I Do 26 August 2022: Shaad wonders who is this person waiting and searching for jaanat, and if he finds him, would he give her away, but then decides not to, as he loves her too much, and that she is all he has left. he is attacked by hooligans, who demand everything he has, when they try to snatch his med packet, he asks them to let be, as its for his wife. he engages into a fistfight with the both of them, wherein one is about to give a final blow, when ahil steps in between, and the goons run away. While ahil helps him get up, one of the goons run back and hits him on the head with an iron rod. ahil winces in pain, and shaad and some other passer by immediately rush to help.

While sanam is waiting, in the room, with ahil’s napkin, the doorbell rings. when she opens the door, she is shocked to find ahil being carried unconscious in shaad’s arms. She recognises ahil from the airport, and then notices the wounds on shaad’s face, and gets immensely worried. he hastens to go to the doctor, while she is berserk. he asks her to calm down and then leaves. She eyes ahil’s arms, and senses some connection with him, and is boggled why she is feeling this connection and warmth for this total stranger. She tends to his wounds and eyes him tensedly. Flashbacks scenes of ahil caring for sanam in the past screen by. he mutters in his sleep, and she is tensed. Sanam finds his wallet having fallen down, picks it up and then eyes ahil, unaware that his wallet bears pics of hers. befor she can see, the doorbell rings again and she folds it back, and then placing it on the drawer, she opens the door to shaad. She then hurriedly asks what happened. He talks high of the man who saved him, twice at the airport and dharamshala. She asks him to have some rest too. He says that he shall manage on the couch, and she pulls the covers on him. He drifts off to sleep. She then eyes ahil tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride asks her why she came back so early, and Nazia says that she is feeling worse today and hence decided to sleep with her today, so that she can wake her if she gets worse. She begins to climb the stairs, but the new bride stops her. She offers that she would sleep with nazia, but she says that the AC in her room is not running, and since ahil isnt there, she would bunk in with sanam only. The new bride says that its not good to climb so many stairs, and then asks if she ate anything, and then tries to get her down, but nazia says that she just wants to rest. The new bride again stops her, but she pretends to be shocked as she stands at the entrance of the door. Sanam is scared that she got caught with saif. nazia enters and is shocked to see the room in such a mess. Sanam is tensed as to where saif vanished. she asks nazia to lie down. She complies.the new bride puts nazia to bed, while she is shocked to find saif under the bed. seeing her hovering around, nazia is tensed, while the new bride is scared. Nazia calls her to bed too, while she says that she would just grab water and then come. nazia complies.

Later, when nazia is asleep, the new bride gets up, and whispers saif to come out from under the ebd. They both get up and find nazia sleeping, and stealthily begin to move out, when she coughs in her sleep and alarms them. they go out, and then she asks him to hurry and leave, while he asks about the special plans tomorrow, as their night got ruined today. She is tensed. he asks whats the matter. she asks about the credit card’s fiasco. She says that maybe its the bank’s mistake. He is concerned if his car would be taken away. She again seductively tells him that he neednt be bothered of this petty issue, and that she would go tomorrow and clarify everything. He leaves. She thinks that she is tensed, and if ahil is behind all this, she wont spare him.

Scene 3:
Location: Dhramshala
While ahil sleeps on the bed, sanam kneels on the floor, to pray, out of humanity. She finds his hand fallen off the bed, and raises it up. Just then, in his sleep, ahil clutches tightly at her hand, muttering her name, while jannat is boggled by distant memories of their past. The screen freezes on her face as she closes her eyes.

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