Geet update Tuesday 24 December 2019 Starlife

Geet update Tuesday 24 December 2019 Starlife, Dev’s mom walks in anger thinking back at Dolly’s words about a woman calling them to tell them about Dev and his family. And then she remembers Dev going up to Mahinder and saying let’s just end this matter while Naintra said that they have no ill feelings toward Mahinder after that she remembers her own words. She seems to be really scared when Naintra puts her hand on her shoulder…she slowly turns around while Naintra asks her what’s wrong? Dev’s mom is freaked out and says what if that woman had recognized us then? Naintra smiles and says calm down mommyji when DM yells Shanti! It’s peace that we don’t have…she was definately the same woman. Remember last time when we went to see the other girl…Oh Rabba what are you making us do? Please forgive me…please forgive my kids! If that woman had opened her mouth in front of that shareef family  what would have happened? Naintra says how would she open her mouth? Mommyji looks at her shocked…I am the one who went to the market early in the morning to shut her mouth with money  For some reason the dialouge is repeated three times…Kamya comes in clapping while DM is shocked! Kamya says wow parjaji you are great! You saved all our lives…right mom? DM is not happy and looks worried…Kamya asks what’s wrong? Naintra answers that mommyji is freaked out…she puts her hand on DM’s hand and says mommyji we’re not going to let anything bad from happening even I know that this small mistake could be really costly for us and even you know this very well. So please keep yourself in control and now let’s go before they come here looking for us…let’s leave! DM leaves in anger as Kamya and Naintra are happy with the turn out.

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Everybody is going in a car to the mela…Dev and Geet are in the same car. Geet remembers her dad apologizing to Dev and his family. Dev moves the rearview mirror to look at Geet who has her head down in sadness. Kamya notices Dev looking at Geet and says why are you looking at her slyly…she tells him to look ahead. Dev says oh I was just looking at the smile of your bhabhi that went into a hiding is back or not. Geet gives a small smile and says that it’s not like that. Dev says Geet please don’t be sadden…whatever uncleji did was right and still he was forced to aplogize. Geet says daaji…but Dev interupts and says that maybe he doesn’t understand that if one has a naive girl like you then not only uncleji but even daaji should be fully satisfied before getting you married to me. Naintra smiles and looks at DM who is worried. Dev is still looking at Geet through the mirror when she looks up and smiles. Naintra says Devji I didn’t know that you were this romantic. Dev smiles and turns on the music “Tujh mein rab diktha hai” comes on as they both look at each other.

They all arrive at the mela as the song continues to play…I guess Kamya yells Mela!!…nvm it was Dolly! She is really excited to see the rides. Dev sits down with the rest of the men (minus taayji who is with Dolly and Titu) while Geet and him look each other…chupke chupke. Geet wants to run to him when he burns his tongue while drinking hot tea but stop herself. Rajji notices this and comes to Geet…she stares at both Geet and Dev who are both busy stealing glances at each other. Geet looks at Rajji who says I know everything now can we go get bangles? They both come to a bangle stall when Geet says Rajji glass bangles…let’s get them for Maa…(oh Rajji is Tayya’s daughter aka Geet’s cousin) Rajji says yes chachiji loves glass bangles…she asks for green and blue bangles. Geet says if we are buying…let’s buy for taaiji as well…she asks the shopkeeper to give the red bangles as well. Rajji wants to go see the duppatas (ughh freaking duppattas!) Rajji likes a duppata and says it’s perfect for Dolly parjaji…when Geet asks what should I buy for dev’s family? Rajji teases her and says that isn’t everything available in Canada? so what will you give them? Geet is worried as Rajji thinks…Dev interupts while Geet is hyperventilating and Rajji exclaims jiji in excitement…she asks Geet to turn around. Geet slowly turns around to face Dev. Dev says that get Ganpatti ki murti for mommyji and bangles for Bhabhi and Kamya. Rajji makes an excuse that her mom is calling her Geet tries to stop her…she leaves not before waving to Dev. He comes to Geet and says that you got something for everyone…you didn’t buy anything for yourself? Do you always take care of people like this? Why are you blushing? When geet interupts and says no but stops in the middle of her sentence. Dev says thank goodness at least you looked at me when Geet lowers her gaze again. Dev says you haven’t bought anything for yourself but you didn’t buy anything for me either…right? Geet looks worried as Dev continues…it means you think of me as your’s…Geet looks up and they both smile Embarrassed. Geet tries to leave but Dev catches her hand Shocked Geet looks worried and holds onto the side of her dress in nervousness…she looks like she is about to cry. She says that somebody will see them like this…Dev looks around and lets go of her hand. She runs away as Dev calls out to her and thinks dammit I think she got angry. She keeps running and then stops to look back…she looks at her hand and blushes. Dolly taps her on the back when she turns around in shock…Dolly asks what to do…tell tell LOL When a girl blushes as she stands alone then admit it kk hogya ji. It even happened to me…Geet says dhat parjaiji…Dolly says what dhat LOL when she hears some guy saying come and find out your future from a parrot. She takes Geet along with her to know their future.

Rano sees that Kamya likes something and asks her to take two of them…since you won’t get them in Canada. Kamya says yes we don’t get these things in our…but Nainatra interupts her and says Canada mein  Rano says take more.

Geet update Tuesday 24 December 2019 Starlife

The Parrot baba says Geet and asks the parrot to tell the future of Geet…the parrot pickes a card…the baba looks at it and says ooh congratulations your humsafar is going to come into your life today Geet and Dolly look shocked when Dolly says that he is not going to come…he has already arrived. the pandit says oh if he is here already no matter…take this taveez and make him wear it and babaji will always bless you both. Geet looks at the pendant and thinks back at the words of Dev who said you didn’t buy anything for me either right? Dolly and Geet leave…lol not before Dolly says bye bye to the parrot! LOL Titu comes and says you both are sitting here and I’ve been looking all over for you both. C’mon let’s go everyone is ready to leave and Brij bhaiyya is calling both of you! Dolly says let’s go then when are we delaying LOL. Rajji comes running to Geet and says that I have to deliever Ranjha’s message to Heer…I am the one who always get into trouble. He has called you behind some place and wants to talk to you. Dev waits for Geet as she walks to meet him…he gets angry at himself for holding her hand. I guess she is really angry and won’t come…as she walks toward him…some guys start to misbehave with her. She runs away and both of them miss seeing each other. Dev walks away as she comes…Geet doesn’t find him and gets worried thinking where is he. Dev comes back to the car..Dev’s mom asks where Geet is..he says that she is sitting in the other car while Raajji says the same to Rano. Dev asks Rajji about Geet but she just motions him thumbs up which he interprets as she is in the car. Geet goes toward the car but hears an announcement  the guys come back to Geet to tease her…Geet runs away and tries to look for her family. She notices everyone leaving and wonders where everyone went. She runs around looking for them…when the guys come again and tease her.

She starts to run again as they chase her…when she bumps into…who do you think ???????????? Time stops and so do the goondas as she looks at him pleadingly. Wow she is holding on to his collars as he looks at her with an expression that says…get away from me!  And the end!!!!!

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