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Geet update Sunday 29th December 2019 on Starlife

Geet update Sunday 29th December 2019 on Starlife; Dev says from today Geet is not yours, but my responsiblity. Mohinderlal ji says you have to go to Dehli right. Dev nods. Mohinderlal continues says on the way to Delhi you have to cross our city, it would be great if the doli could go from our house. Dev, Kamya and Pammi ji are not really keen about this at first, but Dev after a little hesitation agrees saying “jee kyu nahi”. Geet’s family is happy with his agreement, but right then Kamaya says how can we do this, it will all be wrong na. Geet’s family is surprised as to why such a thing would be wrong, before the family can ask any questions, Kamya clarifies her statement saying she just talked to Nayantara, and Nayantara has informed her that it is very imporant for them to reach Delhi by tomorrow morning. Kamya isharas to her mom to say something, Pammi speaks up saying “Jee hume abhi Delhi ke liye nikal na chahiye.” Geet’s family is dissapointed about this. Pammi continues saying “Doli yahi se vida karni hogi.”  Dev says I know you all are saddened that due to our hurry you all are not able to fullfill the tradtions to their full extent, but I promise I will soon send Geet to you 

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Geet does the “throwing the rice behind her” rasam . Geet is crying, and so is the rest of her family as they walk towards the car. 

They all are crying, even Pammiji feels very sad. She hugs everyone  Very sad moment as she is bawling hugging everyone. Her dad walks her to the car and makes her sit inside the car. As soon as he moves, Geet gets out of the car and runs to her mom crying. Her mom says no you shouldn’t come back crying like this Geet, apshagun hota hai  Geet’s mom makes her sit in the car again, and hands her something wrapped in a red cloth . Dev gets into the car. Geet hugs her father from the car window. As the car starts moving “Geet Hui Sabse Parayi” starts playing. Everyone bids adieu to her as Daarji thrown coins  at the car as per tradition in punjabi weddings .

Maan is shown getting into his jeep. He looks at the picture in his hand and says wherever you are I will find you for sure. As he is placing the picture in the glove compartment of the jeep, he cuts his hand on something, looking down at the passenger seat he finds part of a blue choodi there. He has flashbacks of him making Geet sit in the jeep, him driving her, and him looking at the tabeez. He comes back to present, looking at the piece of broken bangle he says no matter how much I don’t want, this girl keeps coming into my life in one way or the other, sometimes this tabeez, something this choodi. He throws the broken bangle on the ground in anger. Looking at his bleeding thumb he says woman, woman can’t give anything other than pain. 

The car Geet is on moves past Maan’s jeep, and Geet’s face is shown in the jeep’s side mirror as Maan is adjusting his rearview mirror. Both the cars pass each other. 

Geet update Sunday 29th December 2019 on Starlife

In the car, Geet looks at what her mom gave her and flashbacks remembering her mom saying take this, babaji will save you from all problems. Dev looks over at Geet, he wipes the tears off her cheek saying, I promise after today your eyes will never have this many tears  His fingers kind of linger on her face, traling down from her cheek to her chin. He says you are very beautiful  he continues saying I never thought I would get married to such a beautiful girl. He says again “aap waqai bohut khoobsurat hai Geet”  He continues looking at her as Geet looks down.

In Pammi and Kamya’s car. Kamya says finally this drama is done with, my mouth was beginning to hurt giving people this fake smile. Pammi is crying, saying poor Geet she has no clue what she has entered. The way she was crying today, she has no clue how much worse it will be tomorrow . Kamya looks annoyed by her mom’s crying. Pammi ji says God will never forgive us, we have done such an evil thing to such a naive girl. Kamya says mom look at this highlight showing the papers. she continues says mom stop ruining the fun of this plan  She says stop acting like this if Geet sees you from the other car the plan will be spoiled. 

Kamya says first you were worried that people might find out, now you are worried for Geet, if you are interested in worrying so much worry for us. For your kids. If we are happy then everyone is happy.

