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Geet 6 August 2020: Geet update thursday 6th August 2020, Goons, ties geet, she goes in FB of brij’s word , when chaani’s bro tells her last time she has gotten saved, now no one can save her ( nope her savior is with her this time. You duffer) he is about to hit her with sword, MK holds it, same way he did last time ( same victim, same savior khaali maarne vaala badal) he drops the sword and starts fighting with rest, geet is scared like big rabbit. Now 5 goons and one MK fight.. All goons at the floor, Maneet about to run when chaani’s bro stops them and fire, bullet goes touching Mk’s shoulder.

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Maneet run from there, bro yells do not leave them, kill them. ( hahah jiske rakhvaale CV unhein koi kya khatam kare, vaise bhi Ramji ko koi maar paaya?? he will save his SeetaWinkROFL) Anddddd the chase starts, maneet on run, goons, behind them, lots of hide and seek, fight, chaani’s bro hit MK and geet yells his first name MAANHeart. Mk turns back in shock (why and what Mk???Shocked coz she did not call you sir or she is worried abt youConfused) EYE LOCK ( yaar bhaago, he will kill both of you, tab bhagwaanji ke vaha staring karma padega). Finally Mk hits him and Maneet run away from there holding hands ( le ke haatho main haath bhaage saath saath, delhi ki aurROFL) Oh NOOOOOOO yeh dev kyu aaya???D’oh Angry That too playing tennis (PLEASE. CryUS open ka fun kill mat karo yaaroCry). He is going in FB about geet ( oops do not claim now that you want her back like bhaiya main toh aapki biwi loonga, yadi aisa hua tab CV will go bankruptROFL) He is on guilt trip, says he will tell all to MK, he did wrong and he needs to get all out. ( the chase starts now about who tells MK first about them. geet or dev???Confused) He wonders how MK will react ( I tell you. He will kick you out of house and will disown you, lekin will not ask geet to go to you.

SAMJHE TUM DEV Maneet is finally safe, geet sees his shoulder bleeding and says we should stay here. MK denies and says do not worry about it, your life is in danger, bullet just has touched me. Geet is guilty that all happen becoz of her. She cry and says I told you not to follow me, even my shadow is bad for you, see what has happened, she touches his wound.. He replies what did you think that I would leave you and go?? She asks how long you are going to save me ( jab teak meri jaan main jaan hai tab tak main apni jaan yaani tumhain bachaaoonga oops arpi too filmyEmbarrassed) She goes on that my past will never leave me, today you have saved me but what about tomorrow ( arr kal, parso, barso who bachaayega. He is not devBig smile) Mk grabs her and says as long as I am alive, I’ll be there for you. ( well I could n’t translate correctlyEmbarrassed) Mk says as long as I am alive, your past can not come even near to you.

My life is incomplete with out you. I am used to of you.( ho gayaa indirect confession). Geet thinks why always I want him to go away from me,( kyuki you are nuts,Angry I won’t let him goEmbarrassedBlushing, woh khud bhaaga de mujhe baat alag haiROFL) when destiny brings him again and again in front of me.( remember TAVVEZ geetSmile) I met him here first time, and we see FB. Should I feel again what I had suppressed, Why am I stopping my self holding his hand. She holds his hand, eye lock, tie her dupatta on his bleeding hand. MK asks her what happened?? BoLO GEET ( haila what a relief after 3 days bolo geet) are you scared that goons might come back, do not worry, I am with you. If you want they should be punished, geet interrupts, saying I had punished whom I should. Mk is confused and asks, punished?? Means, how?? She tells brij wanted to kill her for the sake of fake pride, so she had sent him to jail, so he does not repeat same with any innocent. He replies amusingly you did what I ask, she says yes coz it was right and I wanted to take path of truth. She tells him she has no home and family anymore, it was all illusion, all has changed now.

All MK says should we go home?? ( hmmm Final BIDAI) she is shocked, eye lock, of course with instrumental MAHI and dreamy MK( yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat haiBig smileApprove) Mk holds her hand maneet walk. In miyaa aage biwi peeche style. Wink Maneet reaches home, but geet is in sleep at passenger front seat (OMG. She is one hack of brave gal or Kumbhakaran. When car is on Delhi ki roads how one can sleep like thisROFL) MK says you have to tolerate so much in HP coz of me but this will never happen again ( abe ladki toh so rahi hai abhi kyu bol raha hai, ussko jagaa ke bolSilly) He goes to wake her up, stops, looks dupatta ( dupatta is all purpose material, use the way one wantsROFL) He lifts her up, before that did not forget to hug her.ROFL Donkey Dev still on guilt trip, that peace of life has gone the day he cheated ( cheating???? MAN you did CRIME. You also should be in jail with your biwi like brij. He tried to kill her physically you actually had killed her EMOTIONALLY) Nt sees him and questions whats up bebe is there any new planning regarding geet ( yup, so called surrender) He says yes absolutely new planning, what we did with geet was wrong, ( hmm so you are scared now kyuki now you know that she has worked for MK) we scared of our own shadow, what we achieve doing this ( abe chup 1000000 mice khaake BILLOTA going to HAZ Nuke) our relationship is at the verge of breaking, we should tell this to Mk, one day he will know for sure ( hmm one day nahi tom, geet will tell him). Nt asks are you thinking to tell MK all this, he replies I actually have called him but he was busy in reuniting geetLOLWink to her sibling jks apart. He asys MK was busy.

NT thinks she needs to do something. Mk brings geet to out house, need not to mention that while walking all the time he keeps staring at her with their national anthem MAHITongue. He puts her on the bed, goes in HP FB ( current oneBig smile) MK says I hope one day you sure will trust me to tell all your sorrow and pain. ( YUP after Labor day week end she will tell wait till thenApproveCool). I will wait for that day geetCool. I will wait. (whole forum bhi kab se wait kar rahe hai.) Screen freezes MK staring at sleeping yellow beauty called GEETROFL

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