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Because of a blast, Hyung-in’s accomplice Si-Jeong gets harmed, which annihilates Hyung-in. This makes him drop the case. Nonetheless, a critical suspect of Jae-youthful’s case, Kim Hwan-kyu hands himself over. Jung-Hyun hears from Jae-youthful’s companions that Jae-youthful had sent them a message a month prior Kim Hwan-kyu handed himself over, and this makes Jung-Hyun accept that Jae-youthful is as yet alive.


Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 4

Episode Title: The Inverted Dream

Air Date: Sep 30, 2021

Source: Hometown.Uncut.E04.1080p.H264.AAC.WEB-DL-Phanteam


Not long after, a puzzling person comes into the dental center wearing a very good quality rich brand. Not surprisingly, Hye-jin subverts a Rontgen and conference. She clarifies the sort of treatment he should take yet before she completes her sentences, he says that he confides in her judgment to follow the technique. Something is off-putting when he begins to get some information about the camera portion at her dental centers. Hye-jin hasn’t put one since she needs her client to agree to do it. He additionally furtively plays with her by commending her magnificence yet Hye-jin doesn’t trouble and thinks that he is respectful all things considered. At the point when the secretive person pays the check, something feels off, and Mi-seon faculties it. Gam-RI, who ends up actually looking at her inserts, feels like she has seen the person someplace previously yet is uncertain of what his identity is. 

After work, Hye-jin and Mi-seon meet Ms. Jo. She welcomes them to join the retailer meeting. The two of them decrease the greeting until Doo-sik’s name is referenced as the financial officer. Hye-jin rapidly consents to join the occasion despite the fact that she winds up lamenting her choice. At the gathering, she thinks that it is difficult to mixes in until Doo-sik comes. Everybody is occupied with visiting a great extent, aside from our Hye-jin who is passing on to return home. She goes to the latrine where she meets Oh Joo-Ri (Oh Chun-Jae’s youngster), still as wild as could be expected. Afterward, she discovers that Joo-Ri is a Hacker, a being a fan name of a kid bunch DOS. Hye-jin boasts about treating one of the individuals named JUNE previously, yet Joo-RI doesn’t trust it except if she sees verification. 

From that point forward, Hye-jin returns to the table and claims to be smashed resting so she can return home. Lamentably, her arrangements bomb when Doo-sik has all the earmarks of being singing while delicately sobbing his guitar assembling all consideration. He sees that she sneaks a look at her and claims to be dozing so after everybody wraps up the evening, he offers to convey her home. During the walk, a couple of her number one amazing heels tumble off the ground. Hye-jin gets bothered and that is when Doo-sik requests that she stop the acting and bounces off on the grounds that she gauges like a heap of rice. She clumsily goes to snatch her pair of heels. Doo-sik requests that she be more amiable since she just has Mi-seon as her companion. Can’t keep away from reality, Hye-jin surges her direction home. 

On her way home, she sees somebody is moving into the area. Who could it be? 

The following day, Hye-jin comes to Chun-Jae’s bistro to gloat about her photographs with June to Joo-ri, she experiences Doo-sik who turns out to make an espresso all things being equal. She arranges two cups of espresso, americano, and a latte. She requests that he convey it to the facility. Doo-sik says that it adds 2,000 won for the conveyance administrations. Hye-jin scowls and drops the orders. However, shockingly, he conveys it in any case and doesn’t count the conveyance administrations, something that Chief Hong doesn’t generally do. 

At the center, the strange person came back for his treatment. Mi-seon feels increasingly more awkward to the point that she starts to avoid her lunch. Hye-jin starts to stress. After Hye-jin completes her part, she asks Mi-seon to treat his gum. Mi-seon being so careful and reluctant while the person is conveying a perilous message all around his face. She rapidly hauls the buildup out and requests that he clean the rest himself yet the person is determined with regards to needing Mi-seon to do it for him since he doesn’t comprehend. Mi-seon weakly complies.. what’s more, that is when Hye-jin shouts at them. 

Correct, he has been physically attacking Mi-seon by snatching part of her body. Things get pretty warmed up when Hye-jin faces him and lets him know that she will report her revolting conduct to the police as lewd behavior. He guarded himself by playing the person in question and demanding that they have no evidence (since there is no CCTV that records). He even calls the police asserting that he’s been wrongly insulted as a sexual assaulter. The last card that he pulls is without a doubt utilizing his odd foundation as an approach to undermine them. Gam-ri furtively witnesses the upheaval and races to discover help. 

Mi-seon yields to the circumstance and asks Hye-jin to release it. She’s apprehensive about the harm that it will cost to the dental facility’s standing. It’s amusing how Mi-seon powerlessly says, “I’ll let it slide away, dislike it’s the initial time.” But our Hye-jin doesn’t withdraw effectively and kick his face all things being equal. They later got into a battle. He attempts to slap her, yet say thanks to God she is savvy, and slaps him first all things being equal. Approach to go, our dental specialist! Not long from that point onward, Doo-Sik, who is in his three-day weekend, not even the neighbors can stop his arrangements to surf–comes in and thumps the hunter to the ground. He later tumbles to the ground also practically running exhausted. Obviously, our Chief Hong is running his life towards the ladies he quibbles the most. Not long after, the police come and everybody is as of now wrecked.

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