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geet 29 march 2020; Geet sunday 29 march 2020 update, Dadi wiping her tears n MSK comes running to where Dadi and Geet are standing! MSK asks Dadi ‘Why were u screaming… ?’ Dadi quiet.. MSK asks Geet.. .who stammers… ! MSK asks Dadi again. Dadi says while stammering…’Well ..some people were fighting on the street and they broke in n entered the mansion! I got scared. so….!’ Dadi says…’Right Geet..??’ MSK turns to Geet but Geet silent n then while looking at Dadi agrees!….MSK says…’They broke in?’ MSK starts calling the watchmen…..but both Dadi and Geet hold his hand n Dadi asks him to stop..!!  Dadi says…’Watchman was here…he went to show those guys out who had entered the mansion! He just left!’ Dadi tells MSK…’U better dun worry about me so much..! I m perfectly fine!’ Dadi tells Geet… ‘U take him upstairs! So much of tension is not good for him! Go hurry..!’ geet 29 march 2020 update Geet says..’Yes Maan ..come!’  Maneet turn to leave…n Dadi says a silent thanks to God..!! Watchmen and another person put Dev on the bed in one of the rooms in outhouse! Dadi rushes in and checks on Dev..! Dadi says.. ‘Dev ..please get up..! I m very worried for u..! Please get up!’ One of the servants accompanying Dadi says..’What has happened to our Dev sahab?’ Dadi says..’Jagdish call Doc. Mehta and ask him to come here rightaway!’ As Jagdish gets up.. Dadi stops n says..’Wait.. i will call him up..! But all of u remember one thing …Chote Sahab should not know that Dev Sahab is in this house ..! Imagine that u guys have not seen Dev Sahab! Understood?’ All nod..! 

geet update sunday 29 march 2020 Dadi says..’I will come back after calling the Doc!’ Dadi on the mobile… talking to the Doc and says..’Doc please come soon..!’ Geet walks in …n overhears Dadi! Dadi says…’I think.. Dev’s condition has deteriorated!’ Dadi ends the talk and turns..n sees Geet ! Dadi tells Geet..’I told u…that Dev is in some big trouble! Look at his condition!’  Geet says…’I came to talk to u this regard only! U told me..not to tell Maan that Dev gave blood to him! But Dadi.. now its a bit too much..! Dev has reached home as well..! We have to tell this to Maan!’ Dadi says…’First u understand this..that Dev hasnt come here on his own..Somebody has dumped him outside in a half-dead situation! I got him inside the house! I understand what ur saying..! The way MSK hates Dev, if he found out that Dev is in this house itself.. it will be a serious issue for u..! But dear.. also think …what all Dev did for u..! He gave his blood to save Maan’s life!’ Geet says..’But Dadi ..hiding such a huge thing from Maan?’ Dadi interrupts and says…’If u want to tell this to Maan.. ..then go ahead but dun forget the outcome of this..! When Maan will find out that Dev is in this house MSK will throw him out..! In this condition ..i will not leave Dev alone… if Dev is going to go from this house.. i will also go!’ Geet says..’Dadi?’ Dadi says…’Dun think that this is my threat..! I m worried for Dev..After all he is my blood! He is trying to improve..! Trying to be a good man! All he needs is a chance! And in such a situation.. our own people come to aid!’ Geet falls silent..!! Dadi turns to leave… but stops and says..’Geet.. i know.. that Dev has committed a huge sin with u.! But he has saved ur hubbys life…! Saved ur Suhaag… ! For a woman..nothing can be a bigger debt than this!’ Dadi leaves..! Geet stands looking conflicted!  
geet update sunday 29 march 2020 Arjun is on the phone and exclaims..’She hasnt come yet? Its almost 12 and she hasnt reached office yet? What?? She has gone to the Khanna’s home? Is this office running just on that wedding?’ Arjun slams the phone down! Nitya is sitting across Arjun and asks..’Whats the matter Arjun? Any problem?’ Arjun says…’No.. actually i had asked Anne to make a presentation.. but she doesnt seem to have time from that Khanna wedding preparations..!’ Nitya says..’Well if u dun mind…can i help u to make the presentation?’ Arjun says..’Thank u Nitya ..but no one can do it except Anne..!’ Nitya says..’Arjun.. agreed that i m new! I dunno much about this industry! But i have done MBA.. n i can easily make a presentation!’  Arjun says..’Ok then.. try..! Plus i think.. by the time Anne will be evening!’ Nitya says..’Right!’  
