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Geet 7 July 2020: Maan hands over a suitcase of money to someone who assures that the ‘work’ wil be done Geet is worried about her job as she needs it to survive in the city.  Sasha arrives and taunts Geet about it being her last day in the office before handing her a resignation form.

Geet update Tuesday 7 July 2020 Maan calls Geet in to her office and on noticing the form tells her that this is exactly what he expected from her – to run away from the problem instead of dealing with it.  He tells her that she should go back to her town.  Geet replies that he shouldn’t comment on her situation without knowing about it and informs him that she won’t resign.
Maan tells her that he has work to do and that he should not be disturbed. Back in Canada, Dev’s mom tells him that she has talked to chothe saab and he is ready to give the money.  Dev is not impressed and asks why his brother was not there to help him out when he had to take the step of marrying Geet.  She begs him to forget her anger and talk to Maan.
Dev rings the office and Geet picks up.  She recognises Dev’s voice but when he says that he is Maan’s younger brother and wishes to talk to him, she tells herself that it can’t be Dev.
Geet 7th July 2020 Maan tells Geet that he doesn’t want to be disturbed but she tells him that it’s his brother.  Maan agrees to take the call.  Dev thanks Maan for the money who in turn tells Dev that he shouldn’t get himself in this situation again.
After the conversation, Maan wonders where he went wrong in his relationship with his brother whilst Dev is still bitter with Maan. Another call comes through for Maan and Geet calls out to him as he is walking past her desk. Geet update Tuesday 7 July 2020 Starlife Maan yells at her that he doesn’t want to be disturbed and she knows this.  He makes to leave but realises that his hand is stuck in the phone card.  Geet apologises and tries to untangle the cord but Maan tersely tells her to stop and removes his hand before leaving.
Geet update Tuesday 7th July 2020 Geet pulls a face and wonders how his family puts up with him. Naintara is shown arriving at Khurana house.  She promises to get Dev back in the house because she believes that if he is with the family then he’ll forget Geet and they can be together again.

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