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Geet 4 August 2020: Geet update Tuesday 4th August 2020, Episode starts with Geet lying down and unable to sleep…the lady asks if she came to meet her family, Geet says no…but she says she hasn’t met! The lady says she understands now that they were going to meet them! Geet remembers her family thinking how alone she is and far she from them! Geet says she doesn’t even know the way back to her family! The lady says now only the engagement is done not her wedding and goes away! Maan sees all this.

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Geet gets up and runs away from there. Geet is standing and thinking about the past and her wonderful moments with her family! Maan comes from behind! (Hai! Mr. Darcy of Tellywood! Day Dreaming) He says that coming to hoshiyarpur was not a good idea. Geet says he is right; she had to listen to him! He gives the shawl and asks her to put on to avoid the cold! Geet says nothing will happen to her as the air knows her! She thinks if she would get this opportunity again or not! Maan asks why she is doing that to which she replies that she feels her parents but is sad that can never meet them! She can never go back to her family! She says the wind is enough where she can find her old memories!Broken Heart Maan says it was a right decision to go away from such bitter memories because her family members wanted her to go away from that he had seen it! He asks her not to get weak by those thoughts as he liked her “Never give up” attitude making her stand out from others! Geet turns towards him and says she wanted a normal life like other girls like sleeping in her mother’s lap, having fun with Rajji and Tittoo.

Geet 4 August 2020: Maan says some decisions are made by fates! Maan says she is different from other girls and he has never seen a girl who could fight for her rights till now! Geet says if she had the courage, she would be with her family now and go home! Now it cannot happen and she is fully in tears! Maan wraps the shawl around her. Maan says to Geet that she is not alone and he is with her! (Aw! I know how comfortable it for her to lie on his shoulders!) (Off the topic, [=)) now what happened to star one, which shows an advertisement of Zara nachke dikha, which is supposed to start on 14th July! This is the last day of August! OMG! ROFL) Naintara comes home yelling at Dev asking if she recognizes that file! She asks him to keenly observe the file! She says that they are Geet’s PF papers which have his signatures! Dev is extremely flabbergasted! She questions if he did not know about Geet then how did she get a job there and when she left how did his signatures come there! She further questions him what excuse he give so that she got a job in office! Dev wonders how Geet was there! Next morning, Geet stealthily goes to her house and thinks what all happened before … how she was abandoned by her family and how Brij wanted to kill her. She thinks about Maan saving her and thinks the one who taught her to fight in her life, she will surely save him!

Geet 4 August 2020: Geet goes and puts some paper which has the heading “suchna” (meaning attention). She thinks that they have to wait till 10.00am! Maan asks her to get ready as the car is ready. She thinks it’s only 9 am and she has to do something to put up! In the meanwhile the lady comes and asks them if they had breakfast….Maan says it’s already late and they have to go back to Delhi. Concurrently, a girl comes and says that the rituals of the wedding started yet the groom’s friend is not ready (I think it went very bad in translating! I’m sorry! Unhappy Geet further goes on saying how Maan insisted on seeing the wedding and how badly he wanted to be there! The lady drags away Maan and goes off! Geet in the meanwhile, goes and apologizes to Rasika, but Rasika doesn’t agree and says the time is up and now she would just call the police! Geet says that she has alerted all the villagers saying that Rasika is making a hotel in their fields. She asks Rasika to wait and see the outcome! Maan comes calling out for Geet!!

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Rasika is asking if she can open the door…People on the other end are shouting…Maan tries to stop…But Geet says she will open the door!) Geet is relieved to see Maan! Rasika says that finally he is here but Maan ignores her completely and tells Geet to get out soon! Rasika says he will now go to jail! Geet asks her to keep quiet! Maan calms her down! In that time, all the villagers gather around Rasika’s house! Geet scares Rasika telling that with the sticks and angers, she will surely land into trouble! Maan thinks that more than Rasika, Geet is in trouble! Maan tries to stop her but she says she knows what she is doing! Geet threatens Rasika asking her if she can open the door! Rasika is scared.

Geet 4 August 2020: SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: Full flashbacks of how Brij tried to kill Geet) Geet asks if she can open the door…when Rasika doesn’t answer…Geet opens the door….Maan is worried and episode freezes on Maan’s face!

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