Geet update tuesday 3rd march 2020 on starlife


This is Geet 3 march 2020; Geet tuesday 3 march 2020 update; Geets mother says that my daughter should look the beautiful you are  going to marry to be happy the she asks you both are made for each other then she ask you like boy? Geet tuesday 3 march 2020 update Geet say yes her mother ask if u like then what you talk with him Geet say i think i talk too much in front of him her mother ask what you say tell me? Geet says i told him i dont want to go Canada leaving my family.

Her mother becomes angry & told her girls love that sort of boys & you reject him what you’ll gonna do after studying alot girls study to get good husbands. Geet on starlife, She says if Daaji comes to know about this

 Geet 3 march 2020, Geet says i didn’t say anything wrong he asks me to say whats in yours heart tell me i tell him truth.Her mother scolds her about this then when Geets mother about to go back she sees that her sister-in-law standing behind she ask that what to do she tell i can go & tell them all she said o you cant all ‘ll be ruined & if men come to know they ‘ll be angry they left from there.
In the Lori party all peoples celebrating Daaji was happy & talk about fields.Geet’s mother & her aunty talk her mother says i m very fear if boys family ‘ll come?
Geet on starlife, In the room geet thinks about her mother then she thinks about her talk to Dev.she takes Dev’s handkercheif & thinks about Dev then her younger sister comes & drag her to outside
Her aunty pissed that she comes out. Geet tuesday 3 march 2020 update, Geet tuesday 3 march 2020 update In the room Geet’s sister gets frustrated that why they sent us back?they talk about her friend then Geet say dont talk about this.Geet says hope Deev’s family arrive her sister tease her
Geet update Tuesday 3rd March 2020, Daaji ask Brij call boy’s family & ask them where are they?Brij’s mother ask him to do house work he say Daaji told him to call De’s family then Daaji ask what you both are talking? then one women arrive & shouts
 Geet 3 march 2020, One women arrives & asks where is my chunni she cries please tell someone where is she? Geet on starlife
Womens in party talk with eachother she is someones wife why she is shouting like this?If her chunni lost why she is asking to Daaji’s family
Chunni’s mother says i know you hide her Daaji shouts what the hell is going on how we know where is yours daughter?She shouts if you dont know then ask to yours grand son. Geet tuesday 3 march 2020 update
 Geet 3 march 2020, Brij thinks about beating some girl that girl crying & begging please leave me.That women says i know you hide her.In Brij’s imagination he kills that girl.That women ask tell where is she?Brij shouts why you dont stop yours daughter when she was affairing with low cast boy
she have to pay for that? Geet on starlife, Chunni’s mother stunned saying my daughteri know you kill my daughter?she falls down saying my Chunni then Dev’s family arrive all family sees them & gets tense


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