Happy Hearts 1 April 2022: The Episode starts with Happy coming to Honey. He refuses to have boring khichdi. She says its good for you. She feeds with love. He says your hands have magic, the boring khichdi became tasty. She recalls her moments with Rocky. She hears Madhu and worries. Madhu keeps candles and thanks her. Happy drops a spoon and touches Madhu’s feet. Madhu goes. Happy thinks to leave fast. She says my mum is unwell, she will not have food if I don’t go to her, shall I go, I will meet you tomorrow at the school. Honey says I love you. She says I love you too, if you miss me, hear my radio show. Rocky comes. She passes by and her dupatta flies over his face. He removes the dupatta and sees her. Humdum mere…..plays….

They hold each other’s face and happily cry. She hugs him. Her imagination ends. She takes her dupattaa nd goes. He asks who’s there. Harleen comes with the torch and says I m here with you. He says not you, there was someone else. She asks was it any thief. Honey shouts and says I m scared of the thunder sound, see that shadow on the wall. Rocky hugs him and says its just a shadow, try to sleep now. He goes to shut window. He asks Harleen to get juice for Honey. She goes. He sits with Honey. Madhu smiles.

She says Khushi had come, did she go. Harleen gets angry. She gives juice for Honey. Happy tries to get normal and calm. She goes live on the radio. She says sometimes, we don’t tell our feelings to one we love, our heart calls out to that person, that feeling is also love. She plays a love song. Dil mera….plays….She thinks of Rocky and cries. Rocky sees her earring and says I know Khushi is Happy, I will go today and find out. He gets a message from Happy. Your son Honey isn’t safe at school, someone is after Honey, save him. He gets shocked. He says who can this be. He calls her. She thinks if I don’t answer, he will think someone is scaring him. He asks who are you, tell me who is after my son. She says Honey is in danger, just remove him from that school, I m his well wisher, trust me. He says then tell me who are you, else I will go to police. She ends call and says please trust me and save Honey.

He calls again. He gets number off. Honey shouts and gets scared. Rocky makes him sleep. He calls Jyoti. Its morning, Rocky asks for Honey. Harleen says he is getting ready for school. He says he was in ICU, how can you send him. She says doctors said he is fine. He asks don’t you care for him. He gets a message. He says Honey won’t go out of home alone. Harleen says I will take care of him. Madhu sees Honey. Jyoti says we aren’t able to track it, we can trace the caller by visiting the shop, we can’t ignore the threat of Honey, we will find that caller.

Happy says I m worried for Honey, whatever is happening with him, I feel worried. Sandhya says my Happy is special. Honey calls Happy. She asks from where are you calling. He says its another number, I m in problem, dad asked me not to go to school, but I will miss the competition. She thinks Rocky took my word seriously. She says Rocky is right, you can have a competition later, take rest. Harleen scolds Honey. Honey ends call. Happy thinks my plan worked.

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