’ and MSK glares n Geet says..’Ok..i m coming..’  MSK says…’Hurry’ and leaves..!! Geet cribs…’U ….if u had not agreed..he wuld have forcibly picked u up and carried u ..!!’ 
Part 2
Geet 4 april 2020 Brij in the kitchen holding a knife n gets flashbacks of having seen Geet..!! Nacool sitting comfy with his feet on the kitchen table with a cuppa coffee and says..’In one day…u have handled all the work…and hence we dun need to do any work.!!’ Dadi comes and sees Nacool and Nacool gets up with a start..!! Dadi tells Nacool …’So…Ranbir is handling all the work..and ur relaxing?? ‘ Nacool protests and Dadi says..’Go and handle ur work….and Ranbir..u come with me…we need to sit and finalise the menu…as such also only a week remains to the come.!!’ Dadi and Ranbir leave..!! saturday update on Geet 4 april 2020 Geet in the outhouse n  closes the door of her room.. and is sneezing and rues…’If only i had agreed to him last nite.. i wuldnt have caught this cold…but he too doesnt understand me..!!’ Geet keeps the glass of water at the side table and sits on her bed …ready to sleep..!! Brij is shown….on th stairs of outhouse and is approaching Geets room..!! Geet sneezes and is about to lie down..when the light flickers and goes out..!! Geet is scared..!! Brij enters Geets room..!! Geet feels a presence and looks around..!! Brij has his knife ready and is approaching Geet..!! Geet turns and says..’Who is out there?’ and looks around..and sees a handmark on the door of the room n asks again..’Who is it??’ 
Part 3
Geet 4 april 2020 update Brij starts closing in……Geet starts walking away..sensing danger n ends up dashing into MSK n hugs him n says….’Please dun go anywhere.i m very scared…!!’ MSK says..’Whats the matter….?? Calm down.. power has gone n i have asked naCOOL to switch on the generator!!’ Brij sees Maneet and says….’Today i will finish both of them’..and starts approaching wit the knife..!!


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