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Geet 8 July 2020: The episode starts with Maan allowing Geet inside. She quickly places the coffee on his desk and stirs it – thinking to herself that after he drinks the coffee, he’ll be happy. He picks it up and takes a sip – before spitting it out immediately and wiping his mouth with a tissue. (I could watch this scene forever. I love it) Maan asks Geet what this drink is. Geet sniffs it and says it’s coffee… does it taste more like tea? He asks her if she knows how to make coffee. Geet innocently replies yes, there’s milk, coffee and sugar. Maan wonders how much sugar she put in and Geet replies five cubes. He asks if the sugar had run out. Geet starts tearing up and stammers before saying that if he finds too sweet, she’ll make him a new one.

Geet update Wednesday 8 July 2020 She reaches for the cup, but Maan refuses to let go, and in the struggle while she tells him she was trying to say sorry, the coffee spills on Dev’s visa papers (but somehow Geet doesn’t notice the photo). Geet looks on in shock, and Maan turns to her with a lot of anger. Geet starts saying how all she came to do was to say sorry because of how much she said the night before, and his Dadi was sick as well. Maan softens towards her… and Geet tells him to give her his shirt, she’ll clean it, and she’ll clean his papers as well.
She goes to unbutton his vest (swoon away girlies) and Maan holds her wrists… and Maahi starts playing in the background, as they share an intense eyelock. He lets go of her hands, and she fixes her dupatta. Maan realises what he’s doing, closes his eyes and tells Geet to go away before he really loses it. Geet again says she wanted to say sorry to him for everything… but Maan wants her out immediately. Geet swears that all she wanted to do was say sorry, and Maan’s eyes widen (probably wondering why she defies him so much).
He snatches the paper off her, and walks out, leaving Geet standing there in shock.

Geet starlife 8 July 2020 Sasha and Tasha are walking downstairs with coffee in their hands. Tasha says it looks like the ‘behnji’ type secretary is gone! Sasha smiles, and says that it was an unnecessary try as Geet is a walking, talking disaster queen. Tasha calls her a silly girl, and they giggle.

Back in Geet’s office, Geet wonders how she thinks one thing, but something else happens. She then sits up and says Maan is such a demon – he won’t even let her say sorry. Just then a towel drops onto her desk, and Sasha tells her that if Geet’s made a mess, she needs to clean it up. Sasha also tells Tasha to clean out Geet’s desk while Geet is cleaning, because it’s obvious Geet won’t stay here now. Geet update Wednesday 8 July 2020 Geet stop Tasha, and says thank you… But she isn’t leaving this job, not until Maan throws her out. She excuses herself to clean Maan’s desk.
Sasha cannot believe Geet just gave her attitude, and that Tasha stop clearing out Geet’s desk! Tasha runs after Sasha.

Maan is in a conference room, and complains that in half an hour, he’s got clients coming, and his shirt is dirty. This girl will drive him up the wall. And on top of it, the papers are ruined which means now he has to get new ones.

At the Khurana haveli, Dadiji informs Naintara that Maan has forgiven Dev. Naintara has a wide grin on her face as Dadi tells her that all the grandsons are going to be together again, and they’ll all help in the business – it means Maan won’t have to work so hard anymore. Geet 8th July 2020 Naintara says that it’s all because of Dadi Maa, otherwise she would have never thought the family would be together again.
Dadi asks the servant if he cleaned out Naintara’s room, and he replies yes. She tells him to take Naintara’s bags upstairs… and then asks if Maan’s things have been moved out of the outhouse. Chandu replies that Maan forced him outside. Dadi asks if he told Maan that she said for him to move back into the mansion, and Chandu says yes, but Maan still forced him out.
Dadi walks off, and Naintara thinks to herself that now Maan won’t have all this to himself – Naintara is here.

At the Khurana building, Dadi has just walked inside, and everyone greets her. She walks into Maan’s office, where Geet is standing there muttering about Maan. She notices Dadi and looks up. Dadi mentions that she came to meet Maan. Geet introduces herself and Dadi replies she’s Savitri Devi. Geet innocently asks if Savitri has an appointment. Savitri looks a bit shocked but says she called reception.
Geet gets worried that Savitri doesn’t have an appointment, and starts going on (I’m just gonna translate what she says) – “Please do one thing, and wait outside. If sir finds you here, he’ll get very angry. He doesn’t like it if someone comes into his office without permission. And anyway, because of me, he’s in a very bad mood. But you know, I’ve never seen him in a good mood. But please, wait outside. (here Savitri asks if Maan really is an angry man) Please don’t ask ma’am. Anger sits on his nose, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, he takes no notice. I mean, you tell me, you’ve called in to say you’re coming, you come here to wait, and he’s still not here. He doesn’t even care! This is why I’m telling you to wait in my office, you can’t trust this man. God knows, he says anything whenever he likes. In fact, since I’ve known this person, all he does is lecture!”
Geet 8 July 2020 Savitri says that she believes Maan is definitely wicked, and Geet says not only is he wicked, he’s a devil. She tells Savitri that all the girls call Maan DD – ‘dhak, dhak’. But Geet thinks that ‘Dusht Danav’ suits him better. Savitri agrees, and says she’s noticed his attitude. Geet says Maan always goes on about how tolerating torture and humiliation is wrong (thank you md410!), but the fact that Savitri is still waiting is also wrong. Geet softens and repeats for Savitri to sit in her cabin as Geet looks for him. Geet walks away, and Savitri comments ‘Interesting’.

