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Geet 22 July 2020: The episode starts with Geet praying to Babaji to look after Dadi, and make her better. Outside, a red car pulls up and Naintara tells Dev to get out quickly and make sure he reaches there before Dadi wakes up. An opportunity doesn’t come like this often – Maan isn’t even there. Dev looks at NT and says that Dadi is sick, and she’s worried about her scorecard? (at least NT had the decency to look glum) Geet tries again to get a hold of Maan, but to no avail. Downstairs, Dev asks the nurse what ward Savitri is in… and both make their way there.

Geet update Wednesday 22 July 2020: Back in the ward, Dadi comes around, and the first thing she asks is where Maan is. Geet explains that she’s been trying to call him again and again, but he’s not picking up. She tells Dadi not to worry, but Dadi says that her Maan is basically like a coconut – hard on the outside, and soft on the inside. She asks Geet if her Maan sir is like that. Geet says she doesn’t know when Maan is hard or soft… she tells Dadi that she’ll call the doctor, but Dadi refuses saying that all she needs is Maan. Dev & NT are shown walking up the stairs. (BTW, I’m confused on whether Dadi said Maan, or mann with the coconut line…) Back in the ward, Dadi says that Maan got angry with her and left… maybe she shouldn’t have forced him so much. She wonders if he’ll ever get his happiness…hopefully he’ll get his life companion. Geet sits there in shock, and tears up. Dadi wonders what happened to Geet, and Geet quickly recovers saying she’ll get the doctor. She runs out of there, and Dev & NT make their way inside the room (obviously not seeing each other… y’all know my theory *winks*). When Dev & NT see Dadi, they stand there worried… and rush to her. Outside, Geet stands at the corner of a wall, and flashes back to Dadi’s words – Dadi wants Maan married…

Geet 22nd July 2020: Geet thinks back to when they were at the dargah, and Maan told the baba they weren’t together. She tells herself that it’s a good thing – she hopes the girl that he marries can open the hardness in him… and anyway, she’s his secretary, and doesn’t fit in his life. (Geet, stop convincing yourself… you know you’re the one for him. Blah.) In the ward, NT says (very ‘convincingly’) that she’s very worried about Dadi… but it’s very weird that their big brother (here Dev looks @ her… Dev, divorce her already *sighs*) isn’t here. Dadi says there’s nothing weird about it… because of her, Maan isn’t here. Dev mentions that Dadi must have argued with Maan again… Dev says he’s messaged Maan, and he’s sure Maan should be on his way here soon, but Dadi has to stop fighting with him… Just then the nurse comes, and says that they have to leave. Dev doesn’t want to leave her alone, but the nurse assures him that they’re there to help her. NT (with the glycerine tears… wah, wah) says they’ll be back in the morning. Outside, Geet is twisting her scarf, and telling herself to stop thinking about Maan. She says that it’ll be good because she can go home now (I’m curious, which home? Didn’t Pinky’s dad kick you out of his house?), and anyway when Maan comes back, all the blame is going on her – why didn’t she call him. She thinks Maan sees himself as Bhagwan (LOL) – when he’s happy, he gives everyone ‘darshan’, and when he’s not, you have to ‘mala jhappan’ him (WAH? Someone explain what those words mean… thank you in advance). Geet gets one of her bright ideas… she decides to call Maan, and then she sees the phone’s out of order. She complains that Bhagwan won’t get his ‘darshan’.

Geet 22 July 2020: She then notices a nurse on her mobile, and walks up to her saying that she needs to make an important call… as in Hoshiapur, whenever they run out of sugar, they call their neighbours. The nurse, laughing, hands it over. Geet calls the Khurana building, and asks the watchman if Maan sir is there. The watchman says he isn’t, but he did come in the evening… and started talking about going overseas (the only way GC will get rest I suppose… poor thing). Geet hangs up, and wonders why Maan is going overseas… she stands there thinking, as NT and Dev make their way outside… they pass her, and then NT drops her phone, as Geet hands back the mobile to the nurse. She says thank you, as NT hears that, and sees Geet. She freaks out, and quickly rushes to a wall, hidden from Geet – who’s on her merry way back to Dadi. NT wonders what Geet is doing in the hospital… hasn’t she her abortion yet? (NT… I can’t wait for you to find out, out of all people… *rubs hands excitedly*) NT stands there worried when Dev comes back and asks her what’s wrong. NT is startled and starts babbling nonsense… and then says she was thinking of Dadi. Dev says ‘Dadi?’ and then mentions that he’d reached the parking lot before realising NT wasn’t there (awwww, NT, you have such a good boy… he’s like turned into your little pet. Arghh!). NT stands there thinking… and then comes up with a bright solution (noooooo) – why doesn’t she stay there with Dadi, as there’s no one looking after her.

Twist of Fate update thursday 23 July 2020

Geet update Wednesday 22 July 2020: Dev says that’s good, and leaves. (Dev you idiot, take your wife away… she’ll kill your love. You idiot!) Back in the ward, Geet is sitting with Dadi, and Dadi says that all she did was talk of a wedding, and the groom ran away. (I’ll say this time and again… I love Dadi) Geet defends him, and says that Maan cares a lot about Dadi, it’s just that he doesn’t know she’s in hospital… Dadi smiles, and says that Geet is praising and defending him. Geet denies it, and Dadi says that there’s no harm in doing so. Dadi then starts questioning Geet – does she like Maan? Geet stutters no… but; Dadi says so she doesn’t like him… Geet stutters it’s not like that; Dadi smirks and says so Geet likes him, but doesn’t like him. Dadi then asks what Geet thinks of Maan. Geet replies that sometimes he’s bitter like bittergourd, and other times… she trails off, and Dadi says he’s sweet like a ‘gur’ (help again please). Geet stutters, and says that Maan always troubles her… he’s a… he’s a Dusht Danav! Dadi says quietly ‘one turns into two’ and mentions that Maan troubles both of them… so they should make a plan to teach Maan a lesson. Geet enquires, what plan… Dadi says for him to get married! Geet sits there open mouthed, and Dadi adds fuel to the fire by saying that they’ll find him a girl. Geet is still shocked, and Dadi asks if she’ll help. Geet gets up, agrees, and says she’ll see her tomorrow. She leaves, and Dadi sits there satisfied.

Geet 22 July 2020 update: Geet couldn’t even hear of Maan getting married… she knows they both really like each other, but they don’t love each other. For that, they need Dadi’s help. (Arrey wah Dadi, I was thinking the exact same thing. LOL) Outside, NT stops the nurse who let Geet use her phone. NT makes some excuse about Geet being her little sister, and the number she dialed isn’t in her phone. So could she have a look at the nurse’s phone to store the number. The nurse agrees, and then NT sees the number. (That look on her face made my day *grins*) She thinks to herself on how Geet got the number to the office. She’s still looking for them?! NT says that if this fire isn’t lit out, there’ll be an explosion. (NT cracks me up, with her silly thoughts. Why would anyone look for her. It’s Dev Geet wants, not her.) Outside the ward, Geet thinks back to Dadi’s words… and the song sequence to “Lagan Lagi Tumse Mann Ki Lagan’ starts with heaps of MaanEet flashbacks. (I’ll post the YT vid when I find one) Geet makes her way back to the house… and she thinks of Maan at every instance. (Girlies, I know you’re all suffering not seeing Maan, that’s the best they could do…) The next day, Adi comes into the office, and hands Geet a file. It’s a file full of girls… (LOL) Geet asks what’s going on. Adi laughs and says that Dadi asked for this; and when Maan finds out that Adi helped Dadi look for brides, well there’s certainly going to be a hit and run (awwww Adi, I adore you.) Geet comes back to life and asks Adi what’s there to worry about… they’re doing as Dadi asked. Adi says that, that’s the problem. If they don’t do as Dadi asked… then she won’t leave them; but, if they help Dadi… then Maan won’t leave them. Adi tries to make Geet see sense, but Geet says it’ll be fine… Maan’s in London (yeah right… oops… wasn’t meant to say anything yet. Ummm, Maan fans, calm down), and won’t be back for 3-4 days. Adi says but Maan will return, right? Geet says that Maan won’t find out… because they’ll finish that before Maan gets back. Adi says Geet’s brilliant, as Maan reaches the hospital. Adi says that once they’re done, they’ll be out of the picture, and Geet saddens(Maahi plays). The episode ends on Maan and Geet.

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