Back to D&G. Geet says arey yeh toh “Makera” ki raasta hai, papaji ki gaadi nahi dikhayi de rahi hai. Suddenly they are launched forward as the car comes to an abrupt hault hitting a tree as someone is running past it. Dev asks Geet if she is ok. The driver shouts at the lady saying can you not see? Geet gets out of the car and recognizes the lady as Channi’s mom. Dev flashbacks to when Channi’s mom came to the lodi function and says I know you did something to my Channi pointing to Brij. And her cursing the girls of Geet’s house. Geet touches Channi’s mom’s shoulder, Channi’s mom looks at her and says YOU? What did you do to my Channi? and then she starts laughing madly  She shakes Geet asking tell me where my Channi is, Dev is horrified by all this. Channi’s mom looks at all Geet’s dulhan get up and says all dressed up as a bride are we? If my channi was there, she looks at Geet’s mehendi and says even her hands would have had mehendi on them.  Even she would be wearing a wedding dress like this, Channi’s mom continue screaming shaking up Geet. Geet tries to calm her down saying I will look for Channi. Channi’s mom says no! you all are liars, you killed my Channi. She says where is my Channi and she walks off, Geet is walking behind her, but Dev pulls her back saying what is the point of talking to her? Her mental situation is not correct.

Dev asks the driver what happened? The driver says radiator not working and some wires are broken too. Dev in all anger says “what rubbish are you saying?” Geet looks at him from behind, scared by this angry outburst from him. Dev says Are you mad? do you not know how to drive a car? when will the car be fixed? The driver says till tomorrow morning. Dev is pissed, he says if there any place to stay for the night atleast? The driver says yes there is a dhaba half a kilometer from here. Dev shouts saying half a kilometer? Do you know how much that is?!?! The car had to get spoiled right now?! He kicks the car. Geet is SHOCKED! Dev says “andhe hoke gaadi chalate ho tum” and walks off. Geet looks at him as he walks about, his screaming keeps echoing in her ears.

Pammi and Kamya arrive at the house, and Nayantara opens the door for them. Pammi comes in crying. Kamya says I have tried to tell her to stop crying as everything happened according to our plan, but she just won’t listen. Nayantara puts on her fake sweet smile and says Mummy ji why are you crying this much. Pammi says what if people find out about what we are going to do tomorrow? Nayantara says we have hidden what we will do tomorrow under a bunch of lies, no one can every find out about them. She continues saying I should be the one crying today, but look at me, I’m all smiles.  Nayantara tells Pammi to wiper her tears, as she reaches out to wipe them, Pammi moves back wiping them herself. Nayantara smiles evilly. 

It is night, and very windy, and D&G are walking on the road. With Dev racing up ahead and Geet trying to keep up. Geet shouts suniye, no response, she shouts suniye again saying please walk a little slowly. Dev seems thoroughly annoyed but he controls himself. He turns around saying kya hai na patni ji, nayi nayi shaadi hui hai, and I’m not used to walking with such a naazuk ladki. They keep looking at each other for a bit. Then Geet says you promised to walk with me for seven lives, you already forgot?  Dev says no no no no your beautiful-ness and your innocence, I can’t even forget after seven lives  He moves his hand to touch Geet’s chin, Geet moves back looking around a little saying someone might come. Dev looks around saying no one will come here, but the lodge we are going to, there will be many people there. He continues saying if you go there dressed like a bride, everyone’s attention will be on you, and I don’t want that anyone else’s attention except mine is on you. He tells her to remove the jewelery  Geet is having trouble taking off necklace. Dev takes the duppatta off her head and takes out her necklace, and continues removing the rest of her jewelery as Geet closes her eyes. As he finishes removing all of them, Dev holds her by her cheek and gently turns her face to face her, they are moving foward, but Geet looks down shyly, Dev kisses her forehead. 

As he kisses her, Geet shyly looks down. Dev gets a phone call from Naintara, he cuts it. Naintara is pissed, she shouts saying I have been trying to call them for so long, where the heck is Dev??!?!? Kamya says calm down Bhabhi, Dev knows about our plan too, he will come soon. Pammi says I told you guys before, but you never heeded my word. I told you before we shouldn’t take such things into our hands, God will punish us for this. She says after marriage the relationship that a pati patni.. she is cut off by Naintara shouting Pati Patni?!!?!? Kaun Pati Patni??!? Naintara throws her phone on the ground. Naintara screams Dev is only my husband  Naintara continues saying that shaadi was a lie, those traditions were a lie, that pandit was a lie! Dev is only my husband! Dev is only Naintara’s Husband!!

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