Geet update thursday 5th march 2020 on starlife


Geet starlife This is Geet thursday 5 march 2020 update; Geet 5 march 2020, Geet arrives at the farmhouse with the 3 bandars *Pandeyji.. Manisha n Romeo* She thanks all three for bringing her to the farmhouse since she is new in delhi n doesnt know the roads…n stands near the entrance to the pool party..!! geet thursday 5 march Geet thinks they have arrived at a wrong address..since a party is going on there..!! Geet starlife MSK says..’By now she should have arrived..but u never know with this girl..!!’ All 3 enter th party before her. Geet starlife n accidentally drop Geets file…she gets down to pick it up…n MSK turns then.n MSK spots the three…n she sent these three??’ Geet starlife Pandeyji tells Geet…where have u brought us?? Geet starlife Geet says.. Me?? I got u here or u got me here??I had thot u guys are experts of Delhis ways..!! geet thursday 5 march, Thats why i brought u guys here..!! MSK sees Geets jhumkas n then her face..her eyes..n realises she is there..!! Romeo says..since we are here… lets hv a drink.. Geet…n tells u will follow me where i go..!! She turns to leave and MSK says.. ‘Geet’ n Geet stuck in curtain !! Geet starlife

Geet starlife, After she turns back she sees Pandey n says..go find Romeo n Manisha n i will go to Maan sir.. geet 5 march 2020 thursday give him the file and leave..!! geet 5 march Geet is following MSK ….Geet starlife, to give file ..but MSK is talking to all the girls n says..ur glasses are empty.. come i will get u a refill…n starts to walk…..n Geet follows…geet 5 march 2020 and bumps into Arhana…n altercation on..!! Geet starlife Geet says..’I m sorry…suddenly u came in front and’ ..Arhana says.. ‘R u blind?? Geet update Thursday 5th March 2020 U ruined my dress!’ Geet says..’I din do it intentionally!!’ and i said Sorry also..!! Arhana says ‘So did u do me a favor??’ Geet thursday 5 march 2020

Geet update Thursday 5th March 2020, Geet says..’Well u should apologise to me!’ Arhana says..’The term sorry doesnt exist in my dictionary..! N btw who are u?? R u Maans Maid??’ And ‘U can leave’ Geet says.. ‘I wont go based on what u said.. Till Maan sir says..i wont go anywhere.. u call him’ MSK comes..n says.. Geet starlife, ‘Arhana..hvnt seen u on the dance floor all well?’ Arhana says…’With a host like u nothing can go wrong.. only this girl’ MSK says..’Geet?’ n Geet says..’Sir…’ n MSK says..’Geet dont u see i m busy..!! Whatever u have to say…say it later..!! Geet update Thursday 5th March 2020 Star life

geet 5 march, says…come to the dance floor.. Geet update Thursday 5th March 2020 Star life Arhana says..u go ahead… n MSK leaves.. Geet starlife Arhana tells Geet that..i hv seen many LS girls like u…who wanna trap MSK…well if not MSK theres many rich boys standing..over there.. geet 5 march come wit me.. Geet starlife, i shal intro….n takes Geet forcibly.. thursday update on geet 5 march 2020 n Geet says..leave me..n she leaves Geet near th pool n Geet falls in the Pool..!! geet thursday 5 march Geet drowning saying..i dunno how to swim…Shocked Adi-Pinky-Tasha… 3….shocked.. thursday update on geet 5 march 2020

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