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Geet update Sunday 21st June 2020; Geet update Sunday 21 June 2020 on starlife, The episode starts with Rajjo, Geet & Dolly in a room, with Dolly saying that in Canada, Geet will have to wear “jeena-sheena”. (LOL. Loving this woman) Geet says that there is nothing wrong with salwar kameezes. As they’re talking, the phone rings and Taiji picks it up – it’s Dev. He wants to talk to Geet.. and Taiji’s a bit shocked. When she calls for Geet, Dolly asks who called, and Taiji angrily says, “her family, who else?” Rajji and Dolly drag Geet to the phone, put it on loudspeaker, and Rajji pretends she’s Geet (funniest scene yet).

Geet update Sunday 21 June 2020 on starlife Rajji asks Dev what girls wear in Canada, and Dev replies “Jeans, short skirts, tight tops..” Rajji asks if that’s what he wants Geet to wear, Dev replies in the affirmative.. all 3 girls are shocked. Rajji is a bit hesitant on the phone.. and Dev replies “I don’t know how Geet will look.. but I’m sure Rajji ji you will look very sweet!” Rajji asks him how he knew it was her, and he tells her he knows Geet very well. She’d never asks questions like that.. and Dolly takes the phone, and tells him that Geet has been very worried, that she doesn’t know what they eat.. and that she wants to make Dev “lasunia”. (I’m not meant to be laughing so much @ 3.30am.. but gosh!)

Geet update Sunday 21st June 2020 on starlife Dev smiles, and asks Dolly & Rajji if he could speak to Geet privately. Geet is very hesitant to do so, but Dolly picks up the reciever, and gives it to her. As soon as she says yes, Dev asks her where the lasagna popped up from. Geet replies that Kamya told her.. she doesn’t know anything about his world, and she won’t make a good.. wife! Dev simply tells her that he wants to make her his life partner, not his cook. However, Geet still feels that she should know his likes, and dislikes.. right? Dev replies that she doesn’t have to change herself for him.. she’s perfect the way she is… but, if she does want to be a good wife, she should meet him the next day behind her house… (simply the sweetest convo b/w D&G)

Geet Sunday update 21 June 2020 on starlife Cut to the next day. Mahinder is shown waiting at the bazaar next to the gurdwara, anxiously waiting for that lady. He turns around, and he sees Naintara! She tells him that she came to do some last minute shopping for Pammi.. and wonders what he’s doing there so early. Mahinder stammers that he came to get some stuff for the pooja.. and will be awhile. Naintara leaves.. leaving Mahinder very worried, when a lady calls his name.

Geet is shown walking out into the garden, and sees a trail of roses from the step to the tree in the middle of the courtyard. (Romantic scene alert!) As she’s walking towards the tree, she thinks about how amazing he is, but where is he? She reaches the tree, and rose petals fall on her.. she slowly turns around, basking in the petals.. and Dev comes. He tells her that the flowers light comes in the morning, and for him, light came when she came into his life. She smiles, and turns to leave, but Dev won’t let her until she says something..

Geet 21 June 2020 on starlife Cut to Mahinder and that lady. She asks him his name.. and he replies yes. She admonishes him for agreeing to the wedding without asking about them. She tells him that her bosses’ niece was approached for marriage.. and at the last minute, they turned it down – “everything was in place, even the wedding details.. they forced him into selling everything for dowry, and then they said no.”

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Geet update Sunday 21 June 2020 Cut back to D&G. Dev tells Geet that the road they are travelling on isn’t his or hers.. it’s their journey. It is his responsibility to make sure that nothing happens to her (or something to that effect) – “The roses you walked on? I personally made sure to take out all the thorns.. because I love her (I think he said that)” D&G look at each other.. and again Dev asks Geet if she won’t say anything. She says “Thank you. ” And Dev smiles and remarks at least she hasn’t said that she doesn’t want to go to Canada.. to which Geet replies “To be honest, I’m still not ready to go to Canada.. but Papa told me that you’re a good man…” But Dev wants to know what Geet thinks of him, but Rajji calls Geet inside. Dev lets her go, but insists on an answer next time. She blushes, and runs away.

Geet 21 June 2020 update Cut back to Mahinder & that lady. Mahinder is convinced that the lady is telling the truth, and asks for her to accompany him back to his house, so she can tell his family, who don’t believe him. The lady agrees, as Dev’s family needs to be taught a lesson. Back at the house, Darji, Rajinder & Brij are making preparations to leave for Samarpur. Dev’s family comes, and they are getting ready to leave, as the journey takes 6hrs. Darji asks where Geet is.. and Dev turns as Geet makes her entry in blue.. (cue yesterday’s precap?)

Geet update Sunday 21 June 2020 on starlife Mahinder also makes his way back to the house, and Darji wonders where he’s been. He looks stern, and tells Dev’s family that he wants to clear up some issues first. The lady comes in, and Pammi, Naintara & Kamya all look a bit worried.. (credit here goes to -Mansi- because I didn’t realise there was more.. and here I am wondering why my update looks short today..) When the lady comes in, Mahinder tells her that they are the family he’s getting his daughter married to. She looks at them, and is surprised. They aren’t the family she referred to (phew!). She apologises, and leaves. The families are standing there, shocked.. not having anything to say. Naintara asks Mahinder who that lady was, and what was said. Mahinder stammers for words, and Dolly opens her mouth and says that the lady was saying they were “chor chakki types”. Brij & Darji glare at Dolly, and she looks down.

Geet 21st June 2020 Pammi tells Mahinder that if there were any doubts.. couldn’t they have asked them? Kamya says “Highlight to dekho – she said something, and they believed them?” Mahinder tries to assure them it wasn’t the case, but Darji says “STOP! Mahinder, you have made a mistake. Now apologise to Dev and his family.” Just as Mahinder is about to apologise, Dev notices how distraught Geet is. He tells Mahinder not to apologise, as he understands a father’s worry.. it is his daughter’s life he’s thinking about. However, Darji asks for Dev not to interfere in this matter, and tells Mahinder to ask for forgiveness. Geet looks on, extremely upset as her father apologises to Dev’s family.

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