Geet update Wednesday 15th January 2020 on Starlife


Geet update Wednesday 15th January 2020 on Starlife

Geet update Wednesday 15th January 2020 on Starlife; Everyone makes fun of Geet for wearing a sari to an office party. Later, Geet is further embarrassed because her torn sari comes off! Maan’s guests mock the food and Maan is furious.

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Rahul’s cheap comments upset Geet and she leaves the party. Maan finds her at the hotel lobby and consoles her. He offers to drop her at home but Geet refuses, saying that she can’t always expect his help.

Geet ranting… and Maan sitting back and listening to it. (With a smile on his face.. a smile!) Geet says that she knows Maan has no respect for anyone; he likes belittling and making people run after him; he also likes making mistakes but blaming others for it; Geet doesn’t know what makes him so arrogant but with all these qualities, she never knew he’d have this one – he’s a liar.
With this, Maan stops smiling and gets up. He tells Geet that she’s talking like his Dadi – and he’ll repeat what he said to her, Maan Singh Khurana never tells lies.
Savitri Devi (Dadi) is shown walking into the Khurana building, and says that after yesterday’s meeting, Maan will definitely refuse to meet her this time – but he can’t do anything about it.
Back in the office, Geet tells Maan that his Dadi and her are saying the right thing. And she’s got something else to say (right on sister friend. Hehe) – she knows she makes mistakes, but it doesn’t mean every mistake that gets made will be blamed on her. Yesterday, Maan gave her the wrong file (yeps, and it is your fault Geet… he couldn’t stop staring at your beautiful chehra ;]), but she tried to make things right with the client. And what did Maan do – he belittled her. Today, whatever Maan said Geet wrote, but in front of Sasha, he made Geet the liar again. How calmly he said that he didn’t have “I’m Sorry” written! (Maan tries opening his mouth, but staring at Geet causes memory lapses :P)
Dadi walks and stands at the door while Geet continues ranting. Geet says that if Maan made mistakes, why can’t he admit them? Geet knows why – it’s so he doesn’t have to APOLOGISE to anyone. But Maan isn’t God, that he doesn’t have to say sorry, and-
Maan says “I’m Sorry”. He walks closer to her, and apologises again. Geet’s mouth opens in shock (so did mine…) and she can’t do anything but stare. ‘Maahi’ plays as ManEet have a moment (and part of the reason I started hyperventilating).
At the door, Dadi wonders what she’s just heard. What type of miracle is this? Today, Maan Singh Khurana is saying sorry to someone?
In the office, Maan finally snaps out of it and says that he had already apologised, but Geet mistook it as dictation.

Geet update Wednesday 15th January 2020 on Starlife

That sorry was meant for Geet who wrote in the dictation.
Dadi wonders who the girl is, and hopes it’s the “sweet girl who I met in the office yesterday”. (Oh don’t worry Dadi, it’s your future granddaughter-in-law alright)
Geet is still staring, and Maan asks what she’s staring at with her mouth open. He said sorry once, he won’t say it again. Geet replies, alright, and she turns to leave.
Dadi sees Geet, and exclaims she’s the one – fantasy of Geet wearing bridal clothes and walking out of the office with Maan also wearing sherwani, and smiling after Geet. (Dadi and I think alike yaar… must watch scene. Must watch *glares if you don’t watch it*) She realises Geet’s walking out, and slips behind the door, and smiles.
At the cafeteria, Sasha is standing with her (namura… I mean… sidekick… I mean) PA – Tasha and complains that MK isn’t MK. Tasha asks who is MK then, and recieves a glare from Sasha. (we need a nickname for Sasha-Tasha…) Sasha complains that not only did MK not get angry that a mistake was made, but even hid the mistake himself. Something isn’t right… Maan knows Geet from before, but how? She wants to know… when Geet rocks up in front of her.
Geet asks Sasha if the draft is alright… She tells Sasha that by mistake, she wrote I’m Sorry in the dictation, and it’s not the boss’ fault. Sasha wonders why Maan has hidden the mistake and Geet is taking the blame; looks at her and then starts ranting. She asks Geet that because everyone understood her in Hoshiapur she’s in Delhi? Geet needs to listen very carefully, it’s Sasha’s territory – she must use her brain and heart carefully around here. Women like Geet have come and gone trying to trap MK, but Sasha was here before and is still here.
Geet looks at Sasha coldly and states that she isn’t here to trap MK (darling, you’re doing that unknowingly..) but to work. She walks off leaving Sasha and her namura glaring.
Back in Maan’s office, Dadi has a big smile on her face as she watches Maan flick through a file. Maan notices Dadi’s smile and asks why she’s smiling.
Dadi slyly replies that she’s wondering who the girl is that got him to apologise. Dadi stifles a laugh as she says that she thought in Maan’s dictionary, the word sorry doesn’t exist. (I love Dadi’s laughter… and Maan’s sheepish expressions)
Maan retorts that Dadi has retired from the company, so what is she doing here? Dadi replies that whenever Mr. Maan Khurana widens his eyes in a show of anger, she knows he’s hiding something.
Maan stands up, and deflects the inquiry with one of his own – what exactly is Dadi doing here? Dadi also stands up and says there’s a surprise (and yes, it’s a good surprise… in an evil way *wink, wink*)


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