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Geet 30 July 2020: Geet update Thursday 30TH July 2020, The show starts off with Maan carrying Pari to a bed. He says he will call a doctor but Pari stops him saying she needs him, not a doctor. Maan gets annoyed but when he sees that Geet is there, he sits down next to Pari and tells Geet to get water. He says to himself, “thora sa asar hua”, refereeing to Geet’s jealousy. When Geet comes back, she sees Pari hugging Maan. Geet feeling jealous again. Pari goes to get ready for the night. Geet asks Maan if he too thinks Pari is going too fast. Maan says I like fast girls, not the kind that step back. He says he doesn’t get it, what Geet is trying to say. She says that Pari is getting “nazdekh”. Maan says that it’s good since Dadi won’t suspect them and he leaves. Geet talks to herself saying he doesn’t even care about Dadi.

Geet is walking and Pari comes and says she’s excited about tonight, that there will be romance between her and Mr. Dreamy. Pari leaves. Geet talks to herself saying how she’s wearing short clothes and wonders what she’s going to do with him, “kya gul khilane wali hai”. She says she has to stop her for Maan’s  “bhali”.

Geet update Thursday 30 July 2020: Geet is now in Maan’s office, saying if she knew that this is how Mumbai girls were, then she would have never let her near Maan Sir. She hears a phone ringing, and realizes it’s Maan’s phone and picks it up. It’s Maan, and music is playing in the background. She says “hello”. Maan says,  “oh, Geet, so I left my cell at home.” Geet starts asking, “where are you? What’s that noise”. Maan says he’s at the disco with Pari. Geet says, “what?, disco? But girls there are half naked and dancing. And you’re with Pari. What are you doing there with those pagals”. Maan says he’s doing what the girls around him are doing. He says that he called to say he left his cell and he wants her to tell someone to bring it or you'” Geet interrupts saying me? I would never go there. Maan says well, I wasn’t asking you, just tell someone to bring it. He thinks to himself, “in 20 minutes, both Geet and my cell phone will be here.”

Next scene, a detective is spying on Dev, who is planning a surprise for Naintara. The detective calls Naintara and says that, “your husband is planning a dinner for someone” Naintara shocked, says “Dinner?!”

Geet update Thursday 30 July 2020: Now the club is shown, girls are dancing. Pari asks Maan to dance but he says no. He tells her to control her feeling since she works for him and is looking constantly at the door. . Pari asks if anyone else is going to be coming.  She asks if he would mind drinking, he says no. She insists him to go reserve a table while she gets the drinks. Maan agrees and finally we see Geet come in, looking for Maan. Maan sees her and says, “toh Ms. Geet Handa aa he gaye”. Geet sees Pari while Maan is observing Geet from the side. Pari is asking the waiter to mix in rum, vodka, and all the other drinks together, Geet hears this.

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