Geet 14 July 2020: Geet update Tuesday 14th July 2020, The epi begins with Geet in her office, complaining. She complains about being called here so late – and then starts musing on what it looks like: a girl, a quiet office, and her boss! She sees the blade in her pencil holder, and then tries to convince herself that Maan isn’t that bad – he wouldn’t do anything, right? Then she says, but he’s still a man, and takes out the blade and starts playing with it. She adjusts it to the right setting, and looks triumphantly when Maan walks in.
Geet quickly hides the blade behind her back, and apologises for her manner on the phone earlier. Maan silently acknowledges it and then asks what she’s hiding. Geet starts nervously stammering that there’s nothing… and Maan walks towards her, and grabs her hand. He pulls the hand up and there’s the blade. ManEet moment… and then Maan asks if Geet thinks she’s an angel from heaven, and that every man is crazy about her.

Geet update Tuesday 14 July 2020: Maan lets her know that she’s not that good-looking. He walks off leaving Geet looking shocked. Once alone, Geet says she’s not that bad-looking either – but that’s not important. The important thing is that Maan got angry again, so Geet runs after him.

At the Khurana mansion, Dev is thinking about seeing Geet earlier. He muses about where she might be, and Naintara hears that. She turns around and confronts Dev – so that’s why he was so preoccupied during dinner, he’s still thinking about her! Dev tries to explain, but Naintara is furious – why hasn’t Dev forgotten about her, is he still looking for her?
Dev thinks to himself that everytime Naintara hears Geet’s name, she goes into a flying rage, and if Dev tells her that Geet’s in Delhi, then she’ll make his life miserable. He tells Naintara that he was only thinking of how perfect their plan was to leave her at the airport. Naintara seems satisfied, and smiles.

Geet update Tuesday 14th July 2020 Back at the office, Maan has opened up a conference room, and says that they’ll work in there. He waits for Geet to sit down, before grabbing the blueprints and sitting down next to her. As he’s about to explain the work, he notices Geet looking back at the door. He asks her where her attention is, and when she looks at him, he realises that Geet is still doubting him.
Geet tries to deny it but Maan says the truth is on her face. He gets up fustrated, and Geet again tries to deny the accusation. She tells him that she’s not scared of him, and that she doesn’t doubt him. Maan walks towards her, and Geet walks backwards. Maan points out that when he steps forward, she takes two steps back – she is scared of him.
Geet walks closer towards him and says that she’s not scared of him, she trusts him completely… by now, she’s face to face with Maan.. ManEet moment.
They both realise what happened, and Geet walks towards the door to show Maan that she’s not scared at all. Maan tries to stop her, but Geet’s already shut the door. He tells her that he kept the door open for a reason – the door only unlocks from the outside, so now they’re stuck inside until someone opens it. He mentions that it’s proven – the person with the least amount of brain is Geet.

Geet 14 July 2020 Walking away, Geet tries opening the door – to no avail. Maan looks at her, and then she walks back to him asking if he can break the door. Maan informs her that she’s watched too many Indian films. Geet says she doesn’t know about Indian films, but back in Hoshiapur, whenever a door was locked, a hatte-katte young man like him could break the door. Maan rolls his eyes, and tells her that this is Delhi.
Geet tells Maan that it’s his fault they’re stuck there, and when she gives him advice, he shows her arrogance. Maan is incredulous, and Geet tells him that if he had said something, she wouldn’t have closed the door.
Maan complains that it’s useless talking to her, and that it’s better to inform someone to open the door. Geet agrees, and tell him to call someone. He looks for his phone… & it’s back at the Khurana mansion. Naintara, who passes by, answers the phone, and it’s Savitri Devi on the other line. She’s surprised that Maan left his phone at home, and walks towards Naintara. Savitri tells her to get Dev to give Maan his phone at the office, Naintara agrees.

This is Fate 2 update wednesday 15 July 2020 on zee world

Back at the office, Geet mentions that Mr. Perfect also makes mistakes. Maan looks at her, and tries the intercom system. That doesn’t work either, so he tells her to get her phone out. She does, hesitatingly, and Maan tells her to turn it on. Geet says she can’t, as the battery’s dead, and the charger’s at home. Maan wonders if Geet’s battery is down as well, and wonders why she didn’t charge it. Geet tells him that it’s Pinky’s phone, and anyway, Geet’s salary isn’t that large that she can buy a phone.
Geet update 14 July 2020 Maan is amazed that she’s talking about her salary right now, and says that this is a female problem… Geet tells him that all she knows is that they’ll find a solution, and for him not to worry, she’s here to think.
Maan asks if she’ll think.. Geet says yes, Maan starts ranting – she’s the entire problem; if she wasn’t there then there wouldn’t be problems. Geet tells him that she tried to tell him on the phone she didn’t want to come, and Maan waves her off and tries to think of something.
He starts pacing, and Geet paces behind him. She asks him what they’re going to do, and he turns around and says that she was going to tell him that. He places his hand on her shoulder… ManEet moment (#1,500.)
He quickly lets go, and Geet starts going on that Maan just needs an excuse to yell at her, but pacing around like a soldier isn’t going to help. In any case, if Maan likes yelling so much, he should yell down to the watchman. Maan is amazed, and says that for the first time all day, Geet has said something useful.

Back at the mansion, Dev is pacing, wondering what to do. He wants to know if he really saw Geet and almost calls her family in Hoshiapur. But then he wonders what will happen if they recognise his voice. Naintara walks in, and tells him that Dadi wants him to give Maan his phone. Dev goes to do so, and Naintara starts complaining that Dev has no self-respect and that he’s Maan’s sidekick. Dev tells Naintara off, and says the only reason he’s doing this is because Dadi said so. He walks off.

Geet update Tuesday 14th July 2020 Back at the office, Maan walks to the window, and calls out for someone. Geet smacks her head and walks towards the window, touching Maan accidently (ManEet moment #1,501). She tells Maan that the watchman isn’t in the next window that he can call so quietly. She tells him to yell how he yells… she realises what she was saying, and proceeds to call out all these random names really loudly, and Maan is amazed that she knows the watchman’s name.
Geet says she doesn’t, but there’s got to be a watchman with those names, right? She goes back to calling out random names, and insults… when no one replies, she starts screaming.
ManEet moment when he puts his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming… somehow there’s wind in the office, and her dupatta flies onto his face.. he pushes it aside, and continues staring, while in a split-screen, Dev is on his way towards ManEet… epi ends.

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