I Do 2 September 2022: Sanam is stumped by ahil’s question and says that she doesnt remember anything due to her memory loss. Ahil keeps pestering sanam with questions, that lead her to being boggled of her marriage, and then asks where was her family at the time of marriage. his insistence to remember anything or the cause of the accident, that led to memory loss, causes sanam to go into a dizzy spell, with a splitting headache, falls unconscious. Ahil rushes to her, and calls her as sanam. Shaad rushes to her, and reprimands ahil when he gets to know that he was asking questions about the past, and says that jannat cant take stress. Ahil apologises, and sanam too apologises for his rudeness. Ahil wonders how can she not know her ahil, and then thinks that Bhopal shall remind her definitely about their love life. Ahil suggests them to go with him to bhopal, as he is the Nawab there, and also a lot of good doctors are there for Jannat’s condition. Shaad says that he cant as they have to go back to Pakistan. Ahil thinks that if she goes, he would have lost his only chance. Shaad gets an urgent call and leaves to take it. Then ahil apologises to sanam, while she says that she doesnt know how it happened. he thinks that he knows, as her brain might have wiped him out, but her heart cant, and hopes for god’s grace and a miarcle to happen. Meanwhile, Shaad gets the info that shashi kapoor is in Bhopal. he is determined to go rightaway. Shaad comes back and ahil again suggests it. He comes back inside and says that he likes the idea. sanam however is tensed when he asks her. Shaad thinks that shashi is here for a big task, and that he shall go to bhopal to get her. Ahil is happy that sanam shall come to bhopal, the land that shall remind sanam of her true love. Shaad says that now he would propose to jannat in bhopal.

Scene 2:
Location: Bhopal
Shashi is in the car, thinking that she is back to her native place, but her parents werent ever there. She passes by ahil’s haveli, and instantly feels a connection, and wonders whats it and is boggled.

Meanwhile, Sanam arrives with shaad and ahil, in Bhopal, as ahil welcomes them here. he says that he cant let them stay in the hotel, when he has his havlei at disposal. Shaad says that he wants sanam to familiarise herself, thereafter she shall definitely come to meet him in his haveli, with himself. Sanam says that its ahil’s duty now to get them to see every corner of bjopal. She says that she feels she is related to bhopal, and feels it as her own. Ahil is overwhelmed, and says that she is right, and Bhopal is an amiable city. Ahil talks about the enarby Matka Peer ka Dargah, where sanam and ahil had their love blossomed. sanam wishes to go, but shaad asks her to freshen up first, as she must be tired, and shouldnt stress herself. Ahil says that sanam always thought that expression of god’s gratitude shouldnt be delayed, and hence stops the car. Shaad is tensed. sanam likes it. Sanam enters the Dargah, with ahil and shaad after her. She smiles at shaad and moves ahead, while also looking at ahil. Ahil looks at sanam while she doesnt look. Shaad stops to buy something, while they both walk ahead. Sanam realises that shaad is left behind, and then goes behind and catches with him. she walks past ahil, while he is hurt, but smiles nevertheless, confident in his power of love. he follows them. Inside the dargah, shaad gets behind, and ahil and sanama accidentally put the chaddar together. The baba prays to the lord, and blesses the couple to be happy, always and that their relation and love is always unified. Sanam says that he is mistaken, as she tries to clear that they arent a couple. the peer Baba praises them both, ahil and sanam, and smiels at both of them. He says that human make mistakes, not the lord, and that they cant understand His miracles, but they would have to believe in it someday. He asks her to listen to the voice of her heart, as its god speaking to her. Ahil revels in his words. Sanam is highly boggled and tensed to hear this. She prays that she feels that she lost someone and got her back, and begs for the lord’s mercy, to be able to clear her from this dilemma and show her the right path. Ahil prays that he has always walked in the path of love, and asks him to finish the test of their locve now, and even if sanam doesnt remember anything, and she may not remember but she feels, and that the fact that he is with sanam, proves that he approves of their love. Shaad prays that love is the biggest strength and weakness, and that he was running away from love, but he never got the right person, as god wanted her to meet jannat, which may have started on a lie, but now he is close to her, and she is the biggest truth of his lfie, so that now he is able to love her so much, that it overpowers his lie, and hopes god is with him in this.

In the line of beggars, outside the dargah, the new bride stands in the exhausted attire, waiting for food hungrily, but the food packets are over right in front of her. She wonders how come she is going foodless, even at a place like this. she begs around for food, from people. Shaad recievs a call, while sanam takes pity on the beggars, and asks ahil to get some fruits and he complies. While the new bride asks for food from people, one of them shoves her and she falls on the ground, and begins to curse the lady. A crowd gathers around her, and taunt her, while she is distressed. sanam notices her from a distance but doesnt see her face. She begins to walk towards her, while the new bride is oblivious of sanam’s presence too. the screen freezes on both the sanam’s faces.

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