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Geet 16 July 2020: Geet thurday 16th update July 2020, Are you going to tell on me to MK (no she will tell me and I will whack you with my lamp!). Anyways…Sasha goes on and on and I really want to shut her up! Wow Geet and Sasha have a verbal spat about who is more important! (must watch lol I loved it!) CAT FIGHT!!!Some random jerk dude brings a bouquet of flower in a hurry and says that someone has sent this for you…maybe MK sir! And runs away (coward…come back let me teach you a lesson!). Geet throws them away…but right then Sasha’s chamchi comes and says what are you doing Geet…you should respect DD’s emotion a bit.

Geet 16 July 2020: Geet tells Taasha to shut up! Taasha ignores her and says oh look there is a note with it as well! Anyways Saasha and Taasha bully Geet with the stupid letter
. Geet gets angry and says that I know who is getting all this done…and if this doesn’t stop then I…Sasha interupts then what will you do?
Sasha wants to challenge Geet…but Geet says that this is not a game! Sasha instigate her!
Geet falls in the trap and agrees! Sasha says tomorrow…whoever MK calls the most for work will be more important (lol Geet just forget it…let her be a naukar for all we care!). Geet keeps a shaart that if she wins then no one will ever talk about MK and her! There is only work between them and nothing more! This will be our first and last game…fine? Sasha with a smirk says yes!
Geet update thurday 16 July 2020: On the other hand, Dev finds the taxi driver that drove Geet…he remembers Geet sitting in the taxi. He just wants to know where Geet lives! He goes up to the driver and says that I want to know about a girl…two days ago in the evening a girl sat in your car…ugh the dude is perv…when Dev tries to explain her get up…the dude says that I always remember who I drove especially if she is beautiful
. Dev looks uninterested in the talk and says will you do me a favour? will you take me where you dropped her? The taxi driver agrees!
Um…I am not sure if I missed a part *confused*
Never mind found it! Anyways the taxi driver tells Dev to sit in the car…just then he notices Nainatra! lmao he tries to hide but is caught by her!
Anyways…I guess I missed something….
Next Day…Geet’s friends encourage her…just then they bump into Sasha and Taasha! Sasha asks Geet if she is scared of the challenge? Geet answers back really cleverly!
Sasha is jut way too overconfident! They have a staring contest! Just then there is a hungama in the office since MK is here :P. Geet is not happy with what she is indulging in but convinces herself that it is necessary for her to have a job to stay in the city. She needs to teach Sasha a lesson!
Geet update 16 July 2020 MK arrives full on with bodyguards :P…while Geet is praying that MK needs her for every job! Her friends say they feel like he will call Geet in the cabin first! (but remember kiddos…wait you don’t know but Geet told him to stay away from her!). Geet and MK come face to face…Geet tries to smile but Maan remembers what Geet said about staying together. Maan thinks to himself what does she think that I can’t work without her? Geet is still trying to smile while Maan decides he will not call her once for work! He walks away! Saasha and Taasha greet him…and haww Maan calls on Sasha! lol everyone is in shock!
Sasha smirks and Geet gives her best fake smile! Geet is frustrated!
In the cabin, Maan and Sasha are talking…he starts looking for a while but then remembers that he gave the file to Geet. Maan is about to call Geet but stops himself…Sasha thinks that Geet will win a point if MK calls Geet inside! MK says to himself that I don’t wish to call her but I have to since she has the file! Geet is freaking out and Taasha is taunting as usual! Just then the phone rings…Geet picks up the phone thinking it’s MK but it’s the peon.
lol for some reason the peon freaks out! The peon asks if he should send the chai up…lol Geet says fine send it!
Geet update thurday 16th July 2020 Geet sees a poster with a drawing of her and MK…she rips it apart! Which makes Sasha taunt her…in return Geet tells all of them saying that if they don’t care about her it’s kk but they should at least respect Maan! Anyways…Sasha refuses to listen! Such an ignorant person!
Just as Geet rips the paper all apart and throws in the air…Maan is standing right there! They both have a stare off! Everybody including Geet are shocked! Maan looks at Geet with anger filled eyes and just as Geet is about to explain she starts to fall of the stool…and as always Maan runs to save her and they both on the floor…Geet on top of him. They have a staring contest yet again 😛 while the office staff looks on! Geet starts to get up but her dupatta is stuck under Maan…so she starts to fall again…Maan tells her to stop and then takes out the dupatta. lol Maan turns toward Geet and says that this chair has been made to sit on at work not to uchal kudding on it :
Geet 16 July 2020: P Geet says no sir I was doing my work…Maan says work? standing on the chair you were working
…anyways Maan tells Sasha to get the file from Geet and meet him in his cabin…because Geet Handa will have to spend a lot of time cleaning all of this up! Geet is shocked and Sasha is smugged…as usual she starts her taunts. Geet is sitting in her office spinning the little globe ball frustrated! lol MK always come at the wrong time and misunderstand! She concludes that he is so angry at her that he will not talk to her all day (lmao I love when she says babaji it reminds me so much of Muski :P). Adi and Pinky come into the room…lol and Adi sends off a OSO dialouge :P. Pinky and Adi brought a courier and want Geet to go in MK’s room to give it to him. Aka she will the first point! Geet is excited at first but then concludes that it will be bemaani na?  They both convince her…and even Geet decides that if she wants to shut up Sasha she needs to do everything and anything!
Geet thurday update 16 July 2020 lol Maan is talking with Sasha when Geet calls…lol she tells him that it’s her talking…and he is like I already know…tell me? Geet tells him about the courier…
he asks so you want me to get inside the phone to read it…if it has come then bring it over!
Sasha is shocked!

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