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As Du-sik keeps on keeping his past covered in secret, Hye-jin becomes disappointed. Ham Yun-Gyeong is struck by a crisis during a storm.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 13

Air Date: Oct 9, 2021

Source: Hometown.Cha-Cha-Cha.S01E13.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-HBO



Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Season 1 Episode 13, You realize your relationship gets further when the discussions about the future begin to meditate. Yet, to have open and clear correspondence about it, one should stand up to and avoid every one of the deals that prevent him from pushing ahead. In any case, I surmise Du-Sik isn’t prepared. 

Subsequent to investing energy hitting the fairway with her Seoul companion and discovering more charms of Hong Du-Sik in the golf field, Hye-Jin’s interest radar towards Du-Sik starts to become further. She’s whipped yet it’s amusing on the grounds that actually, Hye-Jin still scarcely knows Du-Sik separated from what he needed to show. 

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She begins to achieve the subject his whereabouts prior to coming to Gongjin. Du-Sik holds himself again yet later, she begins to babble every one of the jabber bits of gossip about him, from Du-Sik’s being the strange lottery champ to him being a North Korean covert operative. Lamentably, none of them is real. Hye-Jin actually bothers him, advising him that she doesn’t need any mysteries between them. Du-Sik ambiguously replies, “I’m simply a work area official.” 

Indeed, the fact isn’t in the work area official, yet in the middle of what occurs during his office days. Afterward, Hye-Jin finds out if Du-Sik has any designs to move back to Seoul later on. Du-Sik clearly answers that he has no arrangement to return since he enjoys Gongjin. He attempts to avoid the theme by planning something to eat. Hye-Jin scowls. Not on the grounds that Du-Sik likes Gongjin more than Seoul, yet this is on the grounds that she can’t get through the obstruction to discuss further with him. 

Afterward, Du-Sik is joyfully taking a gander at the suit that Hye-Jin provided for him as his initial birthday present. At the point when he hung it, his appearance abruptly changes in the wake of seeing the dark suit that once he needed to discard. His psyche out of nowhere ventures out back to the recollections showing a strange lady, whose face is by and large like the lady in the photograph, smilingly going with him while purchasing the suit. 

I love the Gongjin people group however you can’t generally have beams of daylight without a little downpour. Additionally, the present scene is tied in with your accomplice. From Mr. Chang to Geom-Cheol, from Sung-Hyun to Du-Sik. No man can get away from the risk of a lady, isn’t that so? In any case, them four proposition us a lot of examples in their range. It is figuring out how to pay attention to our accomplice, open up, and the significance of quality. Existing, however mindfully being there for one another. 

Mr. Chang torques in feeling subsequent to acknowledging Hwa-Jeong is intentionally changing her place for him when choosing regarding who will go to the shooting and shows up on Sung-Hyun’s program. It’s all since she perceives how he really needs the opening. Subsequent to knowing every last bit of her thought towards him, he subtly washes her dishes at the eatery and convinces her to meet the person Ms. Cho sets her up with, while inside denying himself over the thought.

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