I Do 22 August 2022: Sanam washes her face while the other two are busy. The new bride again asks the air hostess for the shopping locales, and shashi gets frustrated and walks out without responding. The new bride is angry at her, but doesn’t say anything. As Sanam wipes her face, the new bride senses something and turns around, but her face is covered then, and she goes back to her work. sanam meanwhile draws the veil back. The new bride leaves.

Outside ahil and shaad exchange greetings and then they begin to go. Ahil begins to go, when shaad asks about his wife, and he makes an excuse that she knows where is he going. Hwe asks shaad to tell her anyways when she comes out. He complies. The new bride comes out and begins to search for ahil. Shaad is busy in his own stuff, and she walks past, before he gets a chance to tell her.

Shashi comes back inside to escape the guards, and finds sanam in a veil and doesnt identify her. She is relieved.

The official meanwhile nabs ahil for having two tickets suspiciously. ahil clarifies and gives an excuse. before he can continue his interrogation, the officer gets info from his subordinate, that ahil’s alibi checks out, and that the other woman who they were doubting, is actually shashi, and also she has a bomb-laden jacket, meant as a terrorist attempt. Ahil leaves, while he immediately gets to arranging the bomb squad, who rush to the washroom, to search for bombs. Meanwhile, Shaad gets in touch with indian officials. they tell shaad that she is here in an airhostess uniform, and wonder how to find her. Shaad says that we have to. Meanwhile, shashi takes off her coat and stealthily begins to move ahead. She is tensed to see the heightened security. Shaad then asks everyone to calm down. He asks them to block all exits rightaway. shashi spots shaad and others increasing secutiry and gets irritated.

When the new bride finds ahil, he desperately and nervously tries to give a clarification, while she smiels. She says that she forgives him, as she is very happy right now. he too smiles back. They notice the commotion and security check. She asks him to let be and takes him in the footwear shop. he is tensed wondering why is god testing him so much.

Scene 2:
Location: Footwear shop
The new bride is excited to see shoes, and then hollers for ahil, asking him if he wont come to his own sanam. meanwhile, sanam actually hears this and is boggled by a distant memory, of her time with him. She turns around in the direction of the door, and ahil walks in just then. While sanam gets busy with the helpers, the new bride stops ahil to get a particular shoe in a different size. While sanam is going through footwear in a shop, ahil comes and places his hand on the very piece that she has chosen too. He eyes her, through the burqa, while she too eyes him quizzically. He aplogises and asks her to take it if she needs it. She nods in a no. he leaves. Ahil comes back with a pair, and she says that its the wrong shoe size, which is actually sanam’s shoe size, and reprimands him that sanam is gone and in the past, and asks him to let sanam go from his heart and mind, or else. he asks what. she asks him to get the proper size rightaway and glares at him. he silently complies. he goes back and again aplogises to sanam for having taken her shoes, and says that they belonged to his sanam, and then gives it back to her. She takes it from his hands and thanks him. he turns around, but again instinctively feels something in the touch of the hands which received the shoes, and is boggled. He turns around, but she turns her face away just then. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

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