MSK going thru the files…n keeps taking out one file after another and is irritated..! MSK says..’When theres a need.. then we cant find the file we need..! I had kept the file here..! Oh.. but how can i forget that  Geet lives with me ..! She must have moved around all the stuff/ papers/ files!’ Geet comes…n says..’Maan..what are u doing?’ MSK says..’Geet …cant locate the Noida Project file which i had kept here! Dunno where it is!’ Geet comments..’Then why are u searching amidst the clothes? Files are supposed to be on the table..!’  MSK says…’But Geet i had searched there..but its not there!See!’ MSK continues searching for the file!  Geet says..’If file is not here then it means its not at home! Maybe u forgot it at office!’ MSK says..’No Geet …i remember..i brought the file home!’ MSK falls quiet suddenly and says…’Just recollected.. file is at outhouse.. wait lemme get it from there..!’ Geet stops MSK and says…’Maan…how can the file be in the outhouse!’ MSK says..’I remember..i had kept the file in outhouse! U wait here..i will come rightaway!’ Geet says…’Why are u going? U remember Doc asked u to take rest! U sit..i will get the file from outhouse!’ MSK says…’Its a matter of only one file.. i will come..rightaway!’ Geet says…’I told u… I will get the file! U sit here!’ and makes MSK sit forcibly on the chair and says..’U havent recovered fully..! U stay here..i will get the file!’ Geet leaves..! MSK says..’Come soon!’ 
Nitya prepares the presentation..and shows to Arjun! Arjun loves it…n compliments her n says..’I din expect that u will make such a nice presentation!’ Nitya says..’Thanks to u.. coz if u hadnt given me this oppurtunity..i wuldnt have known that i can do such good work!’ Nitya asks Arjun….’Shall we order some food… m very hungry!’ Arjun says…’I think the canteen is closed and theres a nearby restaurant.. geet update sunday 29 march 2020 but they take an hour to deliver food!’ Nitya suggests.. ‘Shall we go out and eat?’ Arjun tells Nitya..’U better go and eat..! I have to do a lot of work!’ Nitya says..’Alone? I cant go and eat alone outside..!’ Arjun says..’Ok… one minute..(takes out a chocolate bar)! I have this chocolate..Wanna eat?’  Nitya says.. ‘Are u flirting with me?’ Arjun taken aback and says..’No ..’ Nitya takes the chocolate from Arjuns hand…and starts laufing! Arjun confused and Nitya says..’Relax..i was just kidding!’  
Geet is in the outhouse and is searching for files.! Geet turns and looks at Dev who is unconscious..!! Doc is sitting next to Dev and examining him! Dev starts to get conscious and Jagdish says..’Sahab is regaining consciousness!’ Geet overhears! Dev opens his eyes and looks around and says…’I… what am i doing here..!’ Dev gets up with a start and Doc says..’Mr. Khurana u have a serious head injury! Ur condition is not such ..that u can go outside!’ Jagdish tries to stop Dev..! Geet looks on..! Doc tells Dev to rest! Dev says..’I cant pain these people more by staying here!’ Jagdish begs Dev not to be so stubborn and tells..’Let Dadi come!’ Dev tries to get up.. Doc and Jagdish try to stop but Dev doesnt listen…! While getting up..Dev faints!’ Geet sees the whole thing!’  MSK sitting in his room…wonders ‘Geet is taking so much time.. ! I better go and get the file myself!’ MSK gets up from his chair… right then Geet comes…with the file! MSK says..’Does it take so much time to get one file? Were u busy chatting with the watchman?’ Geet says..’No.. actually u had kept ur stuff in such a manner that it took time to search!’ Geet hands over the file to MSK…! MSK says.. geet update sunday 29 march 2020  ‘Geet lets go out and sit in the lawn.. i m feeling a bit strange here!’ Geet self thot…’If he saw anyone coming out of the outhouse..he will become suspicious!’ MSK says..’Come..’ Geet says..’No Maan.. its sunny we better sit here!’ MSK says..’Sunny?’ MSK looks out of the window n says..’It doesnt appear so..!’ Geet says..’So u think i  m lying? U dun trust my words?’ MSK says..’So ur back to creating a drama..? Ok Geet.. lets do what u want..!’ Geet asks him to sit n says…’I will get black coffee for u!’….. MSK says..should be ‘Sugarfree!’ 
