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Hello Guys! From Tellylover Head office, we’ve decided to settle this Now as Most people speak against Zee world and Most do same for Starlife.

So Looking at the two, which do you see as the Best of all time and which do you think isn’t cool at all with Good reasons.

Drop Your Comments and Reasons Below👇

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  • Star life is far more better than zeeworld cos zeeworld will not finish a series b4 bringing another one and Dey can repeat series more than 4times is not proper just imagine I only watch zeeworld and star life and I subscribe to my Gotv bcs of it bt since Dey ar only repeating series I stop my subscription I will rather b watching video player than wasting my money and time on there repeating series. They ar so many unfinished series like begusarai, jodar akbar etc

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