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Geet 28 July 2020: Geet update Tuesday 28th July 2020, Episode starts with Geet running away and Dev catching a glimpse of her…And wonders if that is Geet is then thinks it’s just his guilty sub-conscious mind because he has played with her life! Geet is standing and looking herself at the mirror..Maan comes Blushing (BG plays Mahiiiii) He says that Dadi gehne doond rahi thi..(Oh he just can’t take his eyes of her Blushing) She is struggling to remove when he also helps her removing the jewelry…

(Woot Woot Jaz!!! THUD SWOOOOON FAINT! I think I’m a goner…) He sees her in the mirror and asks her why she ran away as soon as he came? He is removing the necklace when he says “Inn gehno me tum….” Removes the necklace and then just stares at her…Geet says “Mujhe jana hai” and he instantly says “Tum baar baar mujhe chod- I mean Naukri chodne ki dhamki kyun deti ho” Translation : Maan Says ” With Jewelry you…” Geet says that she has to go Maan replies” Why do you always leave me – I mean why do you always threaten about quitting the job” He then asks her why she never sees him while speaking … Geet just replies that she has to go. Maan asks again that before going he wants to know why she refused to search a bride for him..Geet just looks down..Maan asks her to see his eyes and answer! Geet goes away..Maan stops and Geet just thinks what MK just said and looks directly at his eyes and says that she would find a suitable bride for him. She thinks that the feeling she has got for Maan can be extinguished by only one way that is by finding a girl for him! She says aloud to him that Dadi ma gave her the work and she would do it as honestly as possible!

Geet update Tuesday 28 July 2020: Maan is exasperated and asks her to listen to requirements of his would be Bride LOLROFL (What expressions by Maan) Maan says his 1st requirement is that the girl should not be “chote shehar wali” [Village girl] She should not wear Salwar Kameez, She should wear short skirts and high heels (Haila Maan …He says ki he never looked at a girl…par yeh sab chahiye! MK Shocked LOL) He says that they should not have long hair. Geet is about to go when Maan tells that he can say more requirements. But Geet says she understood .. asmaan se koi Pari ROFL (Translation: An angel from heaven) (All the way they show Pari ) Pari’s friend calls her that she is getting late for her flight..Pari turns back and says..She will not miss the Mumbai to Delhi flight at any cost and says “Here I come Maan Singh Khurana” Wink Geet is sitting and looking the pile of photos tired and thinking where she will find such a girl thinking of all the conditions of MK. She wonders she is the scapegoat to all the work…Annoyed she throws it down..And Goal..It falls on MK..He yells at her..He asks her what it is .. She says they are paper..LOL.And if he is allergic to paper he should change the way as papers cannot ROFL ROFL ROFL (OMG! Geet and her one liner are the best!) Mk angrily walks up! Geet shouts not to come up as that portion belongs to her (Lo Geet MK kya soch rakh hai tumne?ROFL ) Geet is shocked to see MK’s desk upstairs! She wonders how they came there.MK clarifies that his office is there as the work they are going to do is confidential, Geet innocently asks what work….MK says ladki doondne ka kaam(work of searching the girl).

Geet update Wednesday 15th July 2020 on starlife

MK says that if she is free from scolding him they can get back to work, he asks her if she has selected any one….Geet says yes and goes in. Dev tells Dadi that he could meet his Bhabhi(Sister-In-Law), Dadi says not worry as MK would introduce her on Friday! Dev asks if she has seen..Dadi says yes but MK doesn’t know that! (Dadi maa…Khud nahi jaante ke pyaar ho gaya..Dil hai ki maan tha nahi LOL) Dadi says once let MK get married then she would go to temple..and also says that love is such a thing that it would make anyone smile![Haye! Too true Dadi..Forum ke saari ladkiyan Maan ke har ada pe fida..Humse poochiye pyar kya cheez hai! Blushing Day Dreaming) Dev thinks that the person he loves never loved him but for her sake he ruined someone’s life! Dadi asks what happened..Dev sadly tells that when he sees two people play and have fun, it looks as though they are deeply in love but truth is something else! Dadi asks if he is hiding something … Dev says that the way she behaves it doesn’t seem that she loves him (TRUE!!!) Dadi then asks on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, which is day after tomorrow, take her to some nice restaurant and spend some time with her. Geet shows the photos, Maan asks her to call them. She is shocked and tells she will them right then!

Geet update Tuesday 28 July 2020: FIRST BREAK (Coming Up: Maan yells for Geet..Geet looks as though some earth quake has befallen!) The evil duo aka Sasha Tasha wondering what Geet is doing since morning! They look at Geet who is talking to herself about Maan thinking his story as a film story! Sasha tells she is curious to know! That time a girl comes down angrily and when Geet asks her how the interview was, she bursts out telling they have called her for insulting and not interviewing! Another girl comes and asks if she MK’s secretary..

Geet says aisi badkismati toh meri hi hosakti hai” (Translation: Who can be more unluckier than me) and changes telling that she is lucky and sends her upstairs! Adi asks who those girls are..Geet says they are general staff..Adi advices her not to listen to Dadi else MK will blast her off! Geet hides when she sees the girl she sent coming down! Sasha comes and what are those interviews..Geet says MK is interview of such a post that who is very important..That post will get importance next to Maan in the office! Geet sends Sasha to interview! (OMG!! I just died laughing! Best scene ever!ROFL) SECOND BREAK: (Coming up: MK says “Nazrein chura rahi ho..Iska matlab”) MK is shocked when Sasha comes for the post..He remembers what Geet said and yells for her..He sends Sasha away giving her some work! Screen freezes when MK angrily looks at Geet!

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