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Hyung In and the police start the examination to discover Jae Young. Hyung In meets Jae Young’s school companions and they enlighten him regarding a tape. Hyung In at long last gets the tape, yet a dreadful and odd sound comes out from the tape. In the meantime, Jung Hyun likewise attempts to discover Jae Young all alone. At places she visits, she will see some unusual examples. She realizes that she has seen the examples previously, yet doesn’t recollect what they are.


Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 2

Episode Title: A Tape

Air Date: Sep 23, 2021

Source: Hometown.Uncut.E02.1080p.H264.AAC.WEB-DL-Phanteam

In the wake of leaving her place of employment, Hye-jin decided to move to Gongjin, abandoning Seoul. Doo-Sik assists her with nearly everything. From leasing her home, her facilities, to remodels whatnot. Obviously, he ain’t doing it for nothing; Hye-jin should pay every one of his works with the lowest pay permitted by law each hour. He later offers himself on doing the redesign for her, yet she delays. Afterward, he shows her an extensive rundown of licenses, from an ensured handyman to home design, leaving her astounded. 

As we probably are aware as of now, Hye-jin isn’t difficult to please. She requests an advanced, European-style inside for her home. All things considered, our Chief Hong never neglects to manage his work. After all the remodel is done as she mentioned, she starts to pack her things and start another life in Gongjin. The area is doubtlessly invigorated and inquisitive with regards to the new lovely lady nearby. Doo-Sik later visits her around evening time to beware of her things and to advise her with regards to the town rules. He additionally distributes her doorlock number that he makes utilizing his birthday number which leaves her recoiling. 

After all hustles on moving in, changing life from a major city to the fieldsets aside effort for our Yoon Hye-jin as she stays with her uptown young lady way of life. From not being acquainted withdrawing in the adjoining networks to how she dresses. She wears legging and a tank top during the morning run which astonishes the senior ladies. While running, she makes a trip to check out a photograph of granddad and a young man who is grinning through the old photoshops. She grins and alludes to his grin as “the devilish one.” 

Afterward, the landowner welcomes Hye-hin to the senior’s party at the local area city center. She falters from the beginning however is persuaded when she advises her to declare her impending fantastic opening dental center in the area. She goes to the city center where she experiences Dong-sik who is occupied with taking pictures free of charge. She cautions her to not snap her camera on her since she regards her photograph’s privileges yet Doo-sik furtively snaps a picture of her from behind. 

Gam-RI offers Hye-jin a chomp of delightful meat envelops by kimchi, she acknowledges it utilizing a spoon yet will not eat it because of cleanliness inclinations. After the neighbors accumulate to move toward her, she begins her inadvertent tirades concerning how she doesn’t go the creator since they don’t furnish the top of the line cleanser brand with a pleasant aroma, she likewise whines about the mosquitos and the little break on her home that is unpleasing to the eye. 

The most exceedingly awful situation is on the way. While everybody is having a great time, Hye-jin pardons himself to accept a call from Mi-Seong. She coincidentally got of watchman obtusely insulting with regards to Oh Chun-Jae, or should I say, Oh Yeon’s music and how he is squandering energy on seeking after it despite the fact that she has not yet paid attention to the entire collection he gives her. She doesn’t know that she talks close to the mouthpiece and it turns out to be on. The neighbors are totally puzzled by her words. Gracious Chun-Jae goes to clear his brain in the harbor where Doo-sik solaces him. “She’s right, however,” he said. Just before she opens her facility, everything just went downhill for her.

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