Geet update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Starlife


Geet update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Starlife

Geet update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Starlife; Maan advises Geet on arranging a party, cautioning her against mistakes. But Sasha tries to ruin the party by ordering the wrong food. Dev also arranges a surprise party for Nayantara.

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Dev impresses Nayantara with the party. Tasha gives Geet clothes for the party, saying Maan has sent them. But later, Maan tells Geet to change, as she is not dressed right!

leaving…Pinky comes to Geet to take her with her (promising samosas…yum!) but Geet tells her that she can’t leave right now. As well as Maan is still working…she is scared that Maan will yell at her again. Pinky is worried that she won’t be able to get home since she doesn’t know the way but Geet asures her that she’ll be fine. Maan comes into the room…playing with his cellphone and asks for the budget file…Geet presents it to him…it seems as if he shocked at that (hm…I wanna know what game he is playing

). He is like fine…anyways if there is a call in the next hour…before he can complete Geet tells him that she won’t transfer it to you. (Go Geet!)…Maan keeps staring at her face and Geet is uncaring…to get back at her he says don’t repeat what I already told you.
I am sure everyone is going to like this so I’ll bold it…he tries to hold the files but instead ends up holding her hand…and you know what happens then…staring contest of course.
He snatches the file and leaves…while Geet says that he doesn’t care about anyone!
Nainatra at her evil best again
She comes into Maan’s house and looks around…she notices some pictures of the brothers (wait there are three brothers…how?)…Dadi comes downstairs saying that even she sometimes looks at these pictures to remember her family. Nainatra is all smile for some reason…they both greet each other. Dadi asks her when did she come to India? Since even Kamya didn’t even mention it in the morning…Nainatra makes up an excuse that she had told Kamya not to say anything….she wanted to give Dadi a surprise. She emotionally blackmails her saying I am not sure if you don’t like me coming here…but Dadi seems to be really fond of her. A servant comes with coffee and and Nainatra wants to make it…anyways it’s been two months since they had a fight…Dev and Maan. Dadi wants to know about Dev…she replies that he is okay…Dadi is mad that Dev hasn’t even called once…but Nainatra handles the situation that Dev loves you a lot but is scared to call you. He is really ashamed of all he has done (aiyo Dadi seems to be falling for everything!).

In the office again
Geet looks at the time and one hour has passed already…she is scared that it is 8 already and Maan is still working. She decides she’ll work from home…
Nainatra and Dadi
Dadi still thinks that Dev should have come once to check up on her but Nainatra says that you know how troubled he is right now…he is not allowed to come to India.

Dadi is mad at Dev for doing bad things but thinks Maan shouldn’t be that stubborn. Nainatra sheds fake tears about how she thinks that Maan will never forgive them and they won’t be able to come back. Dadi promises that she knows very well about how to handle the situation…she’ll get them back! Maan is my grandson…his stubborness is not bigger than mine…he’ll have to listen to me…they hug with Nainatra giving evil expressions as usual.


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