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Geet Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update

Geet Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update; Dev is shown slipping a pill in the drink while Nainatra looks on with a smirk and mommyji is worried sick. Geet is all happy and smiling as Dev brings the drinks nevermind he smirks when he sees Nainatra smirking . Mommyji is worried so Nainatra puts her hand on her hand to calm her. Dev hands them all their drinks while him and Nainatra share a look. Everybody is waiting anxiously for Geet to drink her tea…Kamya comments on Dev shaking his leg constantly   Geet asks about the leg dance to which Kamya replies that whenever Veerji is in tension…he shakes his legs like this. Dev gives an angry look to Kamya who totally ignores it and says that everything is going great then why are you tense? She changes her words when she notices Nainatra glaring at her…I mean you’ve got the boarding passes, right? Nainatra agrees that everything is going fine…just relax as Dev glares at her  he nods his head in a yes signal. Nainatra notices that Geet is not drinking so she in isharas tell Dev to do something. Dev slightly smiles and asks Geet why isn’t she drinking her coffee? Geet says woh when Nainatra interupts and asks if something is wrong..don’t you like coffee? Geet answers that she doesn’t know how to drink coffee from such a cup. Nainatra says oh this is the matter…don’t worry…she tooks off the lid and tells her to drink now. She then asks Dev if the coffee has sugar in it to which Dev nods a nervous yes while mommyji is worried sick as usual. Dev smiles at Geet as he answers yes!

They all look at her as she is about to drink but before she can…mommyji gets up and says stop. She starts to cry as she points to the cup…Geet exclaims mommyji but before she can say anything…Nainatra gets up and grabs mommyji’s hand and asks her with a warning look what’s wrong. Geet is worrid as mommyji keeps on crying and trying to say anything but Nainatra exclaims that mommyji wants to go the washroom and she’ll take her there. Kamya tags along as Nainatra pushes mommyji’s head to turn the other way Geet asks Dev what’s wrong with mommyji? Dev replies that mommyji gets these kinds of attacks sometimes…not to worry she’ll be fine. He asks her to drink her coffee…she looks up to him and her worried expression breaks out in a smile when she sees him smiling back at her  Dev looks at her with a evil look as she drinks her coffee but quickly changes expression when she looks back at him with a smile. Dev says that I was thinking if we met like this before marriage we would have gotten a lot of opportunities to drink coffee like this. Geet smiles and continues to drink her coffee as Dev looks on with an evil expression . Dev continues that we are husband and wife now and you’re still blushing. Dev tries to grab her hands but ends up spilling coffee on her  Dev asks her to go change in the washroom…when she asks where is it…he replies that it is straight but she seems to be really worried. She asks him I should go alone  Dev replies that they are in India right now…how is she going to survive without him in Canada? He tells her that he won’t be with her every second of the day and to have confidence  Geet turns around with a smile when Dev stops her and gives her a kiss on the cheek and forehead as he tells her I love you She smiles and as she walks away she keeps looking back at Dev who is staring at her  She waves him a bye not knowing that it is for real.

She comes to the washroom and wonders where Nainatra and mommyji are. She turns the tap on and is trying to clean her dress when a woman comments that it seems like she just got married. Geet replies yes we just got married yesterday…when another woman says oh so you’re going for your honeymoon then? Geet says no my hubby lives in Canada so I am just going with him. The first woman says that Canada is a really nice country a lot of punjabis live there  The annoucement comes on for the flight leaving to go to Toronto  The second lady tells her to go fast or you’ll be late. Geet says thank you but as she is walking back she feels dizzy. Her vision is blurry…but she somehow manages to get to her table and wonders out loud when she doesn’t see anyone…where did everyone go? She asks the cafe person if he has seen her family but he replies that he doesn’t know. Geet walks up to another door and opens it up to peek inside but she turns back around only to exprience a fainting spell. She wonders why she is feeling like this  She yells out Dev’s name and then walks up to random people asking if they have seen her family. She is crying and yelling his name out.  She goes through the door…

Geet Wednesday 1 January 2020 Update

On the other hand, Geet’s mom is grinding something and smiling…a worried smile. She unconsiously asks Geet to give the lassi to her daarji but is sadden when Dolly tells her that Geet is probably sitting in the flight now. Taayji yells at her and tells her to talk after thinking…and go give lassi. Taayji then turns to Rano and says that you shouldn’t be sad because people who are able to bida their daughters are very lucky. Rajji and Titu come whispering something when Daarji asks Rajji what’s wrong? Titu says that we were thinking Geet’s plane will fly off in few minutes and if they can talk to her once on the phone. Daarji says that she must be busy right now…trying to find her seat and all. Rajji interupts and says that they are going by plane they don’t have to look for the seats. Mahinder agrees and says that there shouldn’t be problem in calling her up. Daarji agrees as well and asks Mahinder to call Geet…when he calls somebody cuts the phone on the other side. He tries again but the same thing happens…he comments that the phone is being cut everytime. Everybody is shocked!

Geet is running around in a dizzy state looking for Dev…she keeps on asking random people if they have seen him. She notices someone with glasses and runs to up to him…but when she turns him around it’s someone else. She tries to run in but the guard stops her and asks what is she doing? Geet replies that her husband might have gone inside…please let me go inside but the guard forbids and says that she can’t go in like this. He asks her where her boarding pass is…she says that her husband has it. The guard exclaims how did anyone let you in without a boarding pass  She cries saying that all her things are with her husband and she wants to go to him…but the guard pushes her back and tells her to leave. She pleads in front of him to let her go inside but he shakes his head. She runs inside and bumps into a female police officer…still crying she tells her that her husband is inside and he has her boarding pass as the PO tells her to calm down. She keeps on repeating that she really needs to go inside when another police officer yells relax! He tells her to just say what her problem is calmly and when she replies he tells her not to worry…just tell him the names and he’ll make the annoucement…whereever they are…they’ll come to get her. He asks her name and she replies Geet Khanada but then changes it to Geet Khurana…he then asks her Dev’s name. After she tells him that he takes her inside…he makes an annoucment for Dev to come to the boarding counter as his wife is waiting for him there. He walks past her as she is crying and is still feeling dizzy.



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