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Geet 9 August 2020: Geet update Sunday 9th August 2020, Episode starts with Geet picking up a flower and thinking that if he really cares for her or not’Kuch toh hua hai song plays’.She goes with flower and in between his work, Maan does turn back! She says “He does care for me!” Later while giving the coffee, she adds 5 cubes of sugar and gives it him, She thinks he doesn’t care for her but he just smiles and tells she made wonderful coffee and now also he takes only one cube! ROFL She then thinks he does care for her! She purposely keeps flowers to check he scolds or not’.But he just smiles. With a flower in her hand, she keeps on doing “He loves me and He loves me not” ROFL Maan is about to leave, he asks Geet why hasn’t gone till now..She says she would soon go and calls Sir in the meanwhile’.

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Maan teaches her how to call her “Maan” not Maan sir’But Geet miserably fails! ROFL Maan says they have to act in front of Dadi ma! He tells her that she looks beautiful in that dress and Geet gives a radiant smile! And ends up telling “He does care for me” Geet returns back home thinking about how he said he got used to her in life and all those dialogues in Hoshiyarpur..He hugs her pillow and lies down! She tells to herself that she has tied herself and after a long time she has got her happiness back, she will live life to fullest now! She gets shy thinking about Maan telling that she looks beautiful. Dev here asks Dadi how MSK would react when he comes to know he has done a mistake. Dadi asks what he did..Dev covers up telling nothing, it’s just staying away from him. Dadi says Maan always loved him though he never told it out and Dadi asks him to speak to Maan. Next Morning, Geet bumps into Maan in the house’Maan asks what she is doing there, Dadi says she called her there and has been thinking Geet to introduce her to social society. Dadi sees Geet’s empty fingers and asks why he hasn’t put the ring yet’Maan covers up telling Dadi that they have an important meeting when Dadi calls them for the jewelry shop.

Dadi thinks today only that will happen what she thinks! ROFL Maan enters the office, the whole staff clap..Maan angrily looks at Adi’Adi backs off! Sasha congratulates them’.MK gets angry and screams’Sasha tells that they just want be a part of their happiness! MK asks Geet to remove all the decorations. He is about to go when Dadi thanks for doing such preparations! Geet is helplessly looking! Dadi tells that since Maan is unable to live without his office, the celebrations would go on there. Dadi asks them to cut the cake! Maan is about to cut the cake, when one of them asks him to cut the cake along with Geet. Maan angrily stares at the person..Dadi tells him to stare later and cut the cake first! Both of them cut the cake uncomfortably and leave immediately..Dadi asks them to feed each other! Maan takes a piece, Geet nervously looks on’and he feeds her!! (Sasha not happy LOL) Geet is about to feed the cake when Maan notices the ring’He glares at Dadi who smirks thinking that if he can play along then she surely can as she is his Dadi! Maan pulls away the cake from Geet’s hand, and then kisses her hand (OMG!!!!..What happened now? I just can’t believe this!)

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Geet goes on asking what he did just now and that in front of everyone!! Maan looks at the ring) Maan asks everyone to enjoy the cake while he has some important work with Geet (alone!) Maaneet thank Dadi maa and asks permission to go’..Maan purposely asks “Shall we go sweet heart!” Blushing Pinky then adores the couple while Tasha gives a tissue to Sasha! Geet inside the room rants the way he behaved and above all called her a sweetheart too! Maan asks her to go wash her face and hand so that they can talk peacefully. She says she not eight yrs old kid and she does know’Maan gets angry that the cake in his hands get crushed ROFL Geet laughs her heart out!

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Dadi maa asks Maan if is not lying and if he whole heatedly accept Geet as his fianc! Geet looks on!) Maan says she behaves like 8 yrs old’Geet asks him not go as her talks are not done yet! Maan takes the ring from the cake and thinks what he would do with it now!

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