Geet update Sunday 12 January 2020 on Starlife


Geet update Sunday 12 January 2020 on Starlife

Geet update Sunday 12 January 2020 on Starlife; Dadi Ma wants Maan to stay with Dev and the family and not in the outhouse. Maan’s clients almost reject his project due to an erroneous printout, but Geet convinces them not to. Geet and Maan blame each other for the mistake.

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Geet plans to talk with Maan about Sasha’s accusation of inefficiency. Later, Geet searches for Dev on the net. Maan realizes his mistake with the printout and asks a shocked Sasha to leave the room so he and Geet can talk in private.

Maan is angry at himself and asks why has he done all this? He remembers Geet telling him that since the first day of job she has been trying her best…so that he doesn’t have any difficulties. He then says to himself that I even took her to the dance floor to tell her that her tears did not move me at all! He remembers them having a verbal dance war…he then continues that when she was leaving why did I stop her? Dance flashback = I have wronged her I should apologize!

Ughh Geet is still standing in the middle of the crowd with her pallu off (woman you should have just put it up and walked away with confidence *whacks Sasha for hurting Geet*). Anyways Maan comes in and is shocked to see Geet standing there with tears in her eyes and the spotlight on her. He gives her one look up and down (aka checking her out kidding). Anyways sorry her saari has been tored off…no wonder she can’t put it back on…anyways some idiots start commenting on her condition and that’s when Maan wakes up from his trance like state and walks toward her…wrapping his jacket around her as Geet looks up with tears in her eyes. But Maan, being a gentleman and all, doesn’t look at her! Sasha and her gang of idiots are shocked to see that.

Geet update Sunday 12 January 2020 on Starlife

Maan asks her where her dress is? Geet doesn’t answer but continues to cry so Maan clarifies…the same dress that you had worn when you came here. Maan finally looks at her as she says it’s in on the fourth floor’s washroom’s locker. He tells her to come with him…we’ll go get the dress. Geet starts walking but trips…the jacket from one side comes off but Maan puts it back on as the theme song plays in the background. Geet is worried that what if the saari comes off as she walks. Maan says alright…you wait here and I’ll get it! As he is walking away…Geet says please hurry back! Sasha is shocked out of her wits…not to mention Maan as well!

Aww he looks back at her and nods a yes as some dude gala pharing with Maahi!!! Sasha’s chamchi asks her if this was part of her plan but Sasha is maha angry and walks away! (ha you deserve it!). Ewww! Stupid Rahul (ughh why does he have that name…I can’t insult my Rahul!)…says that wow I am a fan of your’s you look nice with a saari on but even nicer without…Geet asks him to shut up! And runs away as Rahul says be careful

Anyways, Dev and Nainatra are romancing

when Dev tells her that even Maan has a party here…Nainatra announces that they will go the party…Dev ka romance ka plan chopat hogaya

…anyways Nainatra manipultes him!

Geet is walking away and remembering all the taunts…while DN are walking from the other side! Obviously they don’t see eachother! How original! Anways, Dev and Nainatra look at the running figure of Geet…Nainatra says funny dress…but Dev says that it’s a saari and the jacket…wait the Jacket is bro’s…Nainatra taunts that you love checking out girls! Maan comes running back inside the room…calling out for Geet but doesn’t see her there.


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