Romeo on the phone and says…’Manisha my dear… if i came there..who will handle all the work here? Ok now dun cry.. i m coming!’ Right then…Nitya comes in the alley… Romeo sees n jumps from the table he was sitting on and  falls on his knees..! He gets up and tells on the phone to Manisha that he wont be coming..! He cuts the call and tries to flirt with Nitya and says…’Will u have coffee? Here theres a very nice joint for coffee! We can have coffee and i will explain to u the work u have to do!’ Nitya cuts him off and says…’U?’ Romeo says..’Yeah!’ Nitya says..’I dun have time for such crap! I have to ready a presentation so will u please leave me alone?’ Romeo says. ‘Sure’! Right then Arjun comes and asks Romeo  where he was on the previous day! Romeo answers ‘At Khurana Construction!’ Arjun  says…’Oh so u continue to keep wandering and not give any attention to work!’ Romeo cribs ..’Whats happening with my life? There Maan sir is saying the same thing..n here he too that what work i do!’  Arjun asks.. ‘What work do u do?Buttering Anne is not a job! By the way.. where is Anne?’ Romeo says..’She will be reaching in half n hour!’ Arjun says…’In half n hour from now.. presentation will start… she will come then?Shall i go alone there?’ Romeo says..’I dun have the answer to this question!’ Nitya says..’If there is no problem.. can i come along to the presentation?’ Arjun says..’When Anne Mam isnt here.. we only have to go!’ geet sunday 29 march 2020 update Anne arrives and apologizes for the delay! Anne says..’Shall we go.. we are getting late for the presentation!’ Nitya says..’Come lets go Arjun!’ Anne startled and says.. ‘Where are u going?’ Arjun says..’She is coming with us! U din have time.. so Nitya made the presentation.. so she will know whats in it..! So she needs to be there!’ Anne-Arjun exchange stares! Anne leaves! 
Geet carrying a tray with two cups … ! Suddenly Jagdish (the servant) comes and asks about Dadi..! Geet says..’No.. maybe she is in her room! What is the matter?’ Jagdish says sadly that ‘Dev is insisting to leave..! Just now he fainted again! Doc said that..before he regains consciousness… better tell Dadi!’ 
MSK in his room. is going thru the file and says…’What file has Geet gotten?’ MSK sees the file n its the wrong one..and says..’My mistake! I hadnt told Geet.. but if i tell her now..she will get angry! i better go and get the file myself!’ MSK gets up from his chair..! 
Geet tells Jagdish that ..’Maybe Dadi has gone to the pray for Dev!’ Jagdish leaves from there! Geet comes to the room and searches for Maan… and wonders where he went! Geet suddenly sees MSK walking towards the outhouse n is worried and scared and exclaims.. ‘He is going towards the outhouse!’
Part 2
Geet rushes outside the room and starts to chase MSK…!! MSK walking out of the mansion and passes the drawing room where.Dadi too walks in with Arthi thali ! She sees MSK going towards outhouse..n ends up dropping the Arti Thali! Geet comes running to Dadi and says…’Dadi’ ! Meanwhile…Dev is being examined by the Doc. geet sunday 29 march 2020 ! MSK in adjacent room of the outhouse is checking the file cabinet to locate his file! Dadi and Geet arrive and watch MSK searching files from afar! MSK is going thru the file …as Doc continues to examine Dev! MSK takes the file he was searching for and turns to leave when he spots Dev and looks more closely and exclaims.. ‘DEV’  and glares!
Anne-Arjun and Nitya assemble in the conference room for the presentation!  Anne starts with the presentation..but client is not impressed and says..what new are u going to do? Nitya butts in n offers something innovative n suggests… informal theme for the party… n suggests an Audio-Video mode for presentation.! Client impressed n asks Arjun to make a blueprint of it! Arjun compliments Nitya..n  Anne looks on dejectedly!
Part 3
MSK shocked to see Dev and says… ‘Dev?’  MSK starts to get angry and says…’What is he doing here?’ MSK angrily throws the file in his hand and charges towards Dev! Dev is being checked by Doc and servants of the mansion are also standing nearby! MSK rushes inside the room where Dev is lying..and screams… ‘Who let him inside the house?’ Doc and Servant both get startled ..! MSK continues… geet sunday 29 march ‘On top of this..he is resting?’ MSK tries to pull Dev …n Dadi and Geet rush inside with Dadi screaming.. ‘Maan… what are u doing? He is my grandson like u are my grandson! This is my decision! I brought him here!’ MSK startled and says…’Why din u tell me anything about this?’ Dadi says..’I was about to tell u!’ MSK screams..’What is all this happening? How can u do this..after knowing it all? U know what Dev has done with Geet? No Dadi..i wont let this man stay here’ MSK again forcibly tries to pick Dev up and says…’Pick him up and throw him out!’ Dadi.. Doc and Servant try to stop MSK….! Dadi pleads…’Please let him stay here..his health is not good Maan!’  MSK says..’All this is a sham… ! Lying and Cheating is his nature!’ Dadi says..’No’ geet update 29 march 2020  Doc says…’Mr. Khurana what are u doing? His condition is not good! Let him rest!’ MSK says..’Doc ..all this is a drama.. ! He is acting!’   Dadi says..’Maan what are u doing? He is ur brother!’ MSK says..’No Dadi…  Dev cant be my brother! And i cant see this man here for a second longer..!’  MSK once again starts to pull Dev out of the bed….when Geet interrupts and says..’Maan please!’  MSK startled and stares at Geet…..!! 

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