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Geet 29 July 2020: Geet update wednesday 29th July 2020, Episode starts with Pari asking MK how he liked her gift as she was waiting to give this for 3 years totaling it to be 1095 roses and the one her hand is special to stay close to his heart. At first MK does take the rose but seeing Geet (always the reverse effect..Only Geet can make him do!ROFL), he instantly takes it and says he never felt that roses were beautiful! Geet gets angry and drops something on the table…MK smirks. Geet thinks she too gave him roses but he put them in dustbin.

(Geet, just accept you love him, He would not only give roses but everything you want Wink (Honestly I wonder how Geet resists him!) Maan orders Geet to get coffee (black coffee) all the while Making Pari sit. Pari too says she too haves only black coffee with to cubes of sugar. Geet has her mouth open! Pari says that her full name is Parinita .. A married woman…Geet is even more shocked! Maan asks her to close her mouth and go get coffee. Geet talks to herself saying that she herself wanted to go away from Maan and its happening as she wanted and everything is alright! Just then Pari comes and thanks her as all this was not possible for her without Geet. Pari says she could resist his hotness when she his photo on a magazine. Geet asks Pari why is she in office so early in the morning. Pari says it was a job Geet mentioned so she had to come to office and moreover she had to meet Maan. If it was in her hands, she would have come at night to meet Maan.

Geet update wednesday 29 July 2020: Pari says she wants to be in Maan’s arms…Geet is astonished and says MK doesn’t allow any girl near him and keeps at a 4 feet distance…Pari challenges that she would be in his arms in 4 hours. Geet drops the coffee mug. Geet warns it’s not easy with Maan having around. Pari says she doesn’t know much about Maan and she has to help her. MK sees this.Geet says she will help her and Pari hugs Geet! She tells she came for MK but she got a friend also. Maan hears this and wonders until when she would be doing this and he make her misunderstanding go! Maan says he wants to talk to her alone. Maan talks about the earrings which got stuck on the curtains asking if they are nice (Showing them!) (MK kya funda hai … Show her a demo to make her understand ROFL Geet says that she cannot take them. He tells her not to get wrong ideas as he got them for Pari. He asks her if it would look good on her. He got them as a return gift for her roses. He repeatedly asks her if it would look good on Pari. Geet hides her feelings and tells he must gift Pari a teddy bear instead of earrings. Mk thinks his plan backfired as though it’s not affecting her. Geet thinks that she has to control herself. Geet says she can give a better idea of taking her to Dinner. MK says he has an even better idea- He would show her Delhi’s night life like discotheques.

Maan pulls Geet close and asks her if he dances with Pari, will Pari feel good? (Hai! I was right…he is showing a demo here too! Geet how can you let go off a man like this? Me toh behosh! Jaz, are you alive? Wake up!!) He again asks her if Pari would feel good if he dances with her like this! Geet realizes how close they were and break apart. Maan looks at her when Geet says that Girls cannot handle such dances and he must take Pari to such a place with romantic music. Maan thanks her tells what would have happened if she were not there. Maan says he would take her as she told and she must help further as well. Dadi asks Naintara about how Dev is worried about her. Naintara asks Dadi not to worry and further she will not give a chance for complaints. Dadi is happy.

Geet update wednesday 29 July 2020: Dev comes, Dadi sees him and leaves! As soon as Dadi leaves Naintara shouts at Dev for instigating Dadi against her. Dev tries to justify but Naintara asks him to shut up and goes off without listening. (This is what see every time, It would be better if they change the stereo type scene!Ouch) Pari goes on talking how her dreams got fulfilled as soon as she saw him. MK says he is doing to for Dadi and this Friday he will take her to Dadi…Pari doesn’t allow him to talk, Maan stares at her, Pari says she has read about him and he is one of the intense types, she says she would touch Dadi maa’s feet as soon as she meets her. She would be like Kajol and he would be SRK…Maan again stares…Pari asks why is he always serious and then she says she likes everything about him. Geet sees this and is feeling bad.

FIRST BREAK (COMING UP: Maan lifts Pari up and Geet sees this shocked…Pari from his arms winks and shows how excited she is! LOL) Maan goes to Geet and asks her to make Pari understand that he doesn’t like such talks. Geet further taunts Maan and asks him to be like Pari as she said “Dreamy” ROFL Geet hands over the coffee to him…Maan sees the third cup and asks for who it is. Geet says it’s for her. Maan asks her she doesn’t like coffee how she is drinking it today..Geet says if Pari can drink with him then she too can…Maan smirks and fells happy. Pari sees them talking and tries to grab their attention..She acts as though she is fainting..She says that her BP goes Low when drinks coffee…Maan asks her then why she drank coffee..Pari says because he offered her and drank. Maan goes to catch her and lifts her….from his arms, Pari is smirking and feeling happy!

SECOND BREAK (COMING UP: The trio are in discotheque…Pari is dancing on her own while Maaneet are dancing together for “Where is the Party tonight”) This scene repeats; Maan lifting Pari…Pari waving and feeling happy! Maan asks Geet to help him…That’s when Geet realizes Pari’s challenge of being in MK’s arms in 4 hours! She is not happy.

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