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Geet update thursday 6th February 2020; Dev and Geet are at the guest house/hotel.  Manager apologizes for the power cut and leaves.  Dev closes the door. Geet goes close to window. Its raning; she puts her hand outside the window and smiles.  Dev comes close and Geet says where this storm came from  .. Dev agree and says wonder when that happened Dev comes closed to Geet. She blushes and moves from there.  Dev wonders to himself that why he getting close to Geet.  It was not the part of this plan.  Her beauty and innocence attracts him..even though he doesn’t want to. 

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Kamya asks Naintara not to get tensed and Dev will come.    Naintara says that she gave one job to both Kamya n her mom to do to bring dev here bt they cdnt even do that.  Kamya tried to explain to her they Dev-geet’s car was just behind their car but after a while they got lost.  Naintara asks her if she remembers when Dev-geet got lost and she nods.  Naintara asks Kamya to come with her to get Dev, her husband.

Geet asks Dev if he will be busy after reaching Canada.  Dev comes close n undo her hair  and says as for now he is with her.  Geet hugs him as she get scared of the lighting. 

 Naintara in a car, hopes that Dev wouldn’t do anything wrong and wonders why Dev isn’t answering her calls.  

 Geet shys and go away from Dev.  Dev thinks that destiny wants us to be together, that’s why they are spending the night together.  

 Naintara gets tense and kamya says that their flight is tomorrow.  Naintara asks the driver to drive fast. 

Geet update thursday 6th February 2020

Geet comes outside from the room and kind of plays with the rain.  Dev comes and kisses her on the forehead.  He takes her inside.  

Naintara asks the driver to stop the car and says if he cant drive fast then she doesn’t need him..he stops the car and gets out.  Naintara drives away 

 Dev-Geet consummate their marriage. They show the scenes between Dev-Geet and Naintara driving a car.  

 Naintara finds Dev’s car.  Kamya says lets go but Naintara said she’ll go alone.  

 Dev comes outside.  Naintara-Dev sees each other.  Both start walking towards each other.  Dev asks her if everything is ok.  On the otherside, Geet gets up and blushes.  She calls Dev but no answer.  Naintara gets mad at Dev and says why he is doing this to her.  He promised her that he will come to Delhi straight.  Why is he spending the night alone with Geet? And says that she’ll not allow him to do this to her. He is her husband.  Dev gets mad and slaps her.

 Geet comes outside, all dressed and looking for Dev.  Dev tells Naintara that there is no need to yell that he is her husband and she should’ve thought about it before starting this drama. It’s still a crime in India to do two marriages and if she wants him to sent to jail before their plan succeed.

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