Geet update Tuesday 23 June 2020 on starlife; Geet update Tuesday 23rd June 2020, The episode starts off with Dolly and Rajji preparing Geet for the mehndi.. when Brij screams out “Geet!” He walks into the room, and Geet goes up to him.. and he gives her a massive backhander (I’d die if that was me). Rajji and Dolly cower in fear. He tells Geet off – “How dare you!? Making the family name dust, and you have no shame?” “No, veerji, I didn’t mean anything!” “You talk back to me? Before that happens, we slit our girls’ throats.. first, you went to meet Dev alone, and now, who knows which stranger you were in the Jeep with!” Geet tries to tell him it wasn’t the case, but he refuses to listen, and goes to slap her again, when Darji asks him for help with the luggage. Brij walks away warning Geet if she does something like that again… as Geet remembers what Maan said about standing on her own feet, and becomes brave enough to tell Brij that she did nothing wrong – he turns but walks away.

Geet update Tuesday 23 June 2020 on starlife Dolly and Rajji go to Geet, and Rajji asks Geet why she opened her mouth to Brij, especially knowing that he doesn’t like girls speaking. Dolly tells Geet that women come with tears written in their destiny from God; even if they get beaten and humiliated, they still have to smile (one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard Dolly say.. you go girl!) Rajji tells Geet to smile – it’s her mehndi, and after this she’ll be married and off to Canada. Geet says that it isn’t right that Brij treats them like that, as if girls have sinned; she tells Dolly not to leave her destiny in the hands of God, and that her destiny does not have tears written in it. She knows that Dev is a good man, and she is amazed that she was worried about the wedding.
Rajji breaks the tension by teasing Geet not to think so much or she’ll take so much time getting ready, Dev will have flown back to Canada. They hug. (Such a beautiful scene b/w the three girls.. gosh, you gotta love ’em.)

Geet update Tuesday 23rd June 2020 on starlife Scene cuts to Naintara putting bangles on, when Kamya complains on why she had to return the necklace – it would have looked so good with her outfit. (Ooi Maa.. can this girl get any sillier?) Naintara sarcastically tells her that yes, to wear the necklace in the house of the people she stole it off – flashback of Kamya stealing the necklace. Pammi comes in and worries whether someone found out. Naintara looks at Kamya, and wonders what would happen if Dev found out about it. She tells Pammi that, sensibly, they hid the necklace under the sofa. Kamya pipes up and says that Dev is always so worried about Geet. Naintara looks quite angry at this statement (you could see the steam coming out of her ears.. gosh, if looks could kill!)

Scene cuts to Geet being brought out for the mehndi, with the title song playing in the b/g. Dev sees his bride and smiles.. as Geet is walking down, she stumbles. Naintara calls out her name, and everyone looks up. Dev runs to Geet, and Geet’s parents share a knowing look in the background. D&G share a moment.. (melting)
Dev is called to the men’s side, and Geet is asked to choose a mehndi design. Geet doesn’t know which one to choose.. and looks around for help. Dev is slowly walking backwards, so he can watch Geet.. when Geet meets his eyes, and she starts turning pages for him to select. He chooses the 2nd page.
The lady starts drawing the mehndi on, and Geet’s family (the women) start singing “Mehndi Hai Rachnewali” (OMG. Only one of my all time fav songs.. woohoo) D&G share eyelocks.. and Dev watches as his bride gets her mehndi done.

Twist of Fate update Monday 22 June 2020 on zee world

Geet 23rd June 2020 Scene cuts to Kamya dragging Pammi into a room, and telling her the agent has booked all their tickets. Vrinder overhears this. He walks away thinking – “they said that only Dev was going to go back, but they all are? After the wedding, where is Geet going to stay? They haven’t even asked for Geet’s passport.” This all gets repeated to the elders of the family (his brother, bhabi, dad & wife). He tells them that they don’t plan on taking Geet to Canada. Darji says that they must talk to Dev’s family. Rajinder says that they must be careful, as they’ve suspected them once already. Vrinder tells Darji that it’s Geet’s life they’re talking about, when Pammi & Kamya open the door. Pammi says that the mehndi is happening, but everyone is inside.. is there a problem?
Nurpinder says no, but they were just wondering where Geet was going to stay after the wedding, especially considering they’re leaving in two days – and they haven’t asked for Geet’s passport yet.
Pammi freaks out and says “Pass… port?” Darji asks if they’ve thought of something in regards to how Geet will get to Canada, and Kamya says they haven’t (I swear, this girl has a chronic foot-in-mouth disease). Brij hears this, and asks whether they think this is a wedding or a joke. He wonders where Dev is…

Geet 23 June 2020 on starlife Cut to Dev on the phone outside, when Brij comes up to him and pulls his sherwani. Naintara is shocked. Everyone comes rushing out telling Brij to let go. Brij asks Dev  – if they wanted to sit Geet alone, why are they getting her married in three days? And since when does Dev make the decision alone that he’s going to leave Geet after the wedding? Dev is shocked. He asks the family whether they thought he would purposely leave Geet in India. He asks Darji that when he was the one who asked for Geet’s hand, why would he leave her now and go to Canada?
He asks for everyone to trust him, to believe him. Darji says they do.. and Dev spits out that he’s been trying to Geet a visa without having to conduct an interview. Naintara intervenes, and says “Uncleji, Geet is someone to us as well. In fact, Dev has been talking to the passport offices for two days now.” Vrinder agains asks for forgiveness, and says that when it comes to Geet, they’re all a bit worried. She’s travelling to an unknown country. (Man, what is it with Naintara always getting Geet’s dad to apologise? She obviously runs the show in this family)
Dev’s phone rings, and it’s a Mr. Sidhu. Dev looks concerned, and when he gets off the phone.. he says that there’s a bit of a problem. The travel agent he hired had said that Geet would get a visa asap, as he had contact in the Canadian embassy.. however, now the agent is saying that Geet must attend an interview, and that too tomorrow morning.

Geet Tuesday update 23 June 2020 on starlife Everyone is freaking out, and Rano says “But the wedding is tomorrow morning.. does that mean my Geet won’t get married?” It starts raining, and everyone runs inside. Rano tells Nurpinder to come inside, and she mentions that it shouldn’t be raining at this time.. is it an omen? (I should think so..)

Geet Tuesday 23 June 2020 update Everyone walks inside to where Geet is getting her mehndi done. Rajji mentions to Dev how beautiful her mehndi looks – and Naintara isn’t happy.. Dolly tells Dev that Geet has had his name written in her hand.. and for him to find it. (Awww.. but I thought this was done on the wedding night?) Dev apologises and says he can’t see it, and Dolly tells him that if he doesn’t find it, they’re not going to let her get married the next day.. and the lights go off. Naintara watches D&G’s smiles, and struts off…. (Yeah go away. No one wants ya sweetheart)

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