Santiago’s dad, Hernan Munez, pirated his poverty stricken Mexican family over the US line to look for a superior, yet unobtrusive future in L.A. Oldest child Santiago longs for more, similar to local Angelinos, then, at that point, joining Hernan’s cultivating firm. His change shows up when a British ex-genius spots him as an uncommon soccer regular and commitments he can orchestrate a genuine British headhunter to look at him. Albeit that falls box and father prohibits it, Santiago acknowledges grandmother’s reserve funds to give a shot with English chief association club Newcastle. Regardless of his asthma, he gets in and gets to know the newly moved, frantically wayward terrible kid star scorer, wild partier Gavin Harris, who turns into his vexatious house-mate, a recipe for inconvenience but every’s salvation.

Runtime: 118 mins
Release Date: 11 May 2005

Starcast: Leonardo Guerra, Tony Plana, Miriam Colon, Kuno Becker, Jorge Cervera, Herman Chavas, Alfredo Rodr�guez, Donald Li, Kate Tomlinson, Jake Johnson, Zachary Johnson, Stephen Dillane, Sean Pertwee, Jonathan Hernandez, Alessandro Nivola, Cassandra Bell, Rhydian Jones, Marcel Iures, Christopher Connel, Peter Michael McGowan, Andy Hawthorne, Michael Gunn, Ashlea Sanderson, Alex Parkin-Goodchild, Calum Aynsley, Christopher Fairbank, Craig Heaney, Jack McBride, Robert Dixon, Anna Friel, Kieran O’Brien, Gary Lewis, Ashley Walters, Kevin Knapman, Lee Ross, Stephen Graham, Andy Kidd, Alan Shearer, Emma Field-Rayner, Martin Tyler, Brian Lonsdale, Glynis Brooks, Maxine Evans, Blondell Taylor, Daniel Maier, Frances Barber, Madeleine Moffat, Louis Lennie, Baden Burns, Nicholas Lumley, Mike Elliot, Louise Franklin, Leslie Randall, Brian Johnson, Greg Ellis, Sven-G�ran Eriksson, David Beckham, Ra�l Gonz�lez, Zin�dine Zidane, Shivani Ghai, Herman Chavez, Danielle E. Hawkins, Sabri Reyiz, Marcus Shultz, Toneey Acevedo, Lasco Atkins, Kelsey Barney, Adam Baroni, Milan Baros, Rafael Ben�tez, Ayden Callaghan, Ernesto Cantu, Alex Castillo, Jordy Cernik, Robyn Cooper, Tracy Dali, Robert Dearle, Kieron Dyer, Steven Gerrard, Jack Gustav, Russell Honeywell, Patrick T. Johns, Christopher Johnson, Scott Johnson, Lacey Jones, Jon Kabira, Patrick Kluivert, Dean Knowsley, Du’aine Ladejo, Nito Larioza, Galina Liss, Neil McDermott, James Middlemarch, Yumi Mizui, Ken Mood, Stephen Nicholas, Ed Pearce, Montse Pla, Gordon Price, John Arne Riise, Peter Rnic, Dirk Smith, Daniel Sogamoso, Michael Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Lewis Till, Chuen Tsou, Ren Urano, Alexander von Roon,

Director(s): Danny Cannon

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport, ,

Tags: soccer, party



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