This is Fate update Wednesday 8th July 2020 on zee world

Geet, towel in hand, looks in the hallway for Maan, and comes across Adi who is without a shirt. Geet wonders what will happen if the boss sees him like that. Adi starts laughing, and says that if he didn’t give Maan his shirt, Maan would be the one pacing.
Geet thinks of the coffee episode, and realises that Maan has Adi’s shirt. Adi mentions that Geet has shocked even him today. Geet tells him that she only tried to say sorry, and Adi asks what type of sorry that is? She had a sorry ready before committing the mistake. Geet says sorry to Adi, and he’s like it’s alright, but she needs to go and he’ll cool down Maan. Geet stands there, and Adi tries to get her to go, but Geet manages another sorry and walks away.
Adi is thankful that coffee was only spilt on the shirt… not the pants. He nervously laughs, and starts pacing again.

starlife Geet update Wednesday 8 July 2020 Geet rushes back to Maan’s office, and Savitri asks if she found Maan. Geet says no, and that her job is definitely gone today. Savitri asks who said that, when Maan comes in, tucking his shirt and saying ‘Geet’ before noticing his Dadi. He starts saying ‘Dadi’ but Savitri cuts him off saying ‘Mr. Khurana’. Maan instantly realises, and Savitri says that if he isn’t busy, could she talk to him for two minutes? He agrees, and shuts the door leaving Geet outside.
Geet complains to Babaji that she’s trying to work hard, but everything always goes topsy turvy. But there’s one thing – if Maan fires her for such a little thing, then she’ll tell him that the coffee spilt because of him. If he had just given her the cup, none of this would have happened. She walks away grumpy.

In Maan’s office, Savitri says that she didn’t expect Maan to go back on his word. Maan asks what she’s talking about; Savitri says that she wanted all her grandsons back home. Maan mentions that Dev is on his way back to India this week, and when it comes to Vicky, his security are looking for him. Savitri asks if Maan is not one of her grandsons. She asks him why he won’t come back into the mansion.
Maan says that Dadi kicked him out… and now he won’t go back in. Savitri says that if he’s going to really follow her words, why did he move to the outhouse, why didn’t he move far away from the mansion?

star life Geet 8th July 2020 Geet is standing near the stairs, fidgeting with her dupatta. Adi is walking holding a file with visa papers for Dev, Pammi and Kamya (and wearing Maan’s shirt). Geet notices Adi, and asks if Maan said anything about firing her. Adi closes the file, and says no, but from now on Geet should not make any mistakes. He then says that this file needs to go to Maan – and for her not to drop it, as it contains important papers about his brother.
Geet takes the file, distracted, and then asks Adi if he knows anyone in the Canadian Embassy. Adi starts to say yes, but then backtracks and says that Geet should talk to Maan about this – he knows more people. But first, Geet needs to take the file, carefully. He walks off, feeling uncomfortable in the short shirt.

In Canada, Dev is sitting down reading a magazine when Pammi asks if they’re really going to India that week. Dev looks up, and Kamya says that Pammi is talking about it as if when they get to the airport, she’ll be arrested. Dev and Pammi become anxious – and Dev tells Kamya off (I think khandaani problem hai – the brothers love telling women off, gosh!). Kamya says she was just kidding, and Dev shakes his head.
In her head, Pammi says that she’s not afraid of India, but of that sin they committed there. What if they come face to face with Geet again?
Geet update 8th July 2020 Dev says that their visa papers are also on the way, but once they get there, Dev has a feeling that he’ll be paying for it all his life. Pammi admonishes Dev for thinking that way about Chhote Saab (is Pammi Maan’s stepmother perhaps?), and Dev says for his mother to drop it – she always differentiated b/w Maan and Dev. And anyway, he doesn’t care. He’s going to India for Pammi, and for Naintara.

In India, Naintara is standing in her bedroom, thinking back to when she raged at Dev for sleeping with Geet, and his reply; Geet crying on the phone that she was pregnant; and Naintara raging at Dev’s picture, asking why he slept with Geet… all Naintara wanted was the best for him.
She says that Dev is her life, but for the heartbreak he caused, she’s not going to forgive him easily. She will punish him for what he’s done. And only after that will Dev be only Naintara’s, and he’ll forget all about Geet (basically repeating her speech last Friday).

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