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Geet 21 July 2020: Geet Tuesday 21st July 2020 update, Geet realizes the reason Maan was a bit tense about her doing presentation was because it was on her land Hoshiyarpur and it would bring in old bitter memories that would hurt her. Geet goes to apologize to Maan who is doing martial arts and she hides behind the pillar. Maan hears the sound and Geet’s earning gets stuck in curtain.

Geet tuesday 21st July 2020 update: Starts the game of hide and seek as Geet is running and Maan is looking out for the person while Kehna Hi Kya plays in the background. Geet thinks she lost Maan but he holds her hand brings her in front. She tries to escape not once but twice but Maan holds her hand and brings her close. He shows the earning and puts it back in her ear. They get lost in each other eyes.

Geet 21 July 2020: Geet distances herself. She tries to leave but Maan stops her. Geet tells she came to thank him but Maan says there is no need as no matter how much they fight he won’t tolerate anyone insulting her in front of him at any cost. Maan leaves while Geet stands there thinking about what Maan said and how he told a big thing today and whenever she has been in trouble he came as her saviour. She didn’t even realize when he entered her heart and made a place there.

Geet update tuesday 21 July 2020: Maan and Geet two strangers placed in each other’s life by destiny. They never had anything good to say about each other but as they started to know each other their opinions changed. They argue/fight with each other but more than that with their own self to deny the feelings they have for each other. Let’s see how long they deny their feelings one day they have to admit it and that day there won’t be any escape for them.

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