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Geet update sunday 22nd December 2019 on Starlife

Geet update sunday 22nd December 2019 on Starlife, Daaji and Tayaji talk about how everything turned out to be really good…Tayaji asks the servant to press Daaji’s legs properly (why not his neck?) Geet’s dad comes to daaji to tell him about the phone call but Tayaji interupts to ask Rano to bring Chai quickly. Taayji calls Rano and tells her didn’t she tell her not to give that necklace but you still gave it to them…while Mahinder looks on shocked. Rano denies that she didn’t give that necklace to them…everyone look on shocked when Mahinder remembers Kamya looking at the necklace admiringly. Rano continues that no one even liked that necklace you know that right…Taayji says yes but the necklace is missing…Rano is swearing that she has no idea when Mahinder interupts. He says that he saw Kamya standing right there…while Daaji looks at him with an unreadeable expression. He says that the necklace was still there…while everyone looks on with shocked expressions..then where did it go. Dolly exclaims maybe Kamya stole it (she has no idea how right she is!) She says that she always doubted Kamya but Daaji gets up exclaiming Dolly’s name in anger. He says that she is such an innocent child how was she suppose to know that the necklace wasn’t there to be given away. She must have picked up by mistake…so? Mahinder says that you’re right she is a child but for a long time I’ve been trying to tell you that after the roka I got a…but before he can complete his sentence Brij shows up. He asks if something happened since he can’t find Dev…his dad says maybe they went to their guest house but Brij says that no they are headed toward Hoshiyaarpur. As usual everybody look shocked out of their wits. Geet who is busy eavesdropping is shocked as well! Tayaji exclaims the name of the city while Brij says yes…(may I add that he is still looking at the floor) why what happened…why are everyone so quiet? Daaji asks if Brij saw them leaving with his own two eyes (or was he busy looking at the floor :P) Brij replies yes! I heard them asking some dude on JT road about the route to the city. Flashback: Brij is spying on Dev who is busy asking the directions.

Taayji says but they told us that their khandani pandit is somewhere else…at this moment they are with 40 lakhs worth of jewelery. Daaji asks Brij to call Dev and as always Brij says yes sir! As he is calling everyone are either praying or holding their breaths. Mahinder asks what happened and Brij says that the phone is switched off. Everybody is shocked while Geet is hyperventilating again.

The men of the house minus Daaji arrive at Dev’s guest house…Tayaji exclaims that they are definately at their guest house and Brij is mistaken. When they arrive by the door they notice the lock! Geet on the other hand is lost in her thoughts as she remembers Dev folding his hands in front of Brij and telling him that Geet is his to be wife and he would appreciate it if no one treats her badly. She also remembers him walking away as they both smiled to each other (how cute!) But then her mind goes to the words of Taayji who said in front of them no one likes those jewelleries…so this is outright theft. And then she remembers Daaji asking Brij to call Dev (ughh I am getting tired of all those flashbacks!!) Finally end of flashbacks! Rajjo comes to Geet and says that she will do her chores. Geet wipes away her tears as Rajjo takes over…Rajjo asks her if she is alright and Geet replies that ya she is what will happen to her. Rajjo goes no…outside everyone were talking about Dev jiju…Titu comes in as well. Titu goes but Dev jiju is so nice…he wouldn’t do something like that..right? Rajjo goes ya you’re right…Geet says that if all three of us feel the same then that’s right! I believe him…I believe that he will return for sure.

Brij on the other hand is killing the poor plants with gamlas sameth…Mahinder says hold up let me call them! but the phone is still switched off…Brij exclaims that Dev has fleed…just once I get a grasp of him…I’ll do aisi ki taasi of him. Mahinder looks worried when Tayaji says that what’s the use of standing here…let’s go to Daaji and we’ll think about our next move. Brij and him leave…while Mahinder stands there looking worried and says that what will I say to Geet? She must be weaving dreams…what will I say to her?

Geet opens the door with a smile as she sees the men of the house entering…when they hear Dev saying sasrikaal! LOL Brij is all ready to pounce on him but his daddy stops him. Dev says that daaji told me that you were trying my phone (Brij looks like somebody stole his talwaar from him :P) Brij asks what happened to your phone? Dev replies that the phone wasn’t charged while Tayaji smiles. Before anyone could ask anything else Rano comes asking for Mahinder that come look and see what they have brought for our Geet. Tayaji says that oo we thought maybe you went to your panditji! Dev’s mom says that when Dev found out that we took jewellery from you…he was really angry and immediately took us to Hoshiyaarpur. Nayntara says that we exchaged dollars at whatever rate we could get and brought all these stuff for Geet. Dev and Geet look at each other admiringly! Kamya says but listen to the highilight…our program to go visit panditji was also delayed by Dev. Rajjo whispers in Geet’s ears…isn’t Devji doing a lot for us? Dev’s mom says that my youngest DIL is really pretty while Dev looks admiringly at her. Naiyantara gives back all the jewelery and says that don’t worry we’ve made new ones for Geet. But Daaji says that it is our responsiblity to give you stuff as well…though Mahinder and Brij seem to be really upset (they have no idea how right they are!) Naiyantara says that they should leave now…it’s not right to keep Panditji waiting. They get up to leave when Daaji reminds them to take the jewelery along with them…Dolly and Taayji are sort of upset with that. Dev and Geet have a starting contest with their signature music when Kamya comes up to her and says why are you looking at him slyly? If you want to thank him just go ahead and say it! She pulls Geet’s cheek and says aww you’re blushing! Looks like Dev’s jewellery gesture has won your heart when Geet tries to explain herself but Kamya says listen to the highlight if you want to become Dev’s queen of hearts make him a fabulous lasagne! He really likes lasange but don’t go and tell them that I told you! Geet looks on worried as Kamya leaves. She remembers Kamya’s words!

Geet update sunday 22nd December 2019 on Starlife

Her mom comes into the room and says that you should wear this for your wedding…you will look really pretty! She notices that Geet is upset so she asks her what’s wrong? Why are you so quiet? Geet says mother that I am feeling awkward…I don’t know anything about them…what they eat…what are their likes and dislikes…I don’t know anything. Rano says that’s all! You’re worried at such a minor thing…don’t worry all girls who are about to get married think like that..even I thought the same. Everything will be alright once you all get to know each other. But Geet says that their lives are very different from our’s…his favourite dish is lasange…do you know what that is? Rajjo and Dolly come in! Dolly says that you are worried about such a minor thing? Just put lasan ka tarka on noodles…Rajjo says but I have a questions…does Canada have lasans (no we make desi food with lassans) Dolly says that they might have it otherwise how would you put lassan ka tarka on noodles. Geet teases Dolly by saying that it is not a chinese but an Italian dish. They all laugh!! awwEmbarrassed. Rano caresses Geet and prays that your bidaai is also filled with happiness. She wipes her tears and says that oh ya I came with these stuff for you.

On the other hand Daaji says that they are a nice family and Tayaji says yes but the boy is a gem while Mahinder still looks upset. Look at the way he dresses and says that he loves guys like him. Daaji notices that Mahinder is upset and asks about what’s wrong. Mahinder says that I haven’t told you that a woman called me and talked about Dev’s family…she wanted to tell us something about them. Next morning I am going to go meet her…but Daaji gets angry and says that a woman that you don’t even know…you’re going to believe her. Don’t you dare go meet her! Mahinder says but we still haven’t found Taaji’s parjai’s haar…when Titu comes in and says look at what I found. Turns out to beTaaji’s necklace. Tayaji asks Titu where he found it when he says that he found it under the sofa…he sends him away.

Dolly and Rajjo tell Geet that in Canada she will have to wears jeans because they don’t wear salwaar suits there (um..excuse me but I am wearing one right this instant) Geet says that I don’t want to wear jeans what’s wrong with my salwar suit. The phone rings and Taaji picks it up…it’s Dev on the other side…he says that can I talk to Geet? She calls Geet saying that there is a call for her..Dolly asks but who has called Geet…when Taaji exclaims in anger her gharwale ne who else? Geet is nervous! On the other hand, Daaji yells at Mahinder for doubting Dev’s family…now leave this matter and get ready to go the wedding tomorrow. But Mahinder thinks please forgive me but I am going to go and see that woman tomorrow for sure!

Precap: Geet is running as goondas chase her…Maan’s entry!

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