Geet 19 July 2020: Geet sunday 19th update July 2020, Maan asks Geet to hand over her contract…Geet tries to avoid the topic but he is admant…lol so Geet makes up an excuse that she has the contract in the suitcase and she has lost the keys to open it…as well as she needs to kick the contract…sorry cockroach out of the kitchen. Maan is not amused at all at that excuse. Maan says now I know that you never ever signed a contract…Geet tries to leave but he gets a hold of her hand and doesn’t let go even though she asks him to since it’s paining her. Eventually some humanty comes back to him and he does let go…he is about to leave when he notices Geet’s hand which is bruised and then remembers holding it before as well…aka she is truly hurt. He is saddened…and asks if it’s paining a lot? Maan seems really worried and Geet tries to take advantage of that fact…she asks him to let her to stay in the house since where is she going to go with that injured hand…lol Maan falls for it and says alright I’ll talk to you about this later and goes to get the medicine. Geet says thankfully there is some humanity left in him.

Geet 19 July 2020: Damn!! Maan notices her laughing and is maha pissed…he yells her name on full volume (injuring poor Sumi’s ears)…she asks what? But Maan tells her to shut up and says now I know your reality…you’re only pretending…since you’re a woman and you can only hurt others. You have been taking advantage of my sympathy. Geet tries to explain…but Maan insults her and says she just wanted to get into the house. She wanted to catch him in the net! You’ve made a mistake! (wait dadi maa changed? what?). Dadi maa is listening to everything…while Maan goes on about how he doesn’t want her to share a room with him…he is willing to give her money. He tries to kiss Geet…who is shocked out of her wits! Finally Geet is pushed away!
Geet update sunday 19 July 2020: Dadi thinks that Maan is punishing Geet for somebody else’s mistake…Maan leaves but Geet is hurt beyond work. Dadi stops Maan…who is shocked to see her there! She asks him how long are you going to get your past affect your future…it wasn’t your mistake…it was her mistake. Are you going to punish every women for Sameera’s mistake? Geet goes to her room and starts to pack…she says that she is not going to take insults…she is willing to stay on the street…she remembers her family and Brij’s atrocities toward her. She is only 18 (?)…she is sad that she raised her hand at Maan…she thinks even she made a mistake. She thinks why am I so affected by his words…everyone says these kind of things on the street…I shouldn’t worry about it. On the other hand, Dadi tells him that whatever he has done with Geet has been wrong…Maan says why are you worried? Dadi tries to explain but faints…hawww…in time of difficulties…he calls Geet. Geet wonders why he is calling out to her…she comes out and sees Dadi…Maan tells her to call his younger brother.
Geet sunday update 19 July 2020: Geet comes into Maan’s house…and calls out…but she doesn’t know his name…she goes upstairs to look for him. Some servant comes and informs her that Dev is in Pune with his wife regarding a project. Finally a doctor is here and dadi is resting in a room…Maan asks her if she is alright? Geet comes and says that his brother is not home…he is unwilling to believe her even when she tries to convince him. Maan gets angry even at the doctor…lol Dadi winks at the doctor…they are upto something. He tells her not to give her any tension…Dadi says to herself that thankfully now they are not fighting. Both Maan and Geet have a stare-off as they sit beside Dadi. Geet tries to leave but Dadi stops her by holding her hand…Maan is shocked…as Dadi tells her not to leave them. Another stare-off between the leads!

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