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Before Hye-jin makes things official with Du-sik, there’s something she needs to do first. Endeavors to stay quiet about their relationship misfire on them.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 11

Air Date: Oct 2, 2021

Source: Hometown.Cha-Cha-Cha.S01E11.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-HBO



Our dimple couple bid farewell for the evening. Hye-Jin requests that he not call her this evening since they’re not yet seeing someone. Indeed, it’s anything but a mystery any longer how Hye-Jin’s activities frequently negate her words. She looks about Lake Baikal, which turns out to be the most unfathomable lake on the planet, situated in Rusia. Moved by the representations, Hye-Jin defies her own norms and calls Du-Sik. The two offer another affectionate discussion and I am not in any event, whining. 

Du-Sik asks Hye-Jin to strolls towards her work area and takes a gander at her youth photograph the ones that his grandpa took. Hye-Jin begins to think back that she is wailing such a lot of that day. “Do you recall the kid that makes you chuckle that day? It’s me!” says Du-Sik. She at long last recollects that him. Afterward, Hye-Jin likewise shares her recollections of a kid that she experienced at a general store when she flees to Gongjin during her secondary school days. Du-Sik understands that he is the kid subsequent to affirming that he gives her 100 won to purchase milk. The two start to have goosebumps subsequent to acknowledging they previously had two unforeseen experiences at Gongjin previously. As though their destiny interlaces, timing is everything. 

On the opposite side, Sung-Hyun is confronting his destiny as he encounters Hye-Jin. Truly, however much I worship our dimple couple, Sung-Hyun and Hye-Jin’s story is just about as warm as some tea that you taste during nightfall. The sincere showdown begins with Hye-Jin thinking back with regards to their school days. She is appreciative on the grounds that Sung-Hyun is the primary individual to at any point show worry for her prosperity. His “How about we eat,” “We should play,” “We should be glad,” resembles a wizardry spell that carries heaps of solace to her. In addition, Hye-Jin is an individual who is consistently occupied and on the run. Their returns are genuinely inspiring. 

Hye-Jin at long last comes clear with her sentiments. She communicates her second thoughts for not being sufficiently certain to admit sooner in light of the contemplations that he generally sees her during the absolute bottom. “I have consistently cared deeply about you… But at the present time, I care deeply about another person,” says Hye-Jin. He definitely realizes what’s coming however my heartthrobs from his look. Even after the spot of destiny, Sung-Hyun consoles Hye-Jin that her absolute bottom is really not her least, rather it is the point that makes her transmit the most. “I’m genuinely regarded that somebody like you is my first love, Hye-Jin,” says Sung-Hyun. “Similarly,” she answers as she wipes her tears. Indeed, even Chun-Jae clears his tears after hearing their admission off of behind the bar. 

It’s a mixed scene yet wraps gently. Time passes quickly, individuals change. The breeze has adjusted its course. While the fall begins to fill the West with rural tones, a stormy day is pouring intensely in the South. Everybody, timing is everything. On the off chance that you have a remark to somebody, I trust you’ll discover the fortitude to say anything you desire to admit. Additionally, a basic thoughtful gesture, for example, “We should eat” can mean such a great amount for somebody. All in all, my dearest perusers… Don’t skirt your supper, alright? 

Continuing on. After the genuine showdown, Sung-Hyun and Du-Sik experience each other. While Hye-Jin is overcompensating by thinking they’ll battle about her, in all actuality they’re nonchalantly out there fixing Gam-Ri’s table. Sung-Hyun defies Du-Sik that Hye-Jin turns him down for another person. Du-Sik ungracefully attempts to keep away from the discussion, however, he definitely knows. Sung-Hyun proceeds with that despite the fact that Hye-Jin doesn’t uncover the individual she loves, his instinct is letting him know that the individual doesn’t merit her. Du-Sik is exceptionally set off which makes him so natural to peruse. 

Be that as it may, relax. The author nim decides to place the conclusion on the circle of drama in the best manner. Actually like Sung-Hyun says, “circles of drama aren’t intended for me.” He requests Du-Sik to take great consideration from Hye-Jin and take her to eat heaps of tasty food. “I like her, however, I think I am more partial to you,” says Sung-Hyun. Hearing those words carries an extraordinary alleviation to Du-Sik. From that point forward, they’re back to prodding each other. Sung-Hyun even keeps on asking him for riding illustrations. Their manly relationship is everything. 

Set up your heart for a portion of faint commendable things that crush your heart. After the man-talk completes, Du-Sik comes to Hye-Jin’s home. He clarifies everything is now settled and considers Sung-Hyun an extraordinary individual. Be that as it may, after all the problem, Hye-Jin requests to stay quiet about their relationship with the locals. Our dental specialist fears the conceivable continuous bits of hearsay like pregnancy, relationships, and other stuff that may make harms their relationship. Du-Sik rejects since he feels that they’ll ultimately discover however at long last consents to cooperate eventually. The disposition shifts as they announce that day as their first. Out of nowhere nectar is trickling from their eyes that makes our hearts ripple. The two lovably embrace each other until Mi-Seon shows up out of the blue attacking their protection. “Next time remember to lock the entryway, OK?” But hello, Mi-Seon addresses we all, isn’t that so? 

In the interim, while the two cheerfully snuggle, Sung-Hyun is going through the late evening drinking with Mr. Chang. Both of them bond over their bit of destiny and their disdain for the circle of drama. Mr. Chang is as yet frantic to know the explanation for his separation. Simultaneously, he can’t contain his desire over the prospect of Hwa-Jeong being with another person. He begins to fault the circumstance when Hwa-Jeong is requesting a separation while he is now enamored with their marriage, likewise the circumstance where Cho-Hui leaves Gongjin before their marriage. In the event that you intently check out the exchange, it shows that his most noteworthy concern exists in Hwa-Jeong over Cho-Hui: 

“I thought it was destiny… The circumstance just never is by all accounts on my side,” says Sung-Hyun before he totally takes out with the truth of his solitary first